How Smart Electric Radiators Keep Heating Bills Low

Smart electric radiators help you save money by using a range of intelligent energy saving features, giving you more ways to trim down your heating bills than ever before. If you’ve been considering upgrading your electric radiators, now is a great time to join the smart revolution and enjoy all of the benefits a modern heating system has to offer. For anyone unfamiliar with smart electric radiators, we’re going to look at some of the best features they provide and how they can keep your running costs to a bare minimum.

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Best energy-saving features for smart radiators

What kinds of features can you expect with smart electric radiators? Though the selection can vary from brand to brand, these are the most popular control options because of their energy saving potential:

- WiFi distance control
- Energy usage statistics
- Motion detection
- Self-programming

We’re going to look at these control schemes in detail below so you can see exactly how they work and decide whether they’re right for your property.

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WiFi distance control

How will it save me money?

Technotherm KS DSM vertical electric radiator in kitchenWiFi keeps you in control of your heating no matter where you go. You’re never wasting energy while you’re away from home and can change settings anytime, anywhere.

A closer look at the benefits

WiFi is probably the number one favourite with users looking for a smart heating system because of how convenient it is to use. All you have to do is download an app to your phone or tablet, pair it to your radiators, and then you can adjust your settings from anywhere in the world. It’s a total game-changer when it comes to controlling electric radiators because our phones are always close to hand, and with their touchscreen interfaces, it’s often a much easier way to program your heaters compared to using a manual control panel. WiFi heat management offers plenty of scope for reducing your bills. If you know you’re going to be late home, you can turn down your radiators in advance to save energy; or if you’ve gone on holiday and forgotten to switch them to a lower temperature, a few taps of your phone screen will solve everything. WiFi heating control isn’t just great for helping you to save energy – it also makes it that much easier to interact with your heating which for some people is reason enough to go smart.

Which products do I need?

Browse our full range of WiFi controlled electric radiators for this type of heat management.

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Energy-usage statistics

How will it save me money?

energy usage statisticsEnergy usage statistics show you accurate data about how your radiators use power so you can make informed decisions when trying to economise.

A closer look at the benefits

Sometimes we don’t really stop to think about how much energy we use until we get our heating bill. This is where energy usage statistics can really come in handy. With this function, you can proactively minimise waste by seeing how much power your heaters draw from the wall. If you do notice that some are using more than you’d expect, you can change your settings accordingly. Energy statistics are accessible through certain apps so you will need a compatible smart device in order to use this feature, however, it can be a superb way to cut down costs. It also helps you to be mindful about your energy habits and reduce your home’s impact on the environment.

Which products do I need?

Look for our smart Bluetooth designer radiators and Technotherm KS DSM which offer real-time energy usage information.

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Motion detection

How will it save me money?

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic electric radiator on wallRadiators with this feature automatically heat when they detect a presence in the room. When nobody is present, they switch to a lower temperature to save power.

A closer look at the benefits

Wouldn’t it be useful if your heating switched itself off when your rooms aren’t being used? Well, now it can – electric radiators with motion detection are able to sense when people come and go, and if a room stays empty for too long, they will switch to a lower temperature to save energy. The best part about this feature is that it’s entirely automatic; you don’t need to lift a finger. Just let your radiator do its thing and it will cut your running costs down to a minimum. Motion detection is fantastic for spaces where you might only need heat sporadically and can be great for hotels, B&Bs and holiday lets where rooms can be vacant for long periods.

Which products do I need?

Look for the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic and Haverland SmartWave which both offer motion detection.

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How will it save me money?

White Haverland SmartWave on wallA radiator that is self-programming creates a bespoke schedule that fits around your routine by monitoring when you use your rooms. It heats to a lower temperature when you’re not around, automatically saving on energy.

A closer look at the benefits

For effortless smart heating, self-programming is definitely a must have feature and completely removes the need for any manual adjustment. Self-programming radiators work similarly to motion sensor control, except when you come and go from the room, they monitor and take note of this across the entire week to learn your routine. They use this information to anticipate when you’ll need warmth or to save energy when you’re away from home, turning heat levels down automatically to keep in step with when you go to work. You don’t need to worry about changing your plans either. If you’re home early, a self-programming electric radiator will switch to a higher heat setting as soon as it detects you’re back. And, if you’re late, it is also intelligent enough to reduce the temperature when it realises you haven’t arrived home when expected. A fantastic, low-hassle way to trim down your heating bills.

Which products do I need?

The Haverland SmartWave offers intelligent self-programming for fuss-free heating.

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If you’re looking to minimise your bills and revamp your current heating system, smart radiators are an excellent place to start, and though we’ve listed just some of their most common features in this article, they offer plenty more to help you optimise your energy use. Whether you’re looking for in-depth control or a system that does the hard work for you, we have intelligent heating solutions to suit every budget and property.

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