Energy Efficient Towel Rails: Minimise Your Energy FootprintThere’s a reason towel rails are becoming popular in British bathrooms. What could be better than stepping out of the shower and straight into a warm, cosy towel? If that wasn't enough, electric towel rails also double up as independent bathroom heaters, alleviating the need to leave the comfort of your shower and stand in an uninvitingly chilly room –  a huge advantage, especially during the winter months! There's an extensive selection of electric towel rails available on the market. You can choose from different sizes, styles, (both contemporary and traditional) and price ranges. Whatever size bathroom you may have, there's an ideal electric towel rail out there for you...

Nowadays, there is an increasing global commitment to reduce our energy footprint while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs. Whether you have warm towels or not, here's our tips for energy-efficient electric towel rail use...

Haverland Designer TE700e Heated Electric Towel Rail - 700w (500 x 1200mm)

Electric towel rail or central heating towel rail?

Although less common than central heating towel rails, electric towel rails have many advantages over their plumbed counterparts. Regardless of the month, it is always nice to get out of the shower and into a warm room. For this reason, many people want their towel rails heated all year, even when the rest of the house does not require the warmth. In a conventional central heating system, turning on your towel rail will automatically engage the rest of your heating, which is an inefficient and wasteful use of heat during the summer months. In this sense, electric towel rails are advantageous as they function independently from other heating systems in your home, allowing more control over your heating and reducing energy waste. To improve efficiency further, consider installing a thermostatic controller to limit the temperature or time your electric towel rail is active.


An essential feature for improving energy efficiency, both central heating and electric towel rails can be fitted with thermostats. Thermostats work to maintain a specific room temperature by turning the system on and off periodically. However, the varying precision of thermostats has the ability to alter the efficiency of your heating system. Central heating systems are controlled by a single thermostat which can give inaccurate regardings of the temperature. In fact, bathroom temperatures can vary by as much as three degrees using a plmbed towel rail because the temperature readings are taken from a central location instead of from inside the bathroom itself.

Ecostrad Magnum Heated Electric Towel Rails - Black

This differs from electric towel rails, which can be purchased and fitted with their own thermostats, giving far more accurate temperature readings from inside the bathroom. This way, the thermostat can maintain the temperature of your bathroom with greater precision. The majority of our electric products are fitted with precision thermostats. The Haverland Designer TE700e Heated Electric Towel Rail, comes fitted with an easy-use thermostat, is energy-efficient, and has an eco-mode which switches off your towel rail after two hours – decreasing your energy footprint and reducing electricity bills even further!

Programmable timers

For a lot of people, heating a bathroom throughout the day is as harsh on the budget as it is on the environment. Especially when you consider bathrooms are most frequently used in mornings and evenings. For even greater control, in addition to using a thermostat, you may wish to consider a smarter electric towel rail that comes fitted with a remote control programmer, such as those in our Ecostrad Magnum range or the Haverland Designer TE700i Electric Heated Towel Rail. Programmers, alongside the precision thermostat, gives you control not only over the temperature of the room but also the times in which the towel rail is in use. Programmers offer a choice of pre-programmed or customisable heating timetables to fit your lifestyle, and only heat your home when you wish, meaning no energy is being wasted heating rooms when they are not in use. Using a programmer you can decide exactly when you want your electric towel rail to be on, for how long, when it swithces off – just like a fully fledged electric radiator. 

What if my bathroom already has a towel rail?

Kudox Wall Mounted Towel Rail Controller

If you already have a towel rail in your bathroom that's not fitted with a thermostat or programmable timer, such as our traditional towel rails, you may be using more energy than is necessary. However, it is still possible to decrease the amount of energy used by your rail heater. Consider the Kudox Wall Mounted Towel Rail Controller, which is compatible with all standard electric towel rails. This device offers basic control over heating at a small cost, meaning towel rails in seldom-used rooms do not have to be constantly on, eliminating the need to install new towel rails. For even greater efficiency, simply use the Eco timer button, to automatically switch off your towel rail after two hours.

Be green

Whether you already have an electric towel rail, or are interested in installing one, there are measures you can take to reduce the footprint of your product or to ensure that the product you purchase is as efficient as it can be. Not only are basic electric towel rails more efficient than central heating towel rails, due to the lack of fuel being burnt, they heat up faster and are more efficiently. 

As awareness of carbon footprints grows in the UK, investment into green energy is increasing. Currently, electricity is generated by a combination of renewable and non-renewable sources. In the future, there will be a continued movement towards renewable energy and  electric towel rails, like all electric heating syetems, will be able to take advantage of this when the time comes. 

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