Electric Radiators: The Advantages of Electric Heating

Top of RC Wave and SmartWave The winter frosts are well and truly setting in. Gritting machines trundle along under pitch-black 6am skies, summer duvets are being hastily swapped for something more suitable, and thermostats around the country are getting knocked up a notch as the cold creeps back into our homes once more. Under conditions like these, getting your heating spot on can make all the difference. At Electric Radiators Direct, we champion the electric radiator over conventional central heating. Highly efficient, highly controllable, and highly intuitive, electric radiators are a modern upgrade for the restrictions of plumbed heating systems. With the harshest of the winter weather still to come, it isn’t too late to ditch the old and embrace the new – choosing an electric radiator for reliable home heating. With so many makes and models to choose from, keeping out the cold has never been easier. 

If your central heating system is anything like ours used to be, you’ll be familiar with the cold spells as you wait for what seems like hours for the radiators to get warm. Long heat up times are just one of many issues with central heating. Throughout winter, it really isn’t an unreasonable ask to want quick, effective, and hassle-free heating. At Electric Radiators Direct, we have a range of products that will help you make the switch this winter.

Our Faithful Favourite: The RC Wave

It will come as no surprise that the RC Wave creeps to the top spot here. Haverland’s RC Wave has been a firm favourite of ours since the very beginning: an excellent electric radiator, the RC Wave sets the standard for electric heating.

So why is it so good?

In a nutshell, the RC Wave provides accurate temperature management, detailed 24/7 programming, and modern, attractive aesthetics - as an electric radiator to challenge central heating, you couldn’t ask for more. Simple to use and with speedy heat-up times due to the fact the RC Wave plugs straight into the mains and bypasses the boiler – for electric heating, there isn’t much not to like.

For the daily grind, setting a heating schedule is a given. To avoid constant adjusting, the RC Wave’s advanced digital programmer allows you to create a 7-day heating schedule that moulds itself around your lifestyle. This entirely flexible programme allows you to assign dedicated heater modes to each individual hour of each day, for the entire week, if you so wish. The heater modes themselves can also be adjusted, giving you exact control of your home’s temperature. The RC Wave’s thermostat is even accurate to half a degree which means reaching and sustaining set temperatures can be done with pin-point precision, minimising waste.

RC Wave in Lounge

With an easy-to-use control panel, programming your RC Wave couldn’t be simpler. Gone are the days of turn dials, clocks, and those fiddly segments you click in or out depending on when you want your radiators on or off. With the RC Wave, a few presses of a button later and you’re all good to go.

If that wasn’t enough, the RC Wave’s aesthetics enable it to slip into most design schemes with ease. The graceful ‘wave’ shaped body provides an attractive alternative to the straight lines of conventional radiators, providing a unique feature for any room. The RC Wave’s ultra-slim body makes it perfect for installation almost anywhere in your home, with a depth of just 75mm, you’d be hard-pressed to find a space where it wouldn’t fit. The RC Wave is even made from 100% recycled aluminium, making it stylish, elegant, and green. With such an impressive range of features that rival the traditionally cumbersome central heating format, purchasing an electric radiator could be the easiest decision you make this winter.

The SmartWave: The Intelligent Way to Heat Your Home

Cousin to the RC Wave, the SmartWave takes electric heating several steps further, providing intelligent and intuitive heating that pretty much runs itself. The ultimate hassle-free electric radiator, the SmartWave takes complete control so you don’t have to.

What makes an electric radiator ‘smart’?

The Haverland SmartWave is a sophisticated electric radiator. To the untrained eye, it looks identical to the RC Wave, with its similar sweeping curves and subtle slimline design. While the SmartWave shares many features with its RC counterpart, its true power lies behind the scenes.

Dubbed the ‘self-learning’ radiator, the SmartWave comes with an infrared motion sensor integrated into the front control panel. This motion sensor can be put to use in a number of ways to take the mundane day-to-day chore of setting radiators off your hands entirely.


Sensor Mode

In sensor mode, the SmartWave heats when it detects movement, turning on when you’re there and shutting itself off when you’re not.  Ideal for commercial spaces or home offices, this energy-saving feature has all the benefits of electric heating with an additional energy-saving advantage.

Self-Learning Mode

The real game changer, putting your SmartWave in ‘self-learning’ mode kicks off its semi-sentience as the electric radiator uses intuition and intelligence to heat your home. In conjunction with the motion sensor, the SmartWave monitors your comings and goings throughout the week. After a week, the SmartWave has created a heating schedule based on the movements it has detected. If you typically leave the house at 2pm and return at 5pm, the SmartWave now knows this – adjusting its heat to match. Intuitively, if you return or leave your home outside of the expected schedule, the SmartWave detects you and heats normally, overriding its programme. This way, the SmartWave integrates into your routine and runs itself – becoming the embodiment of a ‘hassle-free’ heating system.

WiFi Controllability

As if all that high-tech programming wasn’t enough, through the Haverland SmartBox, the SmartWave can be controlled from the comfort of your phone, tablet, or laptop via a free app. Simply plug the box into your router, download the app, and hey-presto! You can create a highly detailed heating plan, set custom temperatures, restrict the energy use of the radiator, lock and unlock the SmartWave, and so much more. Connecting your SmartWave to the internet opens up a whole new world of possibility, with the ability to control your home heating without even getting up from your chair at work.


Central Heating or Electric Radiators?

So, there you have it. Two of our most advanced, reliable, and intelligent electric radiators. WiFi control, motion sensors, and precision digital thermostats, all features you don’t necessarily find on conventional heating systems without incurring extortionate additional costs. Our range of electric radiators represent the demands of 21st century heating. With simple plug-in-and-go installation, you could have your own set of electric radiators up and running in minutes. For reliable, speedy, hassle-free heating this winter, it really is time to go electric. 


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