Do electric heated towel rails have thermostats?

Electric towel rails are a beacon of warmth and luxury in bathrooms or kitchens, deftly taking the edge off chilly mornings and transforming towels into inviting cocoons of comfort. Although they all do a similar job, not all electric heated towel rails are the same, and they mainly differ in terms of their levels of control. We stock towel rails with simple on/off switches, for total functional simplicity, but also those with in-built thermostats that deliver advanced temperature management. We’re here to explore which type of control best suits your specific needs, and whether opting for an electric heated towel rail with thermostatic control is the way to go. Let’s jump in…

What is thermostatic control?

This is the name given to electric towel rails with in-built thermostats. A thermostat provides accurate temperature readings to help regulate the room temperature as well as the temperature of the towel rail itself, maintaining your desired level of warmth. Thermostatic towel rails boast optimum efficiency and provide access to a wealth of advanced features you otherwise wouldn’t get without one, including Bluetooth and WiFi control.

What are the benefits of thermostatic control on a towel rail?

  • Highly accurate temperature control - Our thermostats are incredibly precise, ensuring your towel rail never strays too far from your set temperature. If you program for 23°c, that’s more or less what you’ll get, so there’s no need to worry about fluctuating temperatures. This means you won’t use extra energy beyond what’s needed, or sacrifice comfort by under or overheating – saving money whilst delivering exact amounts of warmth.
  • Management from afar: Towel rails with a Bluetooth or WiFi thermostat enable you to control your heating through your smartphone, so you don’t have to get up and approach the heater every time you want to make an adjustment.
  • Independent heating: Electric towel rails operate through a modular system, so you can heat rooms independently without turning on all the radiators in a home - perfect for summertime when towels still need to be dried but the rest of the house doesn’t need heating.
  • Reduce your energy waste - Packed with functions designed specifically to reduce energy waste, thermostatic towel rails offer superior customisability. Turn on a specific mode or set 24/7 weekly programmes for heating that’s tailored around you.

Are all thermostatic towel rails the same?

Although they all have a highly responsive digital thermostat, these towel rails can be controlled either manually, or through WiFi and Bluetooth – but what’s the difference?

Simple Thermostatic Towel Rails

Towel rails with built-in thermostats, but without any far-reaching extra control, are simply called thermostatic towel rails. These rails provide more controllability than a standard electric towel rail in that you can set drying timers, but their levels of control are not as extensive as their WiFi and Bluetooth counterparts.



Choose a precise room temperature - no over or under heating allowed

Easy temperature management and fitted timers to minimise waste.

Straightforward control from the unit itself - no need for any additional devices

Any alterations must be done directly at the unit’s element - no control from afar

Limited functionality – control levels are not as comprehensive as their more sophisticated alternatives


WiFi Towel Rails

A smart towel rail with a WiFi thermostat wirelessly connects to your smartphone, enabling you to manage your heating from anywhere in the world. This unrivalled level of connectivity is perfect if you’re often away from the unit itself - for example, if the rail is installed in a holiday home, or even if you often forget to turn your heating off before work - it can be rectified from the comfort of your office desk.



Control anywhere - you do not need to be in the direct vicinity of the unit to control it - you can even be in another country!

Simple, clear interfaces that mirror other familiar apps on your smartphone

No bending down or craning necks to get a good look at the LCD screen - it’s all in your pocket

Access to a wealth of energy-saving features such as 24/7 programming and voice control.

Requires a stable WiFi connection

Bluetooth Towel Rails 

Bluetooth operates similarly to WiFi, connecting wirelessly to the unit for convenient control. It’s akin to a remote control, in that you must be in range for connection to be possible. This usually is around 10 metres - so if you’re likely to be further than this distance frequently, whilst still needing to control your towel rail, the short-range nature of Bluetooth may be a drawback worth thinking about. That being said, a great upside of Bluetooth is that you won’t need a stable WiFi connection for it to connect to your device - so if you’re at home and your internet connection’s down, you will still be able to manage your towel rail.



Convenient Bluetooth control when in range - even if your WiFi is down

Intuitive app management for control that won’t take a 10 page manual to work out

No contortionist skills necessary - everything you need is in your pocket

Short range connection only (around a 10-metre radius from the unit)


Product spotlight: The Ecostrad Fina-E

Ecostrad’s Fina-E range of towel rails offers a heating solution for every bathroom or kitchen, with control functions suiting a host of households. Boasting WiFi, Bluetooth, thermostatic and basic manual control options, the Fina-E range is a one-stop shop when it comes to choosing your perfect towel rail.

Stylish and classic, the Fina-E sports a timeless ladder design, ideal for storing and drying towels. Available in reflective chrome, crisp white and textured anthracite, matching your existing design scheme with one of these units is easy.

From here on out, the only decision you’ll need to make is which type of control to opt for.

Which type of control is best for me?

Fina-E iQ - The most versatile option. Comes with WiFi control compatible with the Ecostrad Ecosystem app, so there’s greater scope for programming. Especially ideal if you’re on the go a lot or want a heater that will integrate well with your smart home.

Fina-E Blue - Comes with Bluetooth control, which is perfect for those who want something similar to remote control, only with a larger range and more detailed programming.

Fina-E Thermostatic - Offers more limited programming capabilities with a 1-5 hour timer setting. A stripped-back heating solution for those who only need basic control.

Take a look at our thermostatic towel rails today

So, to circle back to our initial question, do electric towel rails have thermostats? Mostly, yes. Many towel rails come with some form of thermostatic control, offering more advanced and convenient heat management. However, there are some products available with more basic controls, featuring only a simple on/off switch which is perfect is you prefer a barer bones approach to your bathroom heating. There are individual benefits to each option, but if efficiency and ease of control is at the forefront of your mind, choosing a towel rail with thermostatic control is a great idea.