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A true giant, with over 40 years of experience, Haverland is the equivalent of a celebrity in the heating world. They are responsible for manufacturing many of our best-sellers, including RC Wave designer electric radiators and Lodel electric heaters. Read on to discover some of the most popular Haverland electric heaters on our website. 


Haverland began in 1971 under the name Marsan Industrial S.A., and it supplied iron and steel components for motor vehicle companies and household appliance manufacturers. They became the leading company in the production and sale of efficient electric heaters, and now, under their own Haverland trademark, they market their products in more than 30 countries. Amongst their most popular heating products there are energy efficient electric heaters, slimline electric radiators and practical heated towel rails. At Electric Radiators Direct, Haverland is undoubtedly the most popular brand, and you could easily equip your whole house with their various electric heaters. Let’s have a look at some of the more popular Haverland heaters on our website!


Our electric radiators section is unarguably dominated by Haverland radiators. And it’s definitely not a coincidence: Haverland mastered the manufacture of electric radiators and pioneered in the field of research, innovation and development, leaving most of its competition behind. All of the electric radiators available on our site feature a 24/7 timer and a highly accurate thermostat. Starting from the top, we have our best-seller, the RC Wave designer radiator. This slimline electric radiator provides an attractive and a space-saving addition to all types of rooms: it’s just as efficient in your kitchen as it is in your bathroom. Its contemporary body is made using 100% recyclable aluminium, and it’s available in five different sizes and with an optional remote controller or feet for easy re-positioning.


If you’re looking for an electric radiator to fit in a difficult to heat area or a large room, you might be interested in ourHaverland Inerzia Dry Stone electric radiator. Just like the RC Wave, this radiator possesses all of the useful smart features, but its main asset is the ability to heat larger spaces and rooms with high ceilings. This is because the lightweight dry stone elements inside the radiator push heat out at a greater intensity than other radiators achieve, thus making them ideal for hallways, open plan offices and And other high-ceilinged, high-volume spaces. All of our Haverland electric radiators are easy to install: with a basic understanding of DIY you can easily mount your electric radiators yourself in under 10 minutes: they simply hang on the wall and plug into the nearest socket!


Moving away from electric radiators, we have our range of electric heaters. In this category, our most popular Haverland heater is the Lodel Electric Panel heater. This electric panel heater is a great source of on-demand heat, and provides an alternative to a radiator in rooms you use infrequently. It looks like a radiator, it has the same features as a radiator, but it heats only via convection instead of radiating heat. This makes it a little less efficient than radiators but offers a great cheap alternative. This electric heater includes both brackets and feet, therefore you don’t have to decide whether you want wall mounted or free standing before it actually arrives on your doorstep.


Lastly, we have our Haverland towel heaters. When heated towel rails were first introduced, they were considered a luxury, but this outdated view changed over the years and today some people can’t imagine their lives without them. Not only do they keep your bathroom heated, our Haverland towel radiators also ensure that your towels are warm and cosy whenever needed. On our website, you have a choice between traditional white towel rails with an optional remote controller or very stylish designer XTAL towel rails. Our traditional Haverland towel rail comes in two different sizes, while the designer towel radiator is available in either white or black stylish glass, and comes in two sizes. Other than being practical, Haverland heated towel rails are also very controllable, with useful features such as a thermostat and various time settings. Unlike other electric fitting locations, bathroom heaters should only be installed by a professional electrician.


Trust the brand that became one of the worldwide leaders and purchase your Haverland electric heater, radiator or heated towel rail today, or call our expert team on 0330 300 4444 and find out which electric heating solution will suit your house the best!


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