Haverland Designer RC Wave+ Electric Radiator - Anthracite


Our RC Wave+ electric radiators are made to meet the demands of the modern household. They come with sophisticated Bluetooth control so you can program your radiator from your smartphone or tablet – an easy and effective way to manage your heating without the need for time-consuming manual adjustment. This version of the RC Wave+ is finished in textured anthracite for a dramatic finish that’s perfect for modern interiors. A great alternative to traditional designs.

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.

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Model: RC3A+ Wattage: 450w Heats up to: 5.5m2 Dimensions: 443mm x 522mm x 70mm
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RRP £383.98
Only £239.99 inc. VAT
Model: RC5A+ Wattage: 800w Heats up to: 10m2 Dimensions: 648mm x 522mm x 70mm
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RRP £527.98
Only £329.99 inc. VAT
Model: RC7A+ Wattage: 1100w Heats up to: 13m2 Dimensions: 853mm x 522mm x 70mm
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RRP £575.98
Only £359.99 inc. VAT
Model: RC9A+ Wattage: 1400w Heats up to: 16m2 Dimensions: 1078mm x 522mm x 70mm
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RRP £639.98
Only £399.99 inc. VAT
Model: RC11A+ Wattage: 1700w Heats up to: 20m2 Dimensions: 1263mm x 522mm x 70mm
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Only £459.99 inc. VAT
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The RC Wave+ is a new, improved version of our flagship electric radiator, offering intuitive Bluetooth programming and a convenient heat boost function. As well as providing the same reliable heating and energy-saving features, the RC Wave+ has a sleek, updated interface to match its sophisticated design. This version of the RC Wave+ comes in a bold, textured anthracite finish for statement heating in modern interiors.


If you find manual programming a chore, the Bluetooth control offered by the Plus lets you manage your heater without having to leave your seat. Simply download the Haverland heating app on a compatible smart device and you can program your RC Wave+ radiator from the palm of your hand. The app allows you to assign comfort, economy or anti-frost modes for each hour of the day using an intuitive graphic user interface, helping to streamline your bills and keep energy consumption to a minimum. The Bluetooth programming offered by the RC Wave+ is great if you want a simpler way to control a single heater but if you’re looking to wirelessly manage a larger system, browse our Haverland SmartWave electric radiators, which are WiFi compatible when used with their hub accessory.

The RC Wave+ also comes with a silent electronic TRIAC thermostat that is accurate to ±0.2 ºC for precision control.

Energy-Saving Features

An in-built boost function on the RC Wave+ lets you temporarily override your programming for a 2-hour period, heating to maximum to provide you with extra warmth when needed. For improved efficiency, this upgraded designer electric radiator also comes with open window detection, which stops the RC Wave+ from heating if it detects a rapid drop in temperature — a handy tool for office environments with comings and goings at all times of day. To ensure your comfort, the RC Wave+ uses an adaptive start heat up function which pre-heats your rooms so that they’re always the right temperature at the right time.

Sizes & Finishes

If you need an intuitive and versatile heating system, look no further than the Haverland Designer RC Wave+ Electric Radiator. The RC Wave+ range comes in 450w, 800w, 1100w, 1400w, and 1700w sizes and is also available in white for a versatile, timeless aesthetic.

RC Wave+ Our bestseller, enhanced for modern living
Plug In & Go Installation
The RC Wave+ can be quickly and easily installed DIY in minutes. Once mounted to the wall, all you need to do is plug it into a standard 3-pin socket.
Simple Bluetooth Control
Program your electric radiator from your phone with just a few taps of the screen. The Plus can be used with Haverland’s simple Bluetooth app for easy, intuitive heat management.
Convenient Heat Boost
Enjoy extra warmth at the touch of a button using the Wave’s 2-hour boost function. This convenient feature offers an extra burst of heat without overwriting your programming.
Precision Digital Thermostat
The RC Wave+ has a thermostat accurate to ±0.2 °C for precision temperature management. No wasted energy from overheated spaces, just comfortable rooms heated to perfection.
Striking Anthracite Design
Finished in RAL 7021 Black Grey, the anthracite RC Wave+ has a distinctive modern aesthetic that will look exceptional in modern interiors.
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
All of our RC Wave+ electric radiators come with a lifetime warranty on the radiator body so you can purchase with absolute confidence.
Adaptable heating that fits your lifestyle
The RC Wave+ is a new version of our bestseller, upgraded for modern-day living. It offers the same reliable heating and the same elegant aesthetic but what sets it apart is its upgraded interface and Bluetooth control. Using the Haverland Bluetooth app, you can program your RC Wave+ from your phone without having to leave your seat – easy heat management without the effort.
Innovative Bluetooth control

The in-built Bluetooth compatibility of the RC Wave+ allows your smartphone or tablet to act as a remote control for your radiator. Just download the app and adjust your programming from the comfort of your chair. The app provides a way to program your RC Wave+ from a convenient point of use, and once you’ve made your changes, it’s quickly relayed to the radiator for set and forget heating. Bluetooth gives you easy control over single RC Wave+ radiators, but if you want to manage multiple radiators from your phone, we also offer the Haverland SmartWave, which is WiFi compatible when used with its hub accessory.

Extra warmth at your fingertips

If you need a little more heat, the RC Wave+ comes with a built-in boost function which temporarily overrides your programming to provide you with extra warmth. No more having to re-adjust your programming or switch to manual mode – the Wave’s boost feature means that all you need to do to enjoy more comfort is press and hold a button. The Plus heats to maximum for the first hour, then after a two hour period has elapsed, it seamlessly reverts back to its previous settings.

Heating that works around any routine

Whether you decide to use the app to program the RC Wave+ or its updated control panel, you can create a heating schedule that matches your daily and weekly routine to a tee. Select comfort, economy and anti-frost temperatures for every hour of the day depending on when you come and go from the house, and even create bespoke routines for specific areas of the home. With the RC Wave, you can zone your heating room by room for optimised energy efficiency that takes into account exactly how and when you use each space.

Automatic features that anticipate your needs

Modern heating technology is designed to make our lives easier and the extra features included in the RC Wave+ do just that. Its automatic adaptive start function makes sure that your space is warm and toasty by pre-heating your room ahead of time so it’s the perfect temperature the moment you set foot through the door. The Plus is even smart enough to know when it’s wasting energy due to a strong draught by using its open window detection sensor. If the temperature quickly drops, the Plus pauses its heating schedule to prevent any further heat loss or energy wastage, preventing any inflated energy bills.

Rapid, responsive heating

Thermostats in older heating systems can be inaccurate by up to 3 °C, wasting energy by overheating spaces or creating a noticeable drop in temperature by drifting too far away from comfort levels. The RC Wave+ doesn’t have this issue. Its digital thermostat has an accuracy of ±0.2 °C so temperatures are managed with total precision, keeping your rooms inviting whilst making sure you’re always using as little energy as possible. Combined with its lightweight aluminium elements which warm and cool quickly, the Plus is a responsive heating solution that will easily adapt to your changing needs.

Freestanding or Wall Mounted?
The RC Wave+ comes with wall mounting brackets, but if you prefer a portable solution, it can also be used freestanding when purchased with its optional feet that simply clip to the base.
Integrated Backup Memory
Losing your settings can be an inconvenience after a power cut but the Wave’s built-in memory keeps its set temperatures and programming stored even if it’s disconnected from the mains.
Ultra-Slim Contemporary Design
Sleek, slimline and sophisticated, the RC Wave Plus has a depth of just 75mm, allowing it to fit into smaller rooms without taking up space.