Can I Afford a Designer Electric Radiator?

We often associate the word ‘designer’ with fashionable expensive products such as designer handbags and shoes that complement a designer outfit. It’s a word that hooks people in, making them buy something just for the brand name alone. On the other side of that coin, the word ‘designer’ can also be the reason many of us immediately dismiss products as being on the wrong side of our budget. Well, we want to put a stop to the doubt that creeps in and makes you question “can I really afford that?”. The truth is, not everything with the word ‘designer’ attached to it has to be overly expensive and you can still find luxury at a lower cost, as evidenced by our affordable range of designer electric radiators.

What is a designer electric radiator?

A designer electric radiator is a contemporary radiator that’s appealing in more ways than one. Firstly, they’re pleasing to the eye and often chosen for their appearance, but they have much more going for them than that. Typically, these radiators come with advanced programming features to ensure better energy-efficiency for your home heating. They offer easy installation, quality heating and innovative technology and are a great way to modernise your home.

A designer electric radiator for every budget

With so many different electric radiators available, it can be hard to find the right one for you and your needs, which is why we’ve put together a selection of these products to fit every budget. From minimalist style, to statement pieces, different heating technologies to varying wattages and prices, we’d be surprised if we didn’t have the perfect designer heating solution for you.

The economical shopper

Everyone loves a good deal and we’re no exception which is why we have a plethora of affordable electric radiators just for you economical shoppers out there. So, if you’re wanting bang for your buck, look no further than the Haverland RC Wave. Indicative of the name, the RC Wave sports an attractive curved design, styled in a classic white finish that would make a great addition to any home. This radiator demonstrates variety in more ways than one, from energy-efficient and highly responsive heating, to an attractive, slimline aesthetic. With sophisticated control combined with exceptional versatility and starting at the low price of £199.99, there’s no doubting why the RC Wave is our flagship product.

If you’re looking for something in a similar price range but with a tad more variety, the Ecostrad Allora is another one of our affordable designer electric radiators, only this one is available in classic white and chic anthracite. With a multitude of sizes, the Allora is the perfect fit for a range of spaces. You can even opt for a vertical electric radiator should you want to save on space or make a bit more of a statement. Packaged in a sleek oval bar design for a minimalist effect, the Allora is a modern electric radiator for the modern home. Its superior Fast-Flo technology allows for even, internal heat circulation and its advanced Bluetooth control makes programming your heater easier than ever. With so many great features and starting at the low price of £243.99, the Ecostrad Allora really is a designer bargain buy.

The mid-range buyer

Maybe you’re after an electric radiator that delivers more of a statement. Well, you’re in luck! The Terma Ribbon V E is a vertical radiator that has been designed to stand out and is sure to add a dramatic flair to any room. With an industrial-inspired corkscrew design available in copper, black and grey, this radiator is the perfect way to add more character to a property. Its vertical shape is a great space-saving feature for any smaller rooms so you can keep the designer look going throughout your home. Featuring innovative technology and advanced control, the Terma Ribbon has everything you need in a designer electric radiator. It is a little pricier at £549.99, but for that bit extra, you get a striking and original room feature as well as smart and effective heat.   

The big spender

Does your budget allow for slightly more extravagant spending? We have plenty of higher-end, designer electric radiators such as the Terma Triga E AW at £999.99. This vertical electric radiator offers a completely different aesthetic, with white and anthracite finishes and a curved body to create a stylish, cylindrical design. Attractive and distinctively unique, this vertical radiator would be the ideal contemporary addition to any room and is sure to get guests talking. Offering an element of luxury combined with cutting-edge control and a whole host of energy-saving features, the Terma Triga E AW is an innovative and sophisticated heating system for any room.  

Here at Electric Radiators Direct, you are never limited in terms of choice. We have many more designer electric radiators that may pique your interest and fit in line with your budget, so feel free to explore our website further to find the right heating solution for your needs.


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