Best Space Saving Electric Radiators

Last updated: April 2023

Looking for an unobtrusive way to heat your home? With our range of slimline electric radiators, maximising the space in your property has never been easier. Whether you’re after a vertical electric radiator for a narrow wall, a compact horizontal heater for your box room, or a portable radiator to top up the temperature where needed, there are plenty of options to choose from. So, let’s take a look at some of the best electric radiators that won’t eat up space in your property.

Vertical Electric Radiators

Vertical electric radiators are an ideal choice for rooms with limited wall space. Unobtrusive by design, most of these heaters can be easily wall-mounted in narrow hallways or small rooms, for subtle heating in compact areas. Besides discreetness, vertical designer electric radiators combine practicality with style, creating a contemporary focal point in any property.

Top Pick: Ecostrad Adesso iQ

Standout Features

  • Ultra slimline
  • 30mm deep body
  • Discreet, minimalist aesthetic


Tall and ultra-slender - the Ecostrad Adesso iQ is our slimmest electric radiator yet. Boasting a 30mm deep body, it tightly hugs your wall, for the ultimate subtle fit. Style wise, this designer electric radiator is available in striking black or smooth white, serving as an eye-catching focal point or a minimalistic addition to any room, depending on your décor.

Intuitive WiFi app control

Fitted with an intuitive WiFi element, the Adesso iQ enables you to control your heating from an app on your smartphone. With no manual adjustment necessary, manage your electric radiators even when away from home – for convenient, on-demand warmth. Use the app to program your heating down to the minute, set your preferred temperature level and create a unique heating schedule to match your routine. This means even in the smaller areas around your home, you can still achieve effortless and efficient warmth tailored precisely to your needs.

Suitable for bathrooms

With an IPX4 protection rating, the vertical Adesso iQ is suitable for use as a space-saving solution in your bathroom too, where it will supply comfortable, lasting warmth – perfect for one of the smallest (and chilliest) rooms in the house. Whilst the radiator isn’t compatible with DIY fitting, installation is still a simple job. All you need is a qualified electrician to hardwire and fit the radiator to the wall and you’ll be enjoying energy-efficient warmth in no time.  

Horizontal Electric Radiators

Not a fan of the vertical look? Not a problem – we have plenty of slimline, horizontal electric radiators that comfortably integrate into confined spaces. With sleek housings and compact frames, many of these heaters are a great option for guest bedrooms, box rooms and home offices, where they can offer a more classic, horizontal radiator look. Electric radiators like the RC Wave is available in a small 500w size, providing extra slender widths and depths designed to fit into tiny alcoves and awkward spaces – but let’s look at one of our best horizontal heating solutions.

Top Pick: Haverland SmartWave

Standout Features

  • Streamlined body
  • Width size from 425mm
  • DIY-friendly & freestanding fitting


The Haverland SmartWave is a horizontal electric radiator that won’t eat into your space. Sporting an ultra-slim, contemporary design, this heater has a depth of just 70mm which is perfect for smaller rooms. Its curved, lightweight body complements a range of interiors, providing a modern, yet slimline aesthetic. The 450w version of this product makes an ideal heating solution for rooms that are especially pressed for space, like a snug guestroom or study.

Optional WiFi programming

Not only does the SmartWave work as a space-saving heating solution, but it also offers intuitive WiFi control when paired with the SmartBox hub. Manage your heating through an app on your smartphone, for convenient control on the go. So, if you’re out with friends and one of them asks to stay over for the night, you can preheat the guestroom ready for your return – all from the palm of your hand. Access handsfree heat management when connecting the SmartWave to your Amazon Alexa, for heating that seamlessly integrates into any smart home.

Self-programming motion sensor

With a built-in motion sensor, the SmartWave can also track your movements and program itself on your behalf, creating a personalised heating schedule based on your routine – a handy set-and-forget feature that can help to minimise energy waste. With so many intelligent and automatic functions, this smart electric radiator excels at discreet home heating.


Portable Electric Radiators

If you’re looking for total versatility, portable electric radiators are the ideal space-saver for those lesser used areas of your home. When purchased with the optional radiator feet, these slimline horizontal radiators transform into a freestanding solution for all your ad-hoc heating needs. Say you’re spending an hour sorting out laundry in the utility room. You can mount your freestanding radiator on feet and plug it into the wall within seconds – placing it discreetly out of the way to give off comfortable heat while you hunker down on chores. Or, if you need a supplementary heating option for hard-to-heat spaces like a conservatory, you can enjoy instant warmth as and when needed without compromising on wall space. Since these DIY-radiators come with all fixtures and fittings included, you can always make them wall-mounted down the line if you’d like the option of a more permanent fitting. Win-win!

Top Pick: Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

Standout Features

  • Ultra-slim 80mm deep housing
  • Minimalist design & recessed control panel
  • DIY-friendly & freestanding fitting


The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic is a compact radiator that packs a powerful punch. With smooth lines and a slimline build, this contemporary radiator houses a highly efficient ceramic stone core, capable of residual heating even after switch-off. Starting at a modest 8.8kg, the iQ Ceramic can be moved effortlessly from room-to-room, bringing on-demand comfort to the areas that need it most.

Integrated WiFi control

WiFi-ready, the iQ Ceramic’s in-built control panel offers a wealth of programming options from one handy interface. Connect the iQ Ceramic to a heating app or home voice assistant for the ultimate smart heating experience. Ad-hoc heating with a portable radiator makes app control a no-brainer – simply control the iQ Ceramic with a few simple taps.

Motion sensor mode

Built with a wealth of energy-saving features, the iQ Ceramic goes a step further with its integration of motion sensors. By detecting movement, the radiator turns itself on and off completely autonomously, keeping energy usage low with zero effort on your part. The freedom to move the iQ Ceramic wherever you want means it won’t necessarily benefit from a schedule – that’s why motion detection makes for total fuss-free heating.


There are so many more benefits to electric radiators than being space-saving! Check out our video to learn more.

Find your ideal space-saving electric radiator today

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Key learnings

  • The versatility of electric radiators means there’s a style to suit every kind of room – especially those areas of our home that struggle for space.
  • Vertical electric radiators like the Ecostrad Adesso iQ combine practicality with style, ideal for areas with limited wall space.
  • Horizontal electric radiators like the Haverland SmartWave come in ultra-slim, lightweight builds, capable of fitting in tight alcoves and otherwise awkward spaces.
  • Portable electric radiators like the iQ Ceramic provide on-demand, ad-hoc heating for smaller spaces or rooms with supplementary heating needs.