Back to Black: Breaking Free from White Electric Radiators

Last updated: June 2023

It seems you can have almost anything you want these days, as long as it’s painted white. From fridges to fuse-boxes, our homes are filled with the clinical glare of “white goods.” Microwaves, toasters, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, almost every electrical appliance there’s ever been, comes in the standard, all-encompassing whitewash. While the colour has it benefits, we yearn to break with tradition and explore something new. For the daring individuals among us, why not consider one of our designer electric radiators…in black.

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic provides a refreshing change from ubiquitous radiators. Available in a slate black colourway, this striking smart heater is housed in sleek aluminium, accented with straight lines that really add to its minimalist elegance.

Next-generation smart heating

Unlike most electric radiators in this price bracket, the iQ Ceramic comes with an impressive array of extra features, on top of the things you’d expect from a modern heater like 24/7 programming and open-window detection. WiFi-ready straight out of the box, connect the radiator to your smart phone app and adjust temperatures, create a heating schedule and more, all on the move. Perhaps its most impressive feature is its Motion Detection Mode. This setting only produces warmth when the heater detects movement, like when you enter the room. Equally, if you leave the room, the iQ Ceramic will automatically switch off. It’s such a straightforward feature, but it totally eliminates the need for manual adjustment. Win-win!

If you’re initially drawn to the iQ Ceramic by its stunning looks, it’s comforting to know it has the brains and technology to match!

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The Ecostrad Fina-E

For elegant bathroom heating, the Ecostrad Fina-E is our black designer electric towel rail of choice. With a classic ladder design and smooth round bars, this traditional towel rail looks the part - with the efficiency to match. Pre-filled with heat-retentive thermal fluid, the Fina-E delivers luxurious and long-lasting warmth, idea for any modern bathroom or kitchen.

Four control options

The Ecostrad Fina-E is more than just a pretty face and comes in four different models, all with varying levels of control. For those looking for simplicity, the basic and thermostatic versions are available with effortless manual programming. If you’re looking to create a detailed heating schedule, utilise the countdown timer and access a wealth of other sophisticated features from your smartphone, the Fina-E is compatible with Bluetooth and WiFi programming to truly match your unique preferences.

For elegant, versatile room heating and towel drying, the Ecostrad Fina-E is the designer electric towel rail of choice.

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The Ecostrad Adesso iQ

Perhaps our most attractive designer electric radiator, the Ecostrad Adesso iQ is the ultimate answer to plain, white radiator drudgery. Finished in slate black and styled with square bars, the Adesso iQ has an undeniably modern aesthetic that puts other heating systems to shame. Especially when you consider it’s available in both horizontal and vertical orientations, the Adesso iQ is the perfect heating system on both an aesthetic and practical level.

Advanced heating technology

Oil-filled for improved efficiency, Adesso iQ electric radiators provide long-lasting heat, whichever orientation you opt for. For off-the-cuff adjustments to your radiator, its sophisticated heating element can be controlled via your smartphone’s WiFi app. Create a heating schedule, adjust the temperature, and access a wealth of energy-saving features primed to keep your energy usage down.

Complete with an impressive 10-year guarantee on the radiator body and 2-years on the electrical components, for modern home heating, the Ecostrad Adesso iQ ticks all the boxes and more.

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Black is the new black: shop your new designer radiator today

Whether you prefer the sleek iQ Ceramic, the practical Fina-E, or the elegant Adesso iQ, our black designer electric radiators and towel rails provide a fashionable and sophisticated slant on electric heating. So, shop our range and make a bold aesthetic statement today!

Key learnings

  • Black electric radiators are a stylish break from tradition and an easy win if you're looking to add a little extra personality to your home.
  • Whether you value efficiency, smart control, or are just looking for a modern upgrade, our range of black electric radiators and towel rails have you covered.