Back to Black: Breaking Free from White Electric Radiators

Black versions of VeeSmart, Delta D, and XTALIt seems you can have almost anything you want these days as long as it’s painted white. From fridges to fuse-boxes, our homes are filled with the clinical glare of “white goods.” Microwaves, toasters, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, almost every electrical appliance there’s ever been, comes in the standard, all-encompassing whitewash. While the colour has it benefits, we yearn to break with tradition and explore something new. For the daring individuals among us, why not consider one of our designer electric radiators…in black.

The Rointe Delta D Series

Rointe Delta D Series

The D Series provides a refreshing change from ubiquitous white radiators. Available in graphite (not white – hurray) as standard, this striking radiator is housed in sleek aluminium, with a curved body. When you consider the boxy appearance of conventional central heating systems, the Delta D is in a class of its own when it comes to aesthetics. You only need to look at the sculptured air vent at the top of the heater to see the attention to detail!

For those of you serious about adding some colour into your home, the D Series can be made to order in any RAL colour of your choice. Integrate this designer radiator into an existing colour scheme or be bold and choose a contrasting colour to create a real design statement. To enquire about a custom Delta D, get in touch with our sales team who’ll discuss the options available to you. For individuals with true flair and style, a customised D Series is the perfect heating solution.

Unlike most designer electric radiators in this price bracket, the Delta D comes with an impressive array of extra features, on top of the things you’d expect from a modern heater like 24/7 programming and open-window detection. Perhaps the most impressive feature, second to the colour of course, is the D Series’ integrated WiFi capability. All you need do is download the intuitive Rointe Connect app and you’re good to go: there’s no need to purchase an additional gateway device or spend hours setting up. From the app, you can adjust the temperature, create a heating schedule, and keep an eye on your real-time energy statistics, all on the move.

Haverland XTAL

If you’re initially drawn to the Delta D by its stunning looks, it’s comforting to know it has the brains and technology to match…

The Haverland XTAL

For elegant bathroom heating, the Haverland XTAL is our black designer electric radiator of choice. Uniquely positioned as both an electric radiator and an electric towel rail, the XTAL can be used to heat your home as well as your towels. Whichever way you choose to use it, the XTAL’s remarkably contemporary look and sleek black finish means it can be used throughout the home without looking out of place.

In a pleasing break with towel rail tradition, the XTAL resembles a high-tech computer screen rather than a shiny chrome ladder, providing a graceful towel-drying and bathroom heating alternative. Constructed with removable aluminium bars, the XTAL has a tempered safety glass front that can be purchased in a both black or (if you really must) white.

Again, the XTAL is more than just a pretty face and comes with its own digital programmer, enabling you to create a detailed heating schedule and choose from 9 pre-set and 4 customisable options. Compared to the basic on/off control of conventional towel rails, the Haverland XTAL really is in a league of its own. For a touch of space-age, ultra-modern heating, the Haverland XTAL is the designer electric radiator of choice.

The Ecostrad VeeSmart

Perhaps our most attractive designer electric radiator, the Ecostrad VeeSmart is the ultimate answer to plain, white radiator drudgery. Finished in slate black and styled with square bars, the VeeSmart has an undeniably modern aesthetic that puts other heating systems to shame. Especially when you consider it’s available in both horizontal and vertical orientations, making the VeeSmart the perfect heating system on both an aesthetic and practical level.

Both orientations of Ecostrad VeeSmart

Oil filled for improved efficiency, VeeSmart electric radiators provide long lasting heat, whichever orientation you opt for. For off-the-cuff adjustments to your radiator, the control interface at the bottom of the VeeSmart rotates – enabling you to adjust the heat output with ease, wherever you’ve positioned your heater. Pressing the + and – buttons cycles through the heat levels and a simple LED light illuminates your chosen setting. Unlike the Delta D, which uses WiFi to provide control, the VeeSmart’s sophisticated KTX heating element can be controlled via Bluetooth, enabling quick and easy access through the Terma BlueLine heating app. Using the app, you can create a heating schedule, adjust the VeeSmart’s operating temperature, and access the power usage monitor – which shows your energy consumption statistics in real time.

Complete with an impressive 8-year guarantee on the radiator body and 2-years on the electrical components, for modern home heating, the Ecostrad VeeSmart ticks all the boxes and more.


If you’re at your wit’s end with woeful white appliances, Electric Radiators Direct can offer salvation. Whether you prefer the sleek Delta D, the space-age Haverland XTAL, or the striking vertical VeeSmart, our black designer electric radiators provide a fashionable and sophisticated slant on electric heating. Just remember one thing, you can have your designer electric radiator in any colour, as long as it’s black. But if you really insist, all the radiators mentioned in this blog can also be purchased in white…


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