Are Designer Electric Radiators the Latest Trend?

For many, mentioning the phrase ‘Electric Heating’ immediately evokes images of basic, inefficient panel heaters or horror stories of bulky, outdated storage heaters. But with versatility, portability, fast installation, targeted heating, effective control and a modern aesthetic just some of the benefits of choosing designer electric radiators, switching to this method of heating could be a sensible option, particularly for landlords, those living in properties with no access to gas and as a replacement for storage heaters. But what sets a designer electric radiator apart from its cheaper counterparts, and is choosing this option worth the additional investment? We outline just some of the benefits of designer electric heating below.

Stylish, Slimline Design

Slimline Stylish Design

Most of us happily spend hours carefully choosing the décor and coordinating furnishings for our homes, but if there’s one element of a room’s design that often gets overlooked, it’s the heating system. It is easy to presume that not much can be done to transform this functional essential and there’s no doubt that a rusting radiator or bulky storage heater can be an eyesore in even the most carefully styled interior. Whilst covers or even just a lick of paint can transform a tired central heating radiator, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution a designer electric radiator is an excellent design choice. With a stylish curved exterior, lightweight aluminium body and bright white finish, our range of Haverland designer electric radiators offer an elegant heating solution that will easily blend in with your existing interior and have an unobtrusive depth of just 7.5cm.  

Sophisticated Programming Controls

When it comes to enhanced programming features a designer electric radiator can really come into its own. Whilst a more basic electric heater may have a simple thermostatic dial, designer electric radiators offer more sophisticated controls and programming allowing you to easily adapt your heating to suit your lifestyle. Gone are the days of trying to configure fiddly analogue controls – our Haverland designer electric radiators have a digital display and 24/7 programming, allowing you to build a heating schedule that is entirely based on your needs.

Self-Learning Technology

With clashing priorities and multiple to-do lists competing for our attention, the last thing most of us want to turn our minds to is creating our heating program. Trying to coordinate your heating program with changing needs can feel like an impossible task – but the Haverland Smartwave electric radiator does just that. Using infrared sensors to sense movement and build up a picture of your schedule, the intelligent designer radiator learns your routine and adapts accordingly. Only use your spare bedroom once a week, or work from home on Mondays and Thursdays and need to heat your office? Each SmartWave radiator builds an independent, precise program and will begin to heat up half an hour ahead of schedule, ensuring your room is warm and toasty when you need it. This precision programming only heats rooms when required which can help you to effortlessly save money on your heating bills.

Total control over your heating – from anywhere in the world Total Control

Combine your Wi-Fi Controllable Haverland SmartWave radiators with a Haverland SmartBox and regulate your heating system from anywhere in the world. Staying late at work or unexpectedly called away? Avoid wasting energy heating an empty home by remotely turning off your radiators or temporarily changing your heating schedule. Perhaps the weather has turned unexpectedly cold on your commute home and now you can’t wait to curl up in a toasty living room. Downloading the Haverland app means you can adjust the temperature of your heating on the move, ensuring your room is warm and cosy when you arrive home.

Energy Efficiency

Not only do designer electric radiators offer aesthetic and functional benefits, they could also help you save money on your heating bills. Unlike more traditional heating methods, most designer radiators have been redeveloped to utilise energy efficient, modern technology. Built-in precision thermostats such as those used in the Haverland RC Wave Electric Radiator measure the temperature of your room to an incredibly close degree of accuracy. 24/7 programming and the intelligent self-learning technology used in sophisticated electric radiators such as the Haverland SmartWave give precise programming which only heats rooms when required, in turn helping to effortlessly save money on your heating bills.

Upgrading to designer electric heating can seem like a costly outlay but if you’re looking for a heating solution that can enhance the interior of your home and cut down on energy costs, purchasing designer electric heating can prove to be a worthwhile investment. For more information take a look at our range of designer electric radiators. 


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