Advantages of an Electric Heating System

Inerzia Dry Stone Electric RadiatorIt’s true that in most cases when mentioning central heating, we actually mean boilers, a gas meter and hot water running through pipes around your house. But if you start thinking about central heating system in a more generic sense as a system for whole house heating, the options available suddenly broaden. With the choice of our advanced electric heating products, you could find your electric heating system includes contemporary energy-efficient electric radiators, traditional storage heaters and top-of-the-range infrared heaters. This way, every single one of your rooms will have a heater that was specially designed for its conditions. For example, your bathroom will benefit from an electric towel rail, meetings with friends in your garden will be heated by a patio heater, while your living room will gain a warm homely glow with one of our electric fires! 

 1. Electric heating is much cheaper and easier to install

Moreover, the range of sizes available at our store guarantees that you’ll be able to find a perfect match for all of your rooms, and install your very own heating system that will be perfectly adapted to your budget and lifestyle. Whilst a traditional heating system requires you to dig up the pipes, which is inarguably very time consuming and expensive, an electric heating system is quick, cheap and easy to install. With the exception of electric towel rails, which should be installed by a professional electrician, our electric heaters can be installed by anyone within 10 to 20 minutes (depending on your DIY skills!). All they require is a standard socket, and if you’re opting for a panel heater or a wall mounted electric radiator, they will simply hang on the wall like a TV, using brackets that are provided.

 2. It's low maintenance and doesn't need annual servicing

Another advantage of an electric heating system is its durability and maintenance. As mentioned above, installing your electric heaters is nowhere near as problematic as it is in case of a traditional heating system. And while a boiler has to be serviced every once in a while – ideally annually – your electric heating system requires none of that trouble. In a rare case where there is a problem with your electric heating system, it will most likely be down to only one of your heaters. With traditional heating systems however, you don’t want to take your chances considering the amount of water in your walls. If anything does go wrong, it could end up very messy! Additionally, a faulty boiler or internal combustion element can be dangerous, with carbon monoxide leakage and poisoning being a real threat. In case of electric radiators, in the worst case scenario, a faulty radiator or heater will simply mean your room is not warming up, and you have to exchange it.

 3. It's more efficient and lets you control heat levels for each room

Last but certainly not least, an electric heating system is very easy to operate and responsive to your preferred settings. The technology it features, mainly digital thermostats and 24 or 24/7 timers, allow you to set up a whole heating schedule that will easily adapt to your lifestyle whilst saving you money. The thermostat maintains your desired comfort temperature by switching the heater on and off, and the timer allows you to set up a precise heating plan. This way, you can programme your heaters to turn on and off whenever you want them to, thus saving you time to manually do it yourself if you have electric radiators and heaters all over your house. Other than being very comfortable, these two features allow you to make significant savings throughout the year, as your heaters will be on only for a fraction of time.

It’s no secret that electric central heating has numerous advantages that make it so convenient and easy to operate. So why not make the transition today? Visit our store, and create your new central heating system today! 

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