Ecostrad iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric Radiator - Black 2000w


The superior manufacturing of Ecostrad’s iQ Ceramic guarantees efficient warmth and simple control for a range of indoor settings. From hallways to bedrooms, to home offices and garages - the iQ Ceramic is designed to slot in seamlessly with all modern homes. Coming in a slick black colourway, this 2000w version of the iQ Ceramic is designed to heat spaces of up to 24.5m2. With a depth of only 80mm, this model still remains slimline, despite its impressive heat output.

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Ecostrad iQ Ceramic electric radiators are a smart heating system that come with a range of control options so you can enjoy comfort your way. It’s not just its controls that make it efficient – using a heat retentive core, the iQ Ceramic stays warmer for longer to minimise energy usage, so you can keep cosy whilst trimming running costs down to a minimum.

Intelligent heating control

The iQ Ceramic is a smart electric radiator that gives you 3 different ways to control your heating. You can program it manually using its sleek touchscreen control panel, take advantage of its WiFi connectivity by using the app or a smart speaker, or even switch it to sensor mode so that it only heats when it detects movement in the room. It’s versatile heating that can be as simple or as in-depth as you like. The iQ Ceramic is compatible with two heating apps, Ecostrad Ecosystem and Smart Life, which allow you to program your heaters using an intuitive, user-friendly interface. No additional accessories are needed to access WiFi control, all you need to do is connect the iQ Ceramic to your home router then pair it to the app for effortless heat management.

Outstanding efficiency

The CeramiQ heat lock technology inside this electric radiator is what makes it so energy efficient. All of the heat it generates is absorbed deep into the heat-retentive ceramic plates, allowing the radiator to stay warm over longer periods so it uses less energy. These plates heat up quickly but are slow to cool so they continue to emit warmth long after the heater stops drawing power from the wall. This increased heat retention is also complemented by its aluminium body, which is more conductive than steel and allows heat to effectively and quickly diffuse into the room. The whole system is safeguarded by a thermal limiter at the top of the radiator which monitors the core temperature and will cut power to the unit if it exceeds the set limit.

Precision digital thermostat

The iQ Ceramic is fitted with a silent TRIAC thermostat that's accurate to ±0.5 °C, so it doesn't click when it comes on or goes off and also provides precise and effective warmth whenever you need it.

Designed for easy wall mounted installation, the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic electric radiator comes with a UK plug and all of the fixtures required for a secure fitting. It has a slimline body at just 80mm deep and an elegant minimalist look that isn’t broken up by obtrusive display panels, buttons or lights.