Ecostrad Allora iQ WiFi Designer Electric Radiator - Anthracite 1000w (1000 x 635mm)


Perfect for a range of spaces, the 1000w Ecostrad Allora iQ is a versatile electric radiator. With rounded bars and a chic anthracite finish, this elegant electric radiator would be a striking addition to any bedroom, bathroom or living room. Available with integrated WiFi compatibility, the Allora iQ is a premium heating solution for both domestic and commercial settings. 

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Only £399.99 inc. VAT

Combining contemporary flair with smart WiFi control, the 1000w Ecostrad Allora iQ offers sophisticated heating for your property. Capable of heating areas of up to 10m2, this designer electric radiator would look right at home in any larger areas such as bedrooms, living rooms and offices. Finished in attractive anthracite, this 1000w model of the Ecostrad Allora iQ is a modern addition to any space.

Efficient Heating Technology

Unlike other designer heaters on the market, the Allora iQ is not a repurposed central heating radiator poorly converted to electric. Instead, it has been built from the ground up, specifically tailored towards the needs of electric heating. Using unique Fast-Flo technology, the Allora iQ achieves superior internal heat circulation, providing an even distribution of warmth throughout the radiator, without any unwanted hot spots. Pre-filled with an engineered thermal oil, this designer electric radiator promises greater heat retention and slower cool-down times, for an ultimately more efficient heating system. As an extra plus, the fluid inside the Allora iQ will never freeze, so even when temperatures drop during the winter, you can still depend on the comfortable warmth of the Ecostrad Allora iQ.

Innovative WiFi Control

Fitted with the intuitive Ecostrad iQ WiFi Element, the Allora iQ offers exceptional control over your heating. Compatible with the SmartLife App, WiFi control allows for easy heat management from anywhere in the world when using your smartphone. Program single or multiple Ecostrad Allora iQ Designer Electric Radiators at home or on the go, for in-depth control over your entire heating system. Use the app to adjust your temperature setting or to access energy-saving features such as 24/7 programming and set up a tailored heating schedule that matches your needs perfectly.

Ecostrad iQ WiFi Element

The Ecostrad iQ WiFi Element features a touchscreen interface with a flatscreen display and touch sensitive buttons. It comes with a precision room thermostat accurate to ± 0.5 °C, as well as an internal radiator thermostat which engages on Radiator mode and provides constant temperature heating or 8-hour timer control. With Radiator mode, you can also select the Low Surface Temperature option to limit the radiator’s temperature to as low as 30 °C, for ultimately safer electric heating.

With open window detection, comfort and economy mode the Ecostrad Allora iQ puts economical heating at the forefront, so you can personalise your heating in the most efficient way possible.

Installation & Fitting

Suitable for installation in bathrooms, the Ecostrad Allora iQ WiFi designer electric radiator comes with an IPX4 splashproof rating. Fitting this radiator is not a DIY task – it must be hardwired by a professional electrician. The radiator body and heating element will arrive separately so please ensure that you have both items before booking a contractor for installation. An electrician is required to fit the element to the radiator and hardwire it to the mains.