Ecostrad Adesso iQ WiFi Designer Electric Radiator - Black 300w (390 x 600mm)


The 300w version of the Ecostrad Adesso iQ is perfect for the smaller rooms in your home, such as box rooms or studies. As the smallest in the range, this designer electric radiator provides reliable warmth and heats areas of up to 3.5m². The Adesso is pre-filled with thermodynamic oil, meaning it heats up quickly and cools slowly, supplying a comfortable temperature that lasts.

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The Ecostrad Adesso iQ 300w is a heating system made for ultimate convenience. Ideal for the modern home, this designer electric radiator boasts top-of-the-range WiFi control, granting full access to your heating through your smartphone. With intuitive smart features such as open window detection and 24/7 programming, there’s no need to worry about energy going to waste.

Intelligent WiFi Controllability 

For ultimate ease over your heat management, the Adesso iQ grants full WiFi control through the SmartLife App, so you can easily adjust the temperature of your radiator using your smartphone. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access a range of energy-saving features even when you’re on the go. This includes 24/7 programming, which allows you to establish a heating schedule that matches the busyness of your lifestyle, ensuring no energy goes to waste.

For those who want to control the Adesso iQ without a mobile phone, this designer electric radiator features a LED chrome touchscreen interface, with a sleek flatscreen display and touch sensitive buttons. To reach your ideal temperature simply switch through the modes manually. Along with a precision room thermostat accurate to ± 0.5 °C, the Adesso iQ also comes with an internal thermostat which provides constant temperature heating or an efficient 8-hour timer control.

Heating Element 

The Ecostrad iQ WiFi Heating Element boasts many other useful functions for convenient home heating. Open window detection acts as a safeguard to ensure no energy is wasted to any open doors or windows. If there’s a sudden temperature change or a drop of 2 degrees or more across 5 minutes, then the radiator will automatically switch to an anti-freeze state with a set reduced temperature of 7 degrees. There’s also a Low Surface Temperature function when in ‘radiator mode’ which limits the Adesso’s temperature to as low as 30 °C, for ultimately safer electric heating.


The Adesso iQ has an IPX4 protection rating, making it suitable for installation in bathrooms, provided it is hardwired by an electrician and mounted at least 1m away from water sources to prevent surface corrosion.

Adesso iQ radiators require professional two-person installation due to their weight. The fixtures supplied with each unit are for use on solid walls. If you intend to hang the Adesso iQ on a stud or partition wall, you must consult a professional beforehand. They will be able to judge whether your wall will bear the weight of the heater and advise on the appropriate fixtures required.