Dry Thermal Electric Radiators

Many of the electric heating products you'll find at Electric Radiators Direct use dry thermal heating elements. Dry thermal heating technology is some of the most advanced on the market, with many advantages over traditional thermal fluid radiators. They’re highly responsive, incredibly efficient and there’s no chance your radiators will ever leak!

We sell a range of dry thermal radiators specifically designed to provide on-demand warmth to a range of spaces.

Why choose a dry thermal radiator?

If you’re looking for an efficient radiator that heats up quickly, is easy to install and comes with a wealth of energy-saving features, say hello to dry thermal radiators.

Ideal for use in a range of properties, these radiators are DIY-friendly, offering a plug-and-go setup for hassle-free heating. They provide warmth through a combination of convection and radiation, which means they heat the air as well as you and surfaces directly.

There are two main types of dry thermal radiators – those that use aluminium heating elements and those that use ceramic heating elements. Both offer a range of benefits, but choosing the right one for your space comes down to personal preference.

Aluminium radiators

Haverland RC Wave

The RC Waveis made from high-grade aluminium which heats up your room quickly and efficiently, offering responsive warmth when you need it. The aluminium elements are fully enclosed so theres no chance of wall blackening – which can be a problem with less advanced electric radiators.

Built to last, the RC Wave comes with a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body and sports a unique, curved design. This dry thermal radiator is great for a range of spaces including living rooms, home offices, conservatories, bedrooms and more.

Learn more about the Haverland RC Wave in our in-depth review.

RC Wave - Sophisticated electric heating

With over 40,000 units sold in the UK, the RC Wave is as clear favourite with our customers. Here’s why:

✓ Smart Bluetooth control 

✓ Easy DIY installation 

✓ On-demand heating 

✓ Convenient 24/7 programming 

✓ User-friendly control panel 

✓ 100% recycled & recyclable 

✓ Lifetime guarantee on radiator body 

✓ Optional feet for freestanding fitting.

Ceramic radiators

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic electric radiator has a heat-retentive ceramic stone core and an all-aluminium body. It absorbs heat well, allowing the radiator to stay warmer for significantly longer than normal steel radiators, whilst also using less energy as the radiator maintains your desired temperature without working too hard.

The stone plates heat up quickly and push out heat a high intensity, which is why the
iQ Ceramic is ideal for ‘hard to heat’ areas such as rooms with high-ceilings, open-plan offices, stairwells, churches and listed buildings. Like the RC Wave range, the iQ Ceramic’s elements carry no risk of leaks and are fully enclosed to prevent wall blackening.

Learn more about the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic in our in-depth review.

iQ Ceramic - Smart electric heating

The iQ Ceramic is the number one choice for over 70,000 customers. Here’s why:

✓ Built-in WiFi app control 

✓ Motion Sensor Mode 

✓ Easy DIY installation 

✓ Alexa & Google Home compatible 

✓ Large touchscreen display 

✓ Convenient 24/7 programming

✓ 10 year warranty on radiator body 

✓ Optional feet for freestanding fitting

Benefits of dry thermal electric radiators

Highly responsive

Experience fast-acting warmth without the wait, for on-demand heating that works around you.

Modern design

Available in multiple sizes, colourways as well as horizontal and vertical models, there’s a dry thermal radiator for every space.

Smart control

From 24/7 programming to WiFi control and motion detection, these radiators excel in intuitive heat management.

Simple DIY Installation

Many dry thermal radiators are DIY-friendly, so they can be up and running in minutes.

Unmatched efficiency

With ceramic radiators boasting 50% radiant warmth, heat lasts longer for improved efficiency.

Maintenance free

No combustion of fuel means no annual callouts necessary – plus you don’t have to worry about leaks!

An economical heating solution

Using energy efficient dry thermal technology is just another way in which our radiators can provide an economical heating solution for your property. Dry thermal radiators are very efficient to run and when combined with top-of-the-range digital thermostats, timers or WiFi control, they give you precision management over your heating.

Both Haverland and Ecostrad have used their expertise to develop lightweight and highly adaptable radiators that perform at a superior level. With these radiators you get all the convenience of gas central heating without any of the upheaval or expenses.

As the cost and scarcity of fossil fuels continues to rise, electric heating continues to become the more economical and environmentally friendly option. Electric heating gives you the option to run your radiators off electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind or solar power – making our radiators one of the few truly eco-friendly heating solutions on the market.

Thinking of making the switch? You can't go wrong with dry thermal radiators.

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