Dry Thermal Explained

Many of the electric heating products you'll find at Electric Radiators Direct use dry thermal heating elements. Dry thermal technology is some of the most advanced heating technology on the market today, with many advantages over traditional fluid filled radiators. Most obviously, there's no chance your radiators will ever leak! But they also provide fast, efficient, consistent heat that can be easily controlled by the electronic components of your radiators. We sell a range of dry thermal heating products with aluminium or ceramic heating elements, with radiators specifically designed for general use and for high-ceilinged properties.

Haverland Designer RCWave Dry Thermal Radiator

Our best-selling Designer RCWave range is made from high grade recycled aluminium with fully enclosed aluminium elements which heat up your room quickly and efficiently. The aluminium elements push out heat directly, providing an ideal mix of radiated and convected heat which heats you directly as well as heating the air. Because the elements are fully enclosed there is no chance of wall blackening – which can be a problem with less advanced electric radiators. The aluminium used in the radiator is 100% recycled and recyclable – making the product totally sustainable. It's also lightweight and ultra slim, ensuring a stylish and discreet fitting. Aluminium elements do not stay hot as long as thermal fluids but this simply ensures greater control over the radiator. The RC Wave boasts top-of-the-range electronics and a precision thermostat that switches the elements on or off to maintain the desired room temperature. With dry thermal elements, your heating becomes even more accurate – making sure your radiators produce heat when and only when you need it. We have such confidence in the aluminium construction of the RC Wave range that we sell the radiators with a lifetime guarantee on the radiator body. These radiators are built to last!

Inerzia Dry Stone Ceramic Radiator

The Inerzia Dry Stone Ceramic range uses lightweight ceramic stone elements which heat up quickly and push out heat at a high intensity. This makes them ideal for 'hard to heat' areas such as high-ceilinged rooms, open-plan offices, stairwells, churches and listed buildings. Ceramic dry stone elements boast excellent heat retention properties, retaining heat significantly longer than normal steel radiators. The excellent heat retention properties of the Inerzia range make them very energy efficient because your radiators do not have to work hard to maintain desired temperatures. Like the RC Wave range, all elements carry no risk of leaks and are fully enclosed to prevent wall blackening. We offer a ten year guarantee on the radiator body and a three year guarantee on any electrical components.

An Economical Heating Solution

Using energy efficient dry thermal technology is just another way in which our radiators can provide an economical heating solution for your property. Dry thermal radiators are very efficient to run and, combined with top-of-the-range electronic thermostats and timers, give you precision control over your heating. Haverland have spent many years developing lightweight and highly adaptable radiators that perform at the highest levels. With these radiators you can have all the convenience of gas central heating without any of the upheaval; the radiators can be fitted easily with DIY plug-in and go installation, which saves you the expense and inconvenience of invasive plumbing work. As the cost and scarcity of fossil fuels continues to rise, electric heating is increasingly becoming the more economical as well as the more environmentally friendly option. Electric heating gives you the option to run your radiators off electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind or solar power – making our radiators one of the few truly eco-friendly heating solutions on the market.

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