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Elegant and unobtrusive, Technotherm ISP Mirror Infrared Heating Panels seamlessly integrate into your home, providing comfort heating that blends into your surroundings. Bathrooms can especially benefit from this stylish infrared heating panel because its heated front face prevents condensation from settling, so even if you’ve just stepped out of a hot shower, the mirror will stay clean and clear for use.

These panels must be used with a TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat in order to operate.

Please note: Delivery for this range takes 3-4 weeks.

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Model: TTISP35M
Wattage: 350W
Heats up to: 8m²
650mm x 650mm x 20mm
£519.99 inc VAT
Model: TTISP75M
Wattage: 750W
Heats up to: 17m²
1250mm x 650mm x 20mm
£799.99 inc VAT
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Made in Germany
Made in Germany
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Far Infrared
Far Infrared
Mellow, all-day warmth
DIY Installation
DIY Installation
Easy plug & go fitting
Thermostatic Control
Thermostatic Control
Sophisticated digital programming
Maintenance Free
Maintenance Free
No ongoing costs
5 Year Warranty*
5 Year Warranty*
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The Technotherm ISP Mirror Panel is the essence of sophisticated heating, providing a sleek, slimline and discreet source of warmth that blends into the background of your home décor. Doubling as both a heater and an ordinary household mirror, it’s a complete departure from conventional, bulky designs, allowing your heating to hide in plain sight without detracting from your interiors.

Technotherm Mirror Panels can be used throughout the home for reliable, unobtrusive heating, and are an especially good fit for bathrooms where space is often at a premium. Unlike a conventional mirror, the ISP’s heated face automatically acts as a demister, so that its reflective surface is clear for use even after a hot shower. The gentle radiant heat produced by these panels also has another benefit: infrared is absorbed and retained by the fabric of your property, keeping walls and surfaces warm, which in turn prevents condensation from settling. If your bathroom is prone to damp, the radiant heat of the Technotherm ISP can make all the difference, allowing you to keep any moisture in the air where it can be extracted, rather than on your walls. 

All Technotherm products are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, using innovative technology that maximises efficiency and longevity. To ensure an even spread of warmth, Technotherm infrared panels use carbon elements stitched directly into a unique Matrix Heat Mat, which prevents the wires from slipping or moving over time. This heat-conductive mat accommodates 10 times more wire than other brands and produces edge to edge heat with no hot or cold spots on the panel, and with its rock wool insulated back, all of the warmth produced is projected out into the room rather than being lost to the wall.

Technotherm are so passionate about the quality of their products that each unit is rigorously inspected, tested and signed-off at every stage of production. This ensures that their heaters meet the highest standard throughout the entire manufacturing process and they’re also supplied with a unique code which can be traced back to individual quality control stages for greater transparency.

Sleek and elegant, Technotherm ISP Mirror Infrared Heating Panels can be installed DIY with ease, and are fully programmable when used with their compatible TPF-Eco wireless thermostat. Unlike other infrared systems, there’s no need for a professionally-fitted hardwired thermostat – every Technotherm panel comes with an in-built RF receiver, so once you’ve purchased the TPF-Eco, you can start using your system straightaway. Just mount your mirror panel to the wall and plug it into the nearest 3-pin socket – it’s really that simple.

Controlling your Technotherm Panels

Technotherm Infrared Panels work in tandem with the TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat. Using the thermostat, you can create a detailed 24/7 heating schedule that caters to your every whim, helping you save energy by specifying exactly when, and to what extent, your rooms are heated. Using multiple thermostats, you can also zone your heating and assign different heating schedules to different areas of your home. An essential component of your heating system, the TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat must be purchased alongside your panels for them to operate as intended. Without the thermostat, the panels will not heat.

To adjust your heating using WiFi, you can purchase your panels with the Tydom Home - Smart Homehub. The Homehub plugs directly into your home router, allowing you to make alterations to your heating via WiFi using a smartphone or tablet. The Smart Homehub must be used in conjunction with the TPF-Eco and both devices need to be purchased for WiFi control. Further information can be found in the user guide under the installation tab.