Haverland RC13BL Conservatory Electric Radiator - 1500w (B-Grade)


This product is B-grade stock. It may have slight aesthetic imperfections or damaged packaging but is otherwise unused. All B-grade products are tested, re-boxed where possible and contain all documents and fixtures required for installation. The condition of individual units can vary so please call us direct on 0330 880 7001 for more information. We're so confident in the quality of our B-grade stock that we offer the same warranty periods on them as we would a new product.

Please note: this heater is not suitable for bathroom installation.

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  • Product Details
    • Smart Heating For Your Conservatory
    • Stylish Aluminium Body
    • Designed for Conservatory Dwarf Walls
    • Energy Efficient Thermal Fluid Technology
    • Even Heat Distribution
    • Built-In Energy Monitor
    • Independently Controlled & Easy to Install
    • Thermostat Accurate to ± 0.2 °C
    • 24/7 Digital Programming for Total Control
    • 10 Year Guarantee on Radiator Body
    • Plug-In Installation
    • Free Next Day Delivery
  • Product Specifications
    More Information
    Brand Haverland
    Product Weight (kg) 17.65
    Depth (mm) 80
    Height (mm) 378
    Width (mm) 1178
    Wattage (w) 1500
    Cable Length (m) 1.65
    IP Rating IPX2
    Suitable for Bathrooms Not Suitable
    IEC Class Protection Class I
    Radiator Elements 13
    Room Size - Modern Insulation (m²) 16
  • Manuals & Installation

    Download the RCBL Manual and programming guide here.

    The RC13BL comes with a standard UK 3-pin plug and can be easily wall mounted DIY using the brackets provided. For a more discreet fitting with no visible wires, it can also be hardwired to the mains by a professional electrician.

    We do not recommend electric radiators or panel heaters for bathroom installation. This is because there is the temptation to hang towels over the appliance to dry, which can obstruct ventilation on the heater and cause a hazard.

    Care must always be taken when connecting multiple radiators or heaters to avoid overloading the ring main of your property. If you are unsure, contact a qualified electrician for advice. For a professional installation, cables can be shortened and the heater connected to the mains supply by a fused spur. This work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

  • Warranty
    The RC13BL conservatory radiator comes with a 10 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee on the radiator body and a separate 3 Year Guarantee for the electronic components.

The ease of installation and separate control systems offered by electric radiators makes them a fantastic solution for heating conservatories. The Haverland RC13BL electric radiator is expressly designed for this purpose, giving users greater control over their conservatory heating by using digital control options and energy-efficient liquid heating elements.

Effective Heat Retention

Within the RC13BL is an engineered thermal fluid which creates an even spread of heat across its surface, as well as uniform heat distribution throughout the room. The thermal liquid also has exceptional heat retention qualities to maximise efficiency and means the RC13BL doesn’t need to work as hard to maintain comfort temperatures. Running costs and energy usage is kept as low as possible due to its precision digital thermostat which will ensure the radiator switches off as soon as it reaches the correct temperature.

Scheduled Heating

The additional management features included with the RC13BL allow you to choose from 7 pre-programmed heating schedules, or even create your own personal heating schedule tailored to your lifestyle. The programming facility is so in-depth, it can be used to set a different heating mode for each hour of the day, seven days a week – a completely flexible system with plenty of scope for personalisation. Setting a heating schedule can reduce energy waste by ensuring the room is only heated at times dictated by the user, but for those who use their conservatory infrequently, it also has a manual mode for on-demand heating.

Built into the radiator body is an easy-to-use digital display that includes a locking function to prevent the keypad from being tampered with. Using the controls, you can set temperatures for the radiator’s comfort, economy and anti-freeze modes, as well as access its energy monitoring feature. This function will show you the current energy usage of the radiator in kilowatts so you can monitor exactly how much electricity the heater is using at any given time.


The low profile of the Haverland RC13BL allows it to fit conservatory dwarf walls with ease, as well as other areas of the home with reduced wall space, such as loft conversions. It sports a slimline housing and modern design that will blend well with any interior décor.

The RC13BL can be installed easily with the minimum of fuss, even if you have no previous DIY experience, although it can also be hardwired to the mains by an electrician for a wire-free finish.