Why Electric Radiators are Ideal for Home Office Heating

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular, with many companies choosing to adopt this model on a permanent basis. A key component of working from home is your office space and chances are you’ve spent plenty of time trying to make this area the perfect place to really concentrate on your work. Maybe you’ve transformed your garage, shed or loft into a new workstation and are looking for the best heating appliance to keep this space warm. Or perhaps you have revamped a nook in the corner of the living room or kitchen and want that extra level of cosiness you can only get from effective heating. No matter where your home office is located, it’s important to make sure you’ve created a comfortable space to work in. One of the best ways to do this is with electric radiators and here’s why…

What are the benefits of heating my home office with electric radiators?   

iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric RadiatorNo need for expensive plumbing

No doubt you’re spending a lot of time in your new home office and are wondering how to stay warm without having to spend time and money on extending your central heating. Electric radiators are the answer, especially if you have recently set up your office in the summerhouse or garage where there isn’t any plumbing or source of heat. The great thing about electric heating is that it offers plug-and-go fitting options, making installation much cheaper and easier. This means you don’t have to extend your current system or install extra plumbing, instead you can sit back and enjoy the effective and reliable warmth that electric heating has to offer without breaking the bank.  

Set up your office heating within minutes

Many of our heaters are available with DIY installation and come with all the necessary fixtures included such as a mounting template, brackets and screws. The only thing you have to supply are the tools! Then you can get to work on fixing the brackets to the wall and slotting the radiator into place. Afterwards, simply plug the radiator into the nearest socket and you’ll be good to go. So, you can have your heating up and running in your office sooner rather than later, spending more time dedicated to your work in a comfortably warm environment.  

Freestanding options

Another plus for electric radiators is that there are even freestanding options available for portability, which is something you just don’t get with central heating. Our aluminium radiators can be purchased with compatible feet to make them act as a freestanding heat source, and are so light, you can move them from room to room whenever you need portable warmth. Even if your time working from home comes to an end, you can move your radiator to another part of the house for complete versatility. 

Control your office temperature separately

Electric heaters come with a range of controls that allow for better heat management. By installing one in your office, you can set the temperature in that room separately to the rest of your system. So, if parts of your home sit empty during the day, you don’t have to waste energy or money heating those spaces when you only need your office to be warm. With weekly programming, you can set up a heating schedule to match your routine to a tee – which is ideal if you have set working hours. You can even take advantage of functions such as adaptive start which will pre-heat your office ahead of your set schedule to guarantee the perfect temperature precisely when you need it. There are many more programmable features that come with electric radiators, making it easier than ever to control your heating.

Voice and app control from your deskHaverland SmartWave

When it comes to working from home, you’re probably spending a lot of your day busy writing out emails or working on a spreadsheet, or just generally focussed on other tasks. So, you might not have the time to keep switching your heating on and off whenever it suits. With voice control you don’t have to worry about this because as soon as you start getting cold, you can use a simple voice command to adjust your radiator without getting up from your desk and interrupting your workflow. For example, if you were to pair your Ecostrad iQ Ceramic radiator with your Amazon Echo, you could use commands such as “Alexa, turn on iQ Ceramic” or “Alexa, set iQ Ceramic to 20 degrees” to remain firmly in control of your heating without lifting a finger. Of course, convenient control can also be found through other smart features such as WiFi programming, which provides you with heat management through an app on your phone. So, if your home office is located at the other end of the garden, you can still adjust the temperature from the kitchen as you make yourself a cup of tea.

Designs to suit all spaces

If your home office is on the small side then every inch of space counts, which is why electric heating makes the perfect fit. Many of our radiators have an ultra-slim depth with some at just 75mm deep, allowing for an unobtrusive and discreet heating solution. For offices where extra room is needed for things like filing cabinets, or storage boxes, you can maximise wall space by installing one of our vertical radiators. Of course, we also have horizontal designs for those looking for a more traditional aesthetic. Whatever space you’re working with, we have a number of great heating solutions that will fit in seamlessly. 

Which electric radiators are best for home offices?

You can find the best electric heaters for your workspace in our home office heating range. The radiators in this collection have been carefully selected to help you find the perfect heating solution for your workspace. Every product in this range is compatible with DIY installation, so no matter which heater you choose, fitting it into your office will be hassle-free. Many come with smart programming for convenient control and we also have some with a motion sensor that switches the heater on when movement is detected – something that is ideal for an office that’s used infrequently. Whether your home office is an ultra-modern loft conversion or a cramped space in the garage, we have a variety of sizes and styles to suit every interior. So why not take a look at our wide range of electric radiators today?

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