Types of Rooms that are Perfect for Electric Panel Heaters

Electric panel heaters are a budget-friendly heating solution that are ideal for temporary heating, supplementary warmth, or to heat smaller rooms. Also known as convection heaters, they warm the surrounding air, supplying effective warmth to spaces through a convection current. We’re looking at the type of rooms that are perfect for electric panel heaters, to see how they can benefit your home.

How do electric panel heaters work?

Not to be confused with electric radiators, which heat through a mix of convection and radiation, panel heaters provide warmth solely through convection. This is a process of heat transfer that works by warming the surrounding air, which then rises as it heats. The cooler air then sinks to the floor and is also warmed by the heater - creating a convection current, that spreads heat in a circular motion throughout the room. Operating in almost complete silence, an electric panel heater is a discreet and convenient heating solution that works well for a number of spaces. 

What are the benefits of electric panel heaters?

Electric panel heaters have several great benefits, making them a suitable heating solution for a variety of rooms within your property. Here’s a quick rundown of some of their advantages:

1. Affordable upfront costs

One of the most obvious benefits of panel heaters is how budget friendly they can be. The heating elements inside these products are unenclosed and lightweight, which is why they're cheaper and easier to produce. Due to their low-cost manufacturing methods, you can often find panel heaters starting at around the £100 mark - an inexpensive alternative to other heating solutions.

Not only that, but installation is usually a quick and simple job. Many electric panel heaters are compatible with DIY fitting, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on getting them stationed. 

2. Panel heaters are quick to heat

As they only heat the air, panel heaters are highly responsive. As soon as you switch them on, warmth is provided almost instantly - making them incredibly convenient. This is especially beneficial for rooms you only use for a short while, such as studies or guest bedrooms, where you may only need a quick burst of warmth. 

3. Intuitive programming features

iq ceramic

Modern electric panel heaters come with a range of sophisticated programming features, which can help to provide more efficient control over your home heating system. Features can include:  

  • Open window detection: This feature senses any sudden drop in temperature, for example, from leaving a door or window open. Your heating then switches off until a more stable temperature is reached, so that you don’t end up wasting energy or warmth. As electric panel heaters solely heat the air, the warmth they produce can be lost easily, which is why this feature is especially beneficial.
  • 24/7 programming: This allows you to set up a personalised heating schedule that matches your daily routine. This means no spaces are warmed at unnecessary times and you don’t waste energy heating your home when it isn’t needed.
  • Adaptive start: The panel heater pre-heats each room ahead of your set schedule, ensuring an ideal temperature for your arrival.
  • Smart control: Some panel heaters offer intelligent features, for even more advanced and convenient heat management. These include Bluetooth, WiFi, and voice control, giving you full and intuitive controllability when it comes to heating your home.

4. Easy portability

Many electric panel heaters are suitable for wall-mounted or freestanding installation. As a portable heating solution, they can be easily transported from room to room. This is great for heating meeting rooms that are only used weekly, for teachers who use different classrooms throughout the day, or for those wanting to pinch the home-office heater to warm their garage for a quick work-out. 

Which rooms are best for panel heaters?

home officeSmaller rooms

  • Box rooms
  • Conservatories
  • Utility spaces

Panel heaters work best for the smaller rooms in your property, as they can heat these spaces quickly and easily. This is because smaller rooms have a reduced volume, meaning they can amplify the effects of the warm air produced by convection heaters. So, any box rooms, conservatories, or utility rooms would be ideal spaces for your convection heaters.

Less frequented spaces

  • Studies
  • Spare bedrooms
  • Meeting rooms

Rooms you don’t often use are also ideal places to install panel heaters. As these appliances triumph in providing rapid warmth, their speedy heat transfer is ideal for rooms you may only use for a short period of time. So, if you only go into your study twice a week for remote working, but you don’t want to freeze whilst you're in there, investing in a panel heater would be the perfect solution. Spare bedrooms can also benefit from this type of heating appliance, particularly if you have family visiting, as you can easily pop in a panel heater to keep them toasty.

Rooms to avoid placing panel heaters

Placing a convection heater in the bathroom is usually not recommended as there are too many safety risks involved. This is because these appliances often have incompatible IP ratings, meaning they’re not suitable for installation in rooms where they could be exposed to water.

Drying towels (or other such things) on a panel heater is also a big no-go, as it blocks the thermostat and may cause the heater to overheat. For more information, we’ve gone into further detail on this topic here.

Things to consider before selecting an electric panel heater

Even though panel heaters are beneficial for a range of spaces in a variety of ways, it’s worth considering their disadvantages too. As they only warm the surrounding air, they also do so the surrounding dust. The dust burns, and over time this can leave sooty deposits on the wall, causing wall blackening and damage to the paintwork. The disturbed dust particles can also trigger allergies, hay fever, or asthma. This is the case for all convection heaters, no matter the style or price.

Due to their manufacturing methods and the way in which they provide warmth, electric panel heaters are not suitable as a constant home heating system, either. If want a more permanent way to heat your home, it might be worth searching for an alternative solution, such as electric radiators and infrared panels.

Browse our range of electric panel heaters

Stylish, affordable, and convenient, electric panel heaters are a great heating solution when used correctly. For any smaller or less frequently used rooms in your home, they’re a perfect, easy-to-install addition that provides comfortable warmth. So, if you’re looking for a temporary, portable heating alternative, we have a range of panel heaters to suit your space.