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Traditional RadiatorsWe spend so much time and money on making our houses resemble the vision we had in our heads. Whether it’s modern, vintage or minimalistic, we don’t want to ruin our carefully planned dining room with an appliance that's out of place, even if it’s an everyday necessity. Unfortunately, a heater is one of those things. Inarguably, here in the UK, we need a reliable heating solution. With the weather currently being even more unpredictable than ever, as far as I see it, we could be hit by a snowstorm in the middle of March or February, and then a heatwave a week later. And sadly, radiators are rarely a pretty addition we look forward to putting in our beautifully designed houses.

As it happens, radiators being misfits is not always the case. When it comes to modern interior designs, the choice of radiators is actually very satisfying. Many of our electric radiators, such as the RC Wave, come in a contemporary design that nicely blends in minimalistic and modern rooms, or even adds a touch of futuristic smart technology and shows the owner’s alternative approach to heating.  

Ecostrad EcowärmeThe problem arises when we want to heat a room that is kept in a very traditional or vintage style. Unless you’re an absolute genius interior designer, or you manage to make it work by a complete accident, then there is a high risk of your radiator sticking out. So, is there a way of heating your lovely Victorian house with electric radiators, without making it look silly? Of course there is!

Both are easy and effortless. Because our electric radiators are available for quick DIY instalment, you can put your radiator wherever you like. They simply hang on the wall like a TV and plug into the nearest socket. This way, if you feel that your radiator goes badly with your interior design, you can easily hide it away somewhere in your living space, where it will discreetly provide you with warmth. Remember, while trying to ‘hide’ your radiators, do not experiment with 'covers' such as radiator cabinets. Although it seems like a quick and cheap solution, it is not always safe to do so. If you're not sure whether your method is safe, call us on 0330 300 4444: a member of our team will be happy to help!

Technotherm KS DSM Electric RadiatorAlternatively, you could consider an Ecostrad Ecowärme Electric Radiator or a Technotherm KS High Heat Retention Electric Radiator. These radiators combine the technology of electric radiators with the traditional body style of water-filled radiators. Both ranges feature highly accurate thermostats which maintain your desired comfortable temperature by switching the heater on and off. This way, your heating system is not using electricity at all times while still providing you with warmth. Programmers built into the units allow you to set up a heating schedule for your radiators on a room by room basis for total control over your energy usage. Furthermore, both of these ranges come in a variety of wattages, enabling them to cater for rooms of all sizes. And both can be easily installed by anyone with basic DIY understanding!

So there we go. Whatever your interior design is, there is always an electric radiator you can install in every single one of your rooms. Explore our wide choice of radiators and buy the best electric radiator for your house today! 

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