This Month’s Favourite: The Haverland SmartWave Electric Radiator

With over 40 years’ experience in the heating industry, Haverland has become one of the most esteemed electrical heating brands within the market. Having sold to over 30 countries worldwide, the company holds a strong work ethic which emphasises the importance of hard work and a commitment to providing quality to its customers. Haverland as a business prioritises savings, quality, comfort and design, whilst maintaining high standards of manufacturing excellence and a commitment to the natural environment.





Haverland’s SmartWave electric radiator is a “clever” electric heater which truly embodies the company’s values and aims by combining efficiency, style and innovation to provide consumers with optimum heating capabilities and some of the most advanced technical functions that the industry has ever seen.





Our Favourite Features


1.      Self-Programming

The SmartWave’s stand out feature. This is what sets the radiator apart from the rest as its built in infrared sensor monitors the activity around it and can format a heating schedule which predicts when you will enter and leave the room. Fully adaptable, the “clever” radiator will alter its schedule should your weekly routine change in any way, making the relevant changes for the next week. The heater will also turn off automatically if it senses no movement, so there’s no need to worry if you’re running late. This thus saves energy and reduces your monthly bill. At the same time, should you decide to come home early, your SmartWave radiator will turn on automatically as soon as it senses your presence.


2.      WiFi Control

SmartboxHaverland’s “clever” electric radiator truly displays its superb innovation by providing homeowners with a method of controlling their heating whilst outside of the house. Through purchasing a Haverland Smart Box alongside the SmartWave, you can connect the radiator to the internet using your home connection. By downloading the Haverland heating app you can modify and control your household temperature using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Got caught up in traffic on the way home? No problem, just alter the heater’s programming to let it know not to turn on at the usual time. Planning on coming home early? Not an issue, just change the current heating programme and your SmartWave heater will do the rest for you.  This handy feature provides homeowners with a whole new level of control, enabling them to save energy and cut down the cost of their monthly bills



3.      Latest Energy Efficient Dry Thermal Technology

Smartwave Info

The electric radiator uses fast-acting dry thermal elements which heat up very quickly and cool down rapidly, providing you with optimum control of the temperature within the room, your energy usage and consequently your monthly bills.  The SmartWave also offers an effective balance of radiated and convected heat, ensuring that your household is always at a comfortable level of warmth. Additionally, the elements are fully enclosed inside the heater’s stylish aluminium body, preventing wall-blackening and ensuring a safe fitting. This robust aluminium body also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so there’s no need to worry about the longevity of this product.




4.      Highly Accurate Digital Thermostat

The SmartWave comes equipped with a high precision thermostat that accurately maintains temperature settings of comfort, economy and anti-freeze, which keeps rooms at suitable levels of warmth without wasting any energy. This effectively helps homeowners to reduce the cost of their monthly bills. With this feature the radiator also allows you to keep your rooms at consistent temperatures, thus making your household environment more comfortable.


5.      Stylish Contemporary Design

SmartWave Lifestyle

The SmartWave has a sleek, clean aesthetic which makes it a perfect addition to any household. Its 100% recyclable aluminium body is manufactured with a slimline design which means that it won’t take up too much space as opposed to the traditional, clunky designs of its predecessors.






The SmartWave is available in a number of sizes and wattage options, making it a suitable choice for any household. The radiator truly sets the mark for innovation and technology within the heating market and balances these technological advances with its ability to produce an effective standard of heating. Nowadays, it is often the case that companies manufacture products with quantity in mind, in terms of their capabilities and features.  This is not the case with Haverland and their production of the SmartWave. It is clear that quality is a driving force in the SmartWave’s production, as well as an objective to provide consumers with optimum control, accessibility and comfort. For these reasons, we bestow the Haverland SmartWave with the title of this month’s favourite heating appliance.