Temperature regulation for your pets within your home

It is estimated that 12 million homes in the UK have pets, but how many of those households know how to maintain the ideal temperature for their animal companions? We’ve teamed up with Wood Green, The Animals Charity, home to Channel 4’s The Dog House, to find out how to keep your pets warm all year round. We’re looking at the ways in which you can determine your pet’s heating needs and why electric radiators are the perfect solution for regulating your home’s temperature to benefit your four-legged friends.

What’s the ideal temperature for pets? Here’s what Wood Green have to say

No matter what type of cat or dog you have, Wood Green have all the tips and tricks to help you maintain the ideal temperature to keep your pets warm and comfortable. The below video offers expert advice by Animal Behaviour and Training Specialist, Sue Ketland:

Things to consider for regulating your home’s temperature

Most pets are content with the normal ambient temperature of our homes, with 18 – 20 ᵒC usually a suitable setting, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for every animal. On average, the natural body temperature for cats and dogs falls between 38 – 39 ᵒC, so it’s important to try and maintain this. However, every animal is different which is why there are still several things to consider when it comes to regulating the temperature for your pets.  

1. Breed type

Husky The breed of your animal will often determine their temperature preference because each breed has a different type of coat. Those with thicker fur, like Norwegian forest cats and huskies, are more tolerant of the cold because they’re better adapted to chillier climates – ever seen a husky in the snow? Having a thick coat may mean your pet struggles with hotter temperatures, which is why they can be found seeking out ways to cool down, such as sitting in draft-prone areas around the house. It’s also why it might be worth keeping your thermostat on a lower setting for those fluffier animal companions.  

Animals with shorter fur are the opposite and cannot retain heat as effectively because they are less accustomed to lower temperatures. Whippets, for example, have quite thin coats which is why they favour hotter environments, so you may want to keep your home on the warmer side. Ultimately the thickness of your pet’s coat is usually a good indicator to go by when determining their preferred temperature level. The thinner their coat, the colder they’re likely to be.   

2. Age

Older cats and dogs tend to need a warmer environment because they can struggle with regulating their own body temperature. So, if you have an old-timer at home, you might want to turn the thermostat up a degree or two to keep them cosy.

3. Behavioural changes

Pets quickly become part of the family, so we get to know their unique behavioural quirks quite well. But did you know that some pet behaviours can indicate their temperature needs? Seeking out a radiator to sit by, or curling into a tight ball, usually signifies your pet is cold. Whereas, stretching out, panting and restlessness are common signs of overheating. It’s important acquaint yourself with these behavioural changes early on so that you can adjust the temperature in your home to suit the needs of your pet.

Electric radiators: the ideal solution for keeping your pets warm

One of the best ways to maintain the perfect temperature for your pet is by using electric radiators. They supply effective and efficient warmth through a combination of convection and radiation, heating not only the surrounding air, but objects and surfaces directly. This means you and your pets benefit from highly responsive and long-lasting warmth that heats on a deeper level.

Regulating warmth with the Ecostrad iQ Ceramic

The Ecostrad iQ Ceramic is great for regulating your home’s temperature. Fitted with its own precision digital thermostat that’s accurate to +0.5 ᵒC, the iQ Ceramic will never fluctuate from your set temperature. If a rise in heat level is detected, your radiator will switch off to avoid wasting energy and then switch back on again when the temperature drops below your set preference, topping up the heat in the room. As a result, you efficiently maintain the ideal temperature for you and your pets, without running the risk of overheating or underheating your home.

iQ CeramicThis smart electric radiator also comes with a number of other energy-saving features, including:

  • 24/7 programming: tailor a daily heating schedule to suit your needs as well your pet’s. So, if you take your dog out for a walk twice a day at the same time, you can program your heating to switch off at this time and then switch back on for your return, so you don’t end up wasting energy heating your home when you aren’t there.
  • Built-in WiFi control: allows you to manage your heating through an app on your phone, no matter where you are in the world. So even if you’re out at work and your pet is at home, you can switch on the heating for a couple of hours to keep them warm.
  • Motion sensor mode: automatically heats a room when movement is detected, for example, when your pet walks into the room. This setting is usually best for rooms less frequented but may be ideal if you want a way for your pet to keep warm when you’re out of the house.
  • Voice control: hands-free heat management that responds to simple voice commands and provides a convenient way to control your heating. It’s also compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa so it will integrate well with smart systems that may already be installed in your home.

Maintaining a warm home for your pets with electric heating

Making sure our pets are happy is often our number one priority, which is why keeping them warm by regulating the temperature of our homes is so important. Finding the right heating solution to help you achieve this couldn’t be easier. We have a wide range of energy-efficient electric heaters, that are suitable for a range of spaces. So, when it comes to maintaining effective and comfortable warmth, look no further than Electric Radiators Direct.

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