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Installing electric radiators: how hard is it?

One thing that often deters people from upgrading their home heating system is the disruption it can sometimes cause. Most homes these days have gas boilers and a centralised system which may be difficult to upgrade, whereas those who live in flats or homes powered by electricity might find it a little easier. Either way, installing electric radiators really isn't as difficult as you might think...

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Making the most of your electric radiator

If you're fortunate enough to have already invested in a quality electric radiator, then you might be interested in a few tips on how best to operate it to save on energy usage and cut down costs. If you're still in the market for an energy efficient electric heating solution (and an increasing number of people are), then the following could shed some light on the kind of energy saving benefits a quality designer electric radiator can bring.

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Need an electric radiator that meets specific safety requirements?

The main advantages of electric radiators are their potential to save energy and help you cut down on your quarterly bills. But for those investing in communal property, like a housing project or flat renovation, safety is a key concern too. There are radiators out there that have some interesting safety features built into them which might just help you narrow down your choices when it comes to singling out the best one for your property.

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