Stay Warm this Season with Electric Radiators Direct

Summer is well and truly over, but not to worry, we’ve got a few tips to help you embrace the colder months. With so much to look forward to this time of year it’s best to stay warm so that you can enjoy every second of it. So, get out your big coat and keep that umbrella handy because it’s time to explore the many ways in which you can stay warm this autumn.

Get back in touch with nature

One of the great benefits of Autumn is that it’s the perfect time for a stroll along well-worn trails, beside a babbling brook or through woodland. It’s the time of year that delivers a unique experience with sightings of red deer and grey squirrels, whilst that autumnal gradient of the leaves change colour above our heads and below our feet. With the cold comes the chance to take advantage of those misty mornings and pretend you’re living inside your very own gothic novel. Or perhaps sitting out in the garden to watch the leaves fall is more your style. Whichever way you choose to enjoy the colder months make sure you stay warm on those autumnal days by re-discovering forgotten jumpers at the bottom of your wardrobe. Dig out any hats, woolly socks and walking boots to really prepare yourself for those chilly walks as you become one with nature again this Autumn.  

Get comfortable with modern technology  

Once you’ve returned from your walk, kicked off your wellies and hung up your scarf it’s time to settle back in at home. Autumn and winter are all about cosying up under a blanket with a hot chocolate whilst you watch television or read a book. There is no better feeling than being toasty in front of the fire when it’s cold outside or being tucked in bed during a storm. This kind of warmth can never be rivalled except perhaps by the effective warmth of a good heating system.

To experience quick and reliable heat as soon as you step through the front door, make sure your heating is up to date this season. Consider installing a WiFi controlled radiator so that you can control your heating on the go. WiFi control allows you to adjust temperatures, turn your heating on or off and experience an entirely new level of control all through the power of the internet. So, if you do go out for a walk or if you happen to be on your way home from work, you can hop on a user-friendly mobile app and manage your radiators before you even get to your front gate. This way you won’t have to sit and wait for your home to warm up and you can cosy up straight away.

Our Haverland SmartWave Self-Programming electric radiators offer this WiFi control as well as adaptable heating for your home. The self-programming feature allows for this radiator to deliver heat whenever you need it most. By using a motion-sensor the SmartWave can create a heating schedule based on your weekly routine, so you can instantly relax without worrying about the heating. You will also save on your energy consumption as you won’t be wasting any heat when it isn’t needed. The SmartWave delivers effortless control and sophisticated style to any home so you’ll be able to find that familiar comfort even from your heating system.  

Warm up with a hot drink

So, you’re dressed the part, you’ve got your blanket and your smart heating system is up and running, but there’s something missing. You realise there is nothing like a hot drink on a cold day and you are sadly empty-handed. Here in the UK nothing can stop us from drinking tea, even that record-breaking summer we just had, but there’s something especially satisfying about enjoying a hot beverage when it’s chilly out. Whether your drink of choice is tea, coffee or even mulled wine, hot drinks are a great way to keep yourself warm throughout autumn, so make sure you put the kettle on and stock up on those teabags.

Celebrate good times with electric radiators

Ecostrad VeeSmartIt is a fact that all the best holidays are in autumn and winter (sorry, Easter). With Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night, Christmas and New Year’s all on the horizon it truly is the time for festivities. In just a few short weeks we will be surrounded by pumpkins, costumes and spooky decorations. So, if your house is the hub of family gatherings or even if you’re just expecting a couple of guests this season, it’s best to make sure everyone is warm throughout the holidays.

At Electric Radiators Direct, we have a variety of radiators for all the different rooms in your home, so you don’t have to rely on that bonfire to keep you warm. Impress your family and friends with one of our designer radiators. The Ecostrad VeeSmart is a contemporary radiator that blends in with all interiors and comes in many different sizes, all with their own outputs. This self-contained radiator is pre-filled with a thermal oil that uses electricity to generate heat to warm any room. The VeeSmart delivers effective heat the stylish way, so no matter how you decorate your house or who might be coming over, this electric radiator is sure to be a beneficial addition. Celebrate the right way and make the most of this autumn and winter by ensuring that you have the best heating for you and your family during the festive season.

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