Slimline Electric Radiators: Slimmer of the Year

RC Wave Depth

It’s that time of year when healthy eating is well and truly forgotten. Summer salads are replaced with hearty meals and, with Christmas around the corner, the shops are piled high with shortbread, tins of chocolate, and more shortcrust pastry than would be possible to consume. Here at Electric Radiators Direct, as our waistbands take the strain, there are a few members of our team who will remain supremely streamline, with slender depths that put them in the spotlight for Slimmer of the Year. Join us as we reveal our top 3 slimmest electric radiators, certain to squeeze into almost any space imaginable.

For installation purposes, as well as aesthetic ones, a slim electric radiator is advantageous. Perfect for fitting in tight or petite spaces, ideal for unobtrusive placement in narrow corridors, and excellent for slipping onto any wall you see fit, slimline electric radiators can make any space seem minimalist and uncluttered. For smooth lines, streamlined interiors, and that extra bit of space that makes all the difference, a slim electric radiator is the way forward. Without further ado, let’s introduce our top 3 slimline electric radiators and discover which takes the much-coveted position of Slimmer of the Year.

The Haverland RC Wave – 3rd Place

Our best-selling electric radiator, the RC Wave is a gold-star all-rounder and certainly fits on the slimmer end of our product range. With a trim waist of just 75mm, the RC Wave is as unobtrusive as it is streamlined and stylish. Complete with its signature curved body, the RC Wave provides a subtle variation on traditionally uniform straight-lined radiator design. Finished in a modern white, the RC Wave will effortlessly blend into any interior design scheme without getting in the way. Constructed from 100% recycled aluminium, this slim electric radiator is as lightweight as it is slender, which makes installing the RC Wave easy, especially when you consider the hassle of installing heavy conventional plumbed radiators. 

RC Wave Depth

With 24/7 digital programming and a precision thermostat, the RC Wave is certainly more than just a looker. Create detailed heating schedules and assign different temperatures to hourly intervals for the entire week – ensuing your lifestyle and your heating blend together perfectly. The RC Wave’s thermostat is accurate to half a degree ensuring precise and efficient heating, minimising waste.  With DIY, plug-in-and-go installation, advanced heating controls, and a seriously slim depth – the Haverland RC Wave earns its place as our gold-star all-rounder, clinching 3rd place in our Slimmer of the Year celebration. 

The Electrorad Digi-Line – Runner Up

The Electrorad Digi-Line uses the latest heat-retentive thermal fluid technology within a classic fluted radiator body, creating a slim electric radiator with the timeless appeal of conventional central heating. With a depth of just 60mm, the Digi-Line pips the RC Wave to the Runner Up post as our second place Slimmer of the Year. Elegant, slim, and highly efficient, the Electrorad Digi-Line balances style with performance for comprehensive, slimline, home heating.

Perfect for unobtrusive installation, the Digi-Line can be placed in a variety of locations without looking boxy or inelegant. With simple DIY installation, a few screws and drill-holes later and your Electrorad can adorn any wall with grace and style. 

Electrorad Digi-Line

Similarily to the RC Wave, don’t let the good looks of the Digi-Line fool you - this slimline electric radiator comes with a plethora of advanced features. The Digi-Line has an optional central controller that allows you to create an extensive heating schedule. The slim Digi-Line also comes with energy-efficient open-window detection, which turns the raiator off if a dramatic temperature loss is detected. The Digi-Line’s precision digital thermostat is also accurate to one tenth of a degree for precision heat control. Stylish, subtle, and brimming with features, our Slimmer of the Year runner up is a formidable electric radiator that suits properties with a classic taste in radiator design. 

The Ecostrad VeeSmart – Slimmer of the Year

Seamlessly blending both style and functionality, and available in both horizontal or vertical orientations, the Ecostrad VeeSmart is our latest designer electric radiator and winner of our Slimmer of the Year competition. Boasting a trim depth of a mere 40mm, the most striking aspect of these radiators is their effortlessly suave appearance. With a slender bar design and towering presence, the vertical VeeSmarts are semi-monolithic – certain to boldly stand out in a crowd and provide a striking focal point in any interior space. The horizontal VeeSmarts are slightly more discreet but still manage to impart a certain presence in whatever room they’re placed. With a 35mm difference in depth between our 3rd place electric radiator, the VeeSmart is so slim you could stack two side-by-side and they would still only be half the size of Great Expectations.

VeeSmart Depth

Constructed from mild steel, all slimline VeeSmarts come in two contemporary finishes: a sub-zero arctic white, or a volcanic slate black, both provide a dramatic finishing touch to any room. Slender, sleek, and seriously slimline, the VeeSmart is the ideal space-saving electric radiator. For both vertical and horizontal models, the VeeSmart’s minute depth means it can be installed in the tightest of spaces. Install the VeeSmart at the foot of the stairs or along the narrowest of corridors, in spaces that other electric radiators could only dream of squeezing into. For complete free reign when deciding where to place your radiators, the only product certain to fit is the Ecostrad VeeSmart. 

Three Super-Slim Electric Radiators

Although the VeeSmart takes home the prize this year, all three of the products mentioned provide advanced heating control and buckets of style for any space within your home. If you need more of a conventional radiator design, the Electrorad Digi-Line is the product for you. If you like a radiator with a dash of elegance, the RC Wave is the ideal choice. If you really need those extra few millimetres of clearance, or simply love bold design statements, the Ecostrad VeeSmart, our Slimmer of the Year, is without doubt the slimline electric radiator for you.


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