Make energy saving your resolution for 2015

The new year is almost upon us, and what better way to start it than with an energy efficient heating solution that will set you up for decades to come? In terms of energy bills, most of us saw quite a rocky 2014, and many are now left wondering what they can do to turn things around and take more control over their energy usage at home. From energy saving tips to energy company comparison sites, the internet is rife with ideas on how you can save money, but for those of you looking to make a serious change there's something even more impressive waiting for you... 


Have you already switched to energy saving light bulbs? Do you fill the kettle with just the right amount of water and tweak the thermostat down constantly? You might think you're doing all you can to save energy, but sometimes the best way is to look at the bigger picture. What kind of heating system do you have at home? Over 70% of UK households still rely on a gas boiler and regular water-filled radiators to get the job done - but why? Technology is moving at breakneck speeds. We have plasma televisions, super slim tablets and smartphones, yet we're still stuck in the past when it comes to something integral to our energy usage - heating. 


Technology has allowed for many things to happen in the world of home heating. Some things you might be familiar with, while other things you may consider too good to be true. The truth is, the past decade has seen some real momentum in the heating market, and record numbers of households are beginning to cotton on to the idea that they can save money on their energy bills with just that little bit of extra control that technology offers. Nowhere has this leap in technological advancement been more apparent than in the electric radiator market, and Eco Stores Direct specialise in finding the cream of the crop to help lower your bills and help the environment. So let's take a look at some of the ways technology has changed the electric radiator, and our perceptions of it, for the better... 



Many models of electric radiator now boast accurate thermostats; ones which can maintain a constant level of heat in your home in order to save you energy and money. Once such model is the RC Wave from Haverland. This radiator packs one of the best thermostas on the market, accurate to within mere fractions of a degree, and the best part is that each room can easily have its own 'target temperature'. Now that's something you can't really achieve with your traditional gas driven central heating system. Usually the radiators are simply on or off, and there's only one thermostat which doesn't give an entirely accurate reading of what's going on room by room...


The right model of electric radiator will give you a room by room account of what's going on temperature wise, and allow you to micro-manage your entire home in order to tweak your energy usage and trim down those bills. 



Heat is heat right? It rises and just travels around the room, right? That is correct, but it's not the whole story. Yes, traditional water fed radiators push heat up and around the room in a convection current, but how long does it take the room to warm up? Doesn't it leave your feet rather cold? Electric radiators have been tweaked with technology to iron this problem out. Electric radiators come with a variety of heat delivery options, from oil and thermal liquid filled radiators to dry thermal elements, there's a lot to choose form. The RC Wave uses a dry thermal element in conjunction with a 100% aluminium body in order to push heat out into the room from the front, as well as around the room from the top. This gives a much more consistent heat, leaves no cold spots and provides warmth almost instantaneously. 



In places like school, nurseries and carehomes, radiators can often be a problem. Children and elderly residents are likely to scald their hands or arms when passing radiators that are hot to the touch - like most traditional radiators. Advancements in technology and the material used have made this problem a thing of the past with more modern day electric radiators. To use the RC Wave as just one example; it has a thermal limiter installed which means that no matter how much heat the radiator is outputting, the surface temperature never gets too hot to touch. The radiator could be on full power and you could still rest your hand on it for a short while without burning yourself. 


Scheduling and control

Possibly the most important point when it comes to the energy saving potential of electric radiators; the programming. Most of us are famililar with setups on the central heating systems that allow you to set the time you want the heating to come on and off at home. Some of them might even let you select various temperatures at different times of day. Now, imagine that ability but far greater detail, giving you the ability to program each room to its own temperature, to come on at its own time. You'll be able to micromanage the heating in your entire home, according to your daily schedules and who's going to be around the house. You can even store presets like 'holiday' or 'day off work' to alter how your radiator behaves from day to day if your circumstances suddenly change. 




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