Guide To Bathroom Heating: Know Your Towel Rails

Bathroom toiletriesThere’s a reason that towel rails vary so much in terms of the type of products available and it’s not solely to offer new and exciting designs to match our interiors. Many of the towel rails you’ll see online reflect the multifarious needs of the end user, as well as the natural variation of family routines in each home. We’re all individuals and if everyone’s needs were the same, we wouldn’t require different products in the first place! It’s tempting to buy a towel rail based purely on looks but you might be short-changing yourself in the long run by not considering whether it’s going to perform in a way that fits your lifestyle. The functions available range all the way from basic manual controls to high-end programmers that allow you to create custom schedules for your heating. Not sure what features you should be looking out for? Take a look at this quick guide to find the perfect towel rail for your home.

Basic, efficient heating – Kudox towel railsKudox towel rail

Sometimes you may only need your towel rail to serve a very basic purpose, fulfilling on-demand heating every now and then. This can often be the case if you’re planning to install one in a secondary bathroom or guest en-suite. Simple towel rails like our Kudox branded products are excellent for these installation types, although they can also be used in tandem with additional heating controls to give them a greater degree of flexibility.

Along with their affordable price tag, Kudox towel rails can also help to keep costs low due to the energy efficient thermal fluid utilised within their housing. This engineered thermal liquid is excellent at retaining heat and means it takes longer for the towel rail to cool down, effectively maintaining temperatures for longer. The greater heat retention also means that Kudox towel rails need to use less energy to keep warm.

You might just want to enjoy the simple benefits afforded by a low-cost towel rail, but if you’d like a bit more control over your heat source, we also offer a wall-mounted towel rail controller as part of our range. This lets you adjust the surface temperature of your towel rail incrementally and also provides you with a timer function so that the heater automatically shuts off after a two-hour period.

Functional heaters for larger bathrooms – Ecostrad Designer TR range

TE Towel RailWhere Kudox provides an inexpensive option for smaller or sporadically used bathrooms, our own brand Ecostrad TR range are a much more heavy-duty solution for larger bathrooms that see frequent use. This series of towel rails also uses energy-efficient thermal fluid to distribute warmth and are available in higher wattages suitable for larger spaces. Incorporated into the towel rail itself is an easy-to-use thermostat to help regulate surface temperature, as well as an in-built timer function. In other words, it provides all of the same functions the Kudox controller offers but without having to purchase an additional accessory.

Our 700W towel rail in the Ecostrad range can be purchased as standard with all of the features listed above, or you can spend a little bit extra for an upgraded version which comes with a remote digital programmer. This remote programmer allows you to control your towel rail with as much precision as you would a normal electric radiator. It comes with adjustable settings for comfort and economy temperatures, pre-set heating schedules and an option for a custom heating programme.

This presents a much more attractive prospect if you’re looking to heat a bustling bathroom that sees a procession of people come and go at certain times of the day. While push-button timers can be useful, the first person into the bathroom will always be faced with the coldest temperatures as the towel rail begins to heat up. Programmable heating functions eliminate this issue completely. Once you’ve set up your schedule as you like it, the programmer will take care of the rest and heat up your bathroom so it’s the ideal temperature the moment you come to use it. This system ensures that the towel rail also switches off at the right time to save money on energy and provides a total comfort solution that works for everyone. Do you ever frantically dash into your warm shower first thing on a winter’s morning to avoid the chilly atmosphere of your bathroom? You’ll never need to do this again once you’ve mastered programmable heating.

Designer heating with total control – Ecostrad Magnum range

XTAL Towel RailsOur designer towel rail range provides an unconventional alternative over traditional ladder style rails. Ecostrad Magnum towel rails use panels of tempered safety glass to provide heat over a large surface area for even, thorough drying of your towels. Where our other towel rails use thermal fluid to distribute heat, the Magnum series uses exceptionally thin heating elements laid out beneath the surface of the glass for a uniform spread of warmth. The engineered glass is specially designed to work with the higher temperatures created by towel rails and allows heat to be effectively radiated out into the room.

All Ecostrad Magnum products come with a remote digital programmer so this is a fantastic option if you think you’ll need a higher level of control when heating your bathroom. It provides more management options compared to the TR programmer, including 9 pre-set programmes and the option to create 4 bespoke schedules. This makes the Magnum much more adaptive to your needs and can be invaluable for households that vary their routine more often. A holiday function is another function offered with the controller which allows you to set the towel rail to anti-freeze mode for up to 99 days.

The unique look of the Magnum is one of its greatest features and its large, glossy heating panel makes it a wonderful centrepiece for bathroom design schemes. They provide quite a striking contrast which can work well in modern room decors that have a minimalist quality to them. In short, the Magnum is the whole package of looks, control and functionality.

Towel rails for every home

Purchasing a towel rail for your bathroom is one of the best ways to improve its overall usability so it’s essential to purchase the right product to fit around your lifestyle. ‘Choosing the right tool for the job’ is a well-worn truism but this ethos can sometimes be forgotten when potential buyers assume that all towel rails fulfil exactly the same role. Purchasing the most basic towel rail based purely on price can end up creating more work for yourself when you realise it’s not responsive enough for your heating needs. You’ll have to be more vigilant to make sure its switched off and on at the right times and might end up shelling out more money for additional controls. On the other end of the scale, a high-end towel rail in a spare bathroom will never be using its full potential and can end up being an expensive wall accessory more than anything else. We hope by using this quick guide you can make a more informed decision on your purchase, but if you need any further advice at all, don’t hesitate to give our knowledgeable sales team a call.


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