Keeping Canines Out of the Cold: Electric Panel Heaters for Kennels

Keeping Canines Out Of The Cold: Electric Panel Heaters For Kennels

In a typical week, we help hundreds of people keep warm. Whether that’s at work, out on the patio, or at home, we stock a range of electric heating systems that shut out the cold. From time-to-time, as well as heating people, our electric heaters are called upon to heat animals too. A few months ago, we received a request that we just couldn’t ignore…

Dogs in distress

Our Certificate of Appreciation from the RSPCA

Just before Christmas, the Electric Radiators Direct office received an email from the RSPCA Sheffield Animal Centre. A temporary residence for dogs and cats that need a loving home, the Sheffield Animal Centre is a volunteer-led enterprise, relying solely on local fundraising to generate income.

Throughout the winter, the heating system for the Animal Centre’s kennels failed, leaving several canine chums out in the cold. While most of the heating had been fixed, the kennels were still too chilly for the dogs to comfortably ride out the winter. So, seeing as we’re the number one supplier of electric radiators in the UK, the Sheffield Animal Centre asked if there was anything we could do to help. When it comes to animals in distress, how could we possibly refuse? We had no choice but to send some of our best electric heaters direct to Sheffield…

Electric panel heaters

Ecostrad Eco + Electric Panel Radiators

After a discussion or two with the Animal Centre, both parties agreed the best way to keep the dogs warm would be using a wall-mounted electric panel heater. Controllable, programmable, and quick to heat up a room, electric panel heaters are a great way to provide on-demand heat whenever it’s needed most. Not to mention the advantage that wall-mounting provides for keeping prying paws out of harm’s way.

Our best-selling electric panel heater, the Ecostrad Eco, is a fine example of a panel heater and comes with some of the features you’d expect to find on advanced electric radiators. Features like a precision thermostat, detailed 24/7 heater scheduling, and a remote for quick and easy control. The Eco’s control panel can even be locked, ensuring wandering hands or curious paws can’t accidentally turn the heater on or adjust the settings.

The Ecostrad Eco comes with three customisable heater modes, allowing you to achieve your ideal temperature in any situation. Throughout harsh winter evenings, use the comfort mode for maximum warmth. For milder weather, use the anti-frost or economy modes for background heating. The Eco, like all electric panel heaters, uses convection to create heat: a process where air is warmed and circulated around a room. Simple, effective, and comfortable, convection is a tried-and-tested method of keeping warm, with humans and animals alike feeling the benefit within minutes.

Ecostrad Eco + Electric Panel Radiators

Made from lightweight aluminium, the Eco is easy to install and simply plugs into the nearest wall socket. All that’s required to wall mount your Eco is a minimal amount of DIY skill and the heater hangs on the wall like a picture frame. Attachable feet are even included if you’d prefer a freestanding, portable option. Available in a range of sizes to suit any space, the Ecostrad Eco is the ultimate electric panel heater – providing unparalleled controllability for its price range.

Versatile, easy to use, and easy to install, an electric panel heater is the perfect choice for supplementary home heating. Browse our range to find the right panel heater for you, or, browse our range of electric radiators for a more advanced heating solution.

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Once you’ve got your electric heating system on order, if your home is lacking that special something, we know a place with a few furry faces in need. Visit the Sheffield Animal Centre website for more details and to view the dogs and cats currently up for adoption. Take it from us, the dogs have been kept warm and toasty all winter long and can’t wait to find a permanent home...

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