How to Heat Up Your Hallways, Staircases and Landings

Heating for Hallways, Staircases and LandingsDeceptively small, hallways are one of the most difficult to heat spaces due to their high ceilings and large volumes of air they hold. Because of this, the heating requirements of hallways, stairways, landings and other open-plan, multi-storey spaces are different and more demanding. Even though your hallway may be a relatively small room, with 6m² at ground level, if it’s at the foot of a staircase leading to the first floor landing, you could be looking at heating a volume of air as large as 60m³! Compare this to a standard room with a ceiling height at 2.7m with the same floor area, and the air volume is just 16m³. All of this makes heating a hallway a completely different challenge, and our radiator calculator offers no help when trying to work out what size radiators you need, because when heating a hallway, you’re also heating a staircase and the upper landing. You also have to consider the fact that heat rises, therefore your hallway radiator will end up sending most of the heat upstairs, leaving you with a cold entrance.

So, what is the solution?

First of all, you have to understand how our electric radiators work. Just like gas central heating radiators, our electric radiators heat with a mixture of convected and radiated heat. The radiated heat warms people as well as objects directly, without heating the air, therefore it provides the same level of heating no matter what the size of the room. However, the majority of the heat delivered by our electric radiators is through convection. This method heats the air rather than people and objects: as air circulates around the room it is warmed by the elements enclosed within the radiators, and as the warm air fills the room, the ambient temperature increases. This heating strategy is effective in reaching comfort temperatures in your living spaces.  

What is the secret technique of heating your hallways, staircases and landings?

Haverland RC WaveBy choosing a right combination of radiators you can heat these difficult to heat spaces easily and economically. And the best way to ensure your heating is effective and efficient is to install an electric radiator in the downstairs hallway and an electric radiator in the upstairs landing. This combination reduces the movement of heat from the hallway to the upper landing, as the warm air on ground floor has nowhere to rise. The second radiator on the upper landing also gives you the extra power you need to heat both floors. With electric radiators at either end of your stairway you’ll maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature levels throughout your hallway.

If you’re planning on heating your hallway, why not consider our best-selling RC Wave designer radiator for the job? Hallways can vary in sizes and proportions, from very small and narrow to spacious open entrances. Thanks to its slim design, our RC Wave will fit even the smallest of hallways, whilst their smart white coated body will complement any interior design. Moreover, the intelligent technology featured in our RC Wave radiators, such as the very accurate thermostat and 24/7 timer, will give you the control you need over your heating schedule.  

Hopefully, heating your hallways, staircases and landings shouldn’t be a problem anymore! However, if you’re still finding them difficult to heat, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team are heating experts who can calculate the radiator sizes needed to heat your hallway and recommend you the best products for the job. All you’ll need to do is provide us with the dimensions of your hall, staircase and landing and we can provide a full, personalised quote free of charge. Give us a call today on 0330 300 4444. 

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