Heated Towel Rails – The best solution for those upcoming winter mornings

Heated Towel Rails – The Best Solution For Those Upcoming Winter MorningsTo our dismay, summer is nearly at an end (not that we had much of one). You know what that means: it won’t be long before we’re back to those cold, dark winter mornings that Britain is known best for. Back to waking up in the morning and still thinking it’s night time because it’s so dark outside, back to wearing up to five layers of clothing, and back to making those warm morning showers last as long as possible. Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we stock the solution to your winter morning woes: heated towel rails. If you’re curious as to how exactly these products can improve your winter mornings, keep reading and find out.

Terma Alex ONE Designer Electric Towel Rails - GreyWhat do heated towel rails do?

Heated towel rails provide your bathrooms with energy-efficient heating as well as style. Providing comfortable heat to both you and your towels, the towel rails that we stock are fantastic additions to any household. These heaters use electricity to generate effective heat, providing direct warmth through radiation as well as heating the air through convection; a great combination that ensures that your rooms are always warm and cosy. Towel rails can also be controlled independently from the rest of your heating, this can lead to huge savings as you’ll never have to waste energy heating rooms that aren’t in use just because you’re heating your bathroom. Electric towel rails will also heat your bathrooms up quickly, especially in comparison to traditional central heating systems where energy is often lost through the transporting of hot water from the boiler to the heater through piping.

How do electric towel rails benefit your household?

Installing heated towel rails into your home can benefit your household in a number of ways. For example:


The heated towel rails that are available on our website are extremely energy-efficient. As mentioned earlier, you won't be hindered by the constraints of traditional central heating with an electric towel rail. There's no prolonged heat-up times or wasted energy through heating vacant rooms, which means huge savings on your energy bills. All electric towel rails are powered by the mains, making the heat-up process quick and efficient. Different products use different internal elements to convert this electricity into heat and here at Electric Radiators Direct we stock a range of products that use innovative heating technologies. For example:

Ecostrad Towel RailsThermal Fluid Elements

Using electricity, these towels heat up the thermal fluid inside them, which then spreads across the entire volume of the heater. This is extremely beneficial as it enables an even distribution of heat, thus ensuring that your room is heated effectively. This heat is transported around the room through direct, radiated heat as well as convection which circulates warm air around the room. Towel rails with thermal fluid are able to retain heat effectively, and are therefore excellent choices if heating your bathroom is more of a priority than warming your towels.

Dry Thermal Elements

Towels rails with these dry elements possess wires of thin metal which run along the length of the rails. When switched on, these rails provide direct heat through radiation as well as warming up the entire room through convected air movement. These towel rails offer instantaneous heat, heating up quicker than those with thermal fluid technology as their elements are stationary and don’t need to be transported around its surface. Towel rails with dry thermal elements are your best bet if you’re looking for quick heat and if heating your towels is a priority. Be sure to bear in mind that if you want a towel rail with these dry elements to heat your entire room, you will need to select a product with an appropriate output in order for it to be effective. Feel free to call us if you have any trouble figuring out what output your bathroom will need.

Ecostrad Magnum Heated Electric Towel Rails - WhiteGlass Towel Rails

These stylish electric towel rails possess ultra-fine solid-state heating elements which are laid out beneath a glass plate in order to project radiated heat across the surface. This panel warms the room through convection, heating the air and circulating its warmth throughout the room. Towel rails with these elements also feature a metal bar which is situated in front of the panel for you to place your towels upon; this allows direct, radiated heat to reach your towels and quickly warm them as they hang. These rails are not built with any moving parts, nor do they contain any liquid elements, they therefore operate without making any noise and there is no risk of any leaks. Glass towel rails are great for bathrooms that tend to lose heat due to their extractor fan.


Here at Electric Radiators Direct, we not only stock towel rails that are energy-efficient but we also supply a number of appliances that are sure to add a hint of style to your bathroom décor. In previous years, towel rails were viewed as a sign of affluence, this is due to their potential to be extremely aesthetically pleasing. By installing a towel rail into your bathroom, you gain a symbol of taste as well as a mechanism for effective heat. Our products range from sleek designer panels to rails with slender ladder designs. Whatever you fancy, you’re sure to find a product on our website that will be a perfect addition to your bathroom décor.


Kudox Towel Rail ControllerAnother benefit of installing a heated towel rail into your bathroom is that you are provided with a superb level of controllability. A number of our heaters come equipped with built-in thermostats. For example, the Ecostrad Fina-E Thermostatic Electric Towel Rail features an advanced thermostat which allows you to set a temperature of your choice, and leave the towel rail to its own devices as it will switch the appliance on and off in order to maintain your desired temperature. Additionally, some of our products can be controlled with the purchase of the Kudox Wall Mounted Towel Rail Controller, a handy gadget which enables you to control your towel rails with a click of a button.

All in all, taking into consideration the facts discussed, installing an electric towel rail into your bathroom is a great way of making the upcoming winter days a little more bearable. You can wake up looking forward to warm towels and a comfortably heated bathroom after your bath or shower, instead of dreading the cold weather. If you want to improve your bathroom heating and prepare for the approaching chilly weather, take a look at our product range: you’re sure to find the perfect product for you.

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