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Questions on Electric HeatingHeating can be troublesome. Unless you’re a constructor or someone involved in the building industry, shopping for heating solutions is definitely not an everyday task. It’s perfectly normal that people tend to ask us the same questions, and today we’ll do our best to answer some of the most popular ones via case studies.


“I’m Billy and I’m looking for a primary source of heating for my living room. I found your RC Wave electric radiator and it seemed to cater for all my needs, but then I came across a Stiebel Eltron electric panel heater which was £140 cheaper! Why is there such a big price difference?”


Electric radiators and electric heaters are commonly mistaken for the same product. While it’s true that they serve the same purpose - to heat - there are key differences between the two. Electric radiators are an electrical alternative to traditional water-filled radiators and they can be used as a primary source of heating. Electric heaters are much less effective for long term everyday heating so we recommend them as a secondary source of heating, for example in rooms you use infrequently such as guest bedrooms and offices, or as a top up for your primary source of heating. The main difference between electric heaters and electric radiators is the in the way they heat: electric radiators, such as our RC Wave designer radiator, use a mix of radiated and convected heat by using fully enclosed heating elements. Electric heaters only use convection to heat the air in your room, which then heats you. Although in the end they both keep you warm, heating purely by convection is far less efficient than a combination of radiated and convected heat, therefore heaters are cheaper.


“My name’s Kate and I was trying to install my electric towel heater, but it came without a plug. Why do you advertise electric heaters as DIY products when in reality they are difficult to install?”


None of our bathroom heaters are sold as DIY products. Electric radiators and electric heaters are simple to install because they only require a plug and some basic DIY understanding in order to wall mount them. Bathroom heaters, however, should be installed by an electrician, as the bathroom is considered a ‘special room’: trying to install your electric towel heater could violate the building regulations or result in an injury. For this reason, none of our towel rails come with a plug as they have to be connected to the mains by a qualified electrician.  


“My name is Zuri, I’m looking for a small electric radiator to heat my narrow corridor. I found a radiator I like, but according to your radiator calculator, it’s too small. Is it really important that I choose the bigger one?”


Yes. A radiator that is too small for your room might be cheaper than the one you should really buy, but it will most definitely have a negative impact on your heating bills. If your electric radiator is appropriately matched to your room size, the thermostat will turn it on and off to maintain your desired comfort temperature, meaning that your heating is on only for a fraction of time. But if your electric radiator is too weak for the room it is installed in, it will have to work at full power to prevent your desired temperature from dropping down. If you’re worried about the space in your corridor, you might be interested in one of our slimline electric radiators. Their slim bodies are not only stylish, they are also designed to take up minimal space in your house!


These are only few of the popular misconceptions about electric heating. If you have any questions regarding electric heating it might be worth checking out our F.A.Q section, or you can simply give our friendly expert team a call on 0330 300 4444!


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