5 easy hacks for super stylish conservatory interior design

Just had a new conservatory built and in need of some design inspiration? Or perhaps you're looking to update and refresh the décor of your existing conservatory? Whatever you're looking to do, we're here to give you some quick, easy and stylish interior design ideas, that are sure to make your conservatory the most beautiful room in the house.

1. Bring the outdoors in

One of the reasons why conservatories are such brilliant spaces is that they give you a brilliant vantage point over your garden, allowing to enjoy the outdoors without losing the comfort of a roof over your head. To emphasise the blend between indoor and outdoor space, why not add lots of luscious green potted plants to your conservatory? Lemon and lime trees flourish in the warmth of heated conservatories and they'll give the space a lovely Mediterranean vibe, whilst palms and cycas are perfect if you're looking for a more tropical theme.

Plants in a conservatory

2. Switch up your soft furnishings

If you're looking for a really easy way to refresh your conservatory, try switching out your soft furnishings to update your colour scheme. This works particularly well if your walls and floor are in neutral shades of white, cream or grey. A few brightly coloured cushions and a couple of throws will bring your furniture to life with very little time and expense, and you can easily find potted plants, ornaments and vases to match. If you're the type who loves to change your interior design style almost as often as the seasons, this method is perfect for you, as you can switch out your soft furnishings as often as you like.

Bright soft furnishings

3. Go bold with big prints

Eye-catching and colourful prints are very on trend right now, so to modernise a tired conservatory you could incorporate some bold prints into your décor. This could be in the form of blinds or curtains, cushion and seat covers, wallpaper on the back wall, or all of the above if you really want to make an impact. This is a great solution if you don't have the time or budget to completely redecorate a room, but are eager to make some drastic changes to modernise your space.

Go bold with big prints!

4. Make a statement with furniture

When you think of conservatory furniture, more likely than not your mind will dwell on traditional rattan chairs and sofas. We've no qualms with this traditional look, but to really amp up your style game, break away from the norm and go for some ultra-modern furniture instead. We're thinking pod chairs, glass dining table sets, modular sofas, clean lines and simple primary colours. You will dramatically transform the look and feel of your conservatory by switching out your furniture and creating a sleek, sophisticated and totally contemporary haven in which to chill out and entertain guests. 

Go Modern!


5. Create complete tranquillity

If you created your conservatory as a peaceful space to relax and unwind in, make sure you use this thought to guide your décor and make your conservatory an utterly tranquil space. Think neutral colours, natural wooden furniture and flooring, plenty of comfy cushions to laze upon, and absolutely no clutter to distract your mind! Clear out the junk, keep it minimalist and avoid busy prints or lots of fussy ornaments, and this will really help to make the space feel bright, light and open: exactly what you need for some peaceful me-time.

Keep it calm!

That’s it for now folks! Those are our 5 top conservatory interior design ideas, but we’d love to hear more – why not share your own conservatory design secrets here, and get everyone using this unique space as effectively as possible. If you’re thinking about investing in a conservatory radiator, you’ll no doubt be planning to use the conservatory throughout the year, not just in summer, so it’s more important than ever to make your conservatory a space you love. Share the wisdom, and help us all get creative in our conservatories! For help choosing the right electric radiator for your conservatory, call our sales team or browse our site today.

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