Electric Towel Radiators: Choosing the Right Rail

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Electric towel radiator in bathroomOnce a symbol of luxury reserved for new builds and expensive homes, the trusty towel rail has crept into the mainstream, appearing in bathrooms across the UK. If you’re tired of using valuable radiator space to dry towels, or you’ve had enough of people leaving them in a wet pile on the bathroom floor, the simple addition of an electric towel radiator can provide the perfect solution. But, with so many variations to choose from, which do you go for? Chrome? Glass? Ladder? Curved? For the novice towel rail user, this blog can be your guiding light – taking you through the options and acting as the definitive towel rail manual. It’s time to bite the bullet and choose the right rail for you.

The benefits of an electric towel radiator

Kudox Thermostatic Electric Towel Rail - Chrome 300w (500 x 1100mm)

It may come as a surprise that you can install an electric towel radiator in a bathroom. The words “electric” and “bathroom” don’t often sit well together. Providing certain parameters are met, and the installation is undertaken by a qualified electrician, an electric towel rail is a useful addition for any bathroom.

Obviously, a towel rail’s primary function is to warm your towels. It may seem like something minor, but reaching out of the shower on a cold December morning and being met with a warm and cosy towel really does set your day off to a good start. After a few weeks of using a neatly folded towel from the rail rather than off the floor, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before. The days of chucking wet towels over the bath, or hastily stuffing them down whichever radiator can accommodate them best, will seem like a distant, uncivilised dream.

Aside from this, using an electric towel radiator over one that connects to a wet central heating system has its benefits. To dry your towels with a towel rail that’s connected to your plumbing, your entire central heating system needs to be turned on. This means every room in your home will be heated for the sake of your towels. In the colder months, this might not be such an issue. However, when you want dry towels in the summer and have to heat your entire house to do so, you have to wonder if its worth the stifling heat – not to mention the unnecessary waste of energy that’s required.

Electric towel rails don’t depend on a primary heating system, removing this problem altogether. Simply turn your electric towel rail on when you want dry towels and off when you don’t – there’s no need to heat your entire home or wait for the hot water to flow. Isolated from the rest of your heating, you can enjoy warm and cosy towels without suffering throughout the summer or spending a fortune on your energy bill.

Traditional ladder towel rails

A timeless design, ladder towel rails are practical and stylish. Featuring a slim depth, plenty of space to hang towels, and available in a variety of sizes, ladder rails set a high standard from the off.

Ladder towel radiators come in various finishes, from chrome to enamel. The choice is purely aesthetic and whatever fits your bathroom décor is the obvious way to decide which finish is best for you. A curved towel rail provides a slight increase in surface area and can be easier to hang towels on, not that you’ll find it difficult to hang towels on a rail with straight bars. In reality, the choice is another aesthetic one as both straight and curved rails perform the same.

Ecostrad Magnum Heated Electric Towel Rail - White 400w (480 x 840mm)

Much like an electric radiator, some ladder towel rails come with integrated controls that allow you to adjust their operating temperature. These thermostatic electric towel rails are simple, effective, and provide greater temperature control. If you don’t choose a thermostatic towel rail, you may need to purchase a controller, an inexpensive device that lets you adjust the operating temperature of your electric towel rail. Without a controller your rail heats continuously, regardless of when you want it to – a less than ideal scenario.

At Electric Radiators Direct, we stock a range of ladder style towel rails in multiple wattages and finishes, capable of drying as many towels as you can physically drape over the bars. With heated towel rails from brands such as Kudox, Ecostrad, and Haverland, whatever your requirements, we have the perfect ladder towel rail for you.

Glass towel rails

Glass towel rails provide a premium slant on the original towel rail design. For those of you with deluxe bathrooms, a glass towel rail is the way to go.  

Unlike traditional towel rail design, glass rails have a flat-fronted glass surface rather than a series of bars. Similar to an infrared heating panel, glass rails use a dry thermal heating element that’s positioned across the entire surface of the glass. When this heating element warms up, the surface of the glass gets hot, radiating heat outwards and drying any towels draped over the bars in front.

This innovative new approach results in a sleek, modern design that looks at home in the most luxurious of bathrooms. Just like an electric radiator, our glass towel rails come with highly accurate digital thermostats and programmers – allowing you to create detailed heating schedules and adjust the temperature of the rail accordingly. At Electric Radiators Direct, we stock electric towel rails in black and white glass finishes from renowned heating manufacturers Haverland and Ecostrad. For those of you wanting a stylish alternative to the ubiquity of the traditional electric towel radiator, our designer glass rails are the ideal choice.

Convenient, dual purpose, and painless to have installed, you can see why electric towel radiators have caught on so rapidly. Whatever your preferred style, if you want to keep your wet towels off the floor and your bathroom warm and toasty, it’s time to invest in an electric heated towel rail.

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