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Haverland Smart WaveElectric heating is becoming an increasingly competitive and important market in the UK. As more homes move from gas heating to more energy efficient and eco-friendly electric heating, demand has risen exponentially. The electric radiator is an easy to use, contemporary and effective product that can heat your home quickly and easily.

Despite most homes in the UK being set up for gas heating, more and more people are investing in electric radiators, and with good reason. The wide range of electric radiators means that the technology can cater for your every need; they can be fitted in bathrooms and be wall mounted or free standing. Products range from standard slimline models to the more advanced wifi-controlled radiators so customers are never short on choice. The aim of this blog is to introduce some of the lesser known types of electric radiators to you and to try and convince you that they are more than just white boxes.


Oil Filled Electric Radiators

Oil Filled RadiatorThis type of radiator can heat up in under 5 minutes and that heat is distributed evenly across the room that it is installed in. The cutting-edge fluid inside the radiator heats up the surface of the product and the air that circulates through the radiator and around the room. The thermal fluid has excellent heat retention properties meaning that a minimal amount of energy is used trying to maintain the temperature of the room, saving you money on your electricity bill. The fluid is all fully secured inside the radiator meaning there is no risk of any leaks.

The Cointra Apolo, which is our best-seller for oil filled radiators, offer radiators that use between 750 and 1800 watts. The Apolo is able to be installed easily and quickly by yourself and has a fully programmable and highly accurate thermostat as standard. Prices for the Cointra Apolo start at £239.99 but alternative models are available from Haverland and Electrorad.


Vertical Electric Towel Radiators

Heating a bathroom is a very difficult process and with electric heaters there are some obvious concerns about their proximity to water. However, electric towel heaters provide a fantastic solution to the problem of heating a bathroom. Using the thermal fluid used in oil filled electric radiators, electric towel heaters are energy efficient while being stylish, effective and adaptable to your needs. Conventional central heating towel heaters are less precise than electric ones as they are connected to one central thermostat, electric towel radiators can be independent from the rest of the heating in the house offering a level of convenience that cannot be matched by conventional central heating models.

Despite the niche nature of the product, you don’t need to break the bank to install an electric towel rail in your home with prices starting from £69.99. A wide range of styles, colour and sizes mean that the product can cater for all customer’s wants and needs. 


Wifi-Controlled Electric Radiators   

Haverland Smart Wave infographicElectric radiators are also ready for the 21st century with contemporary WiFi technology allowing users to control their radiators from anywhere in the world. In a world where apps and smart technology are becoming more important by the day, these radiators can be controlled via a user-friendly app that can be used to operate up to 30 different radiators in your home. This technology allows you to adjust your heating if your plans during the day change which can let you make huge savings on your electricity bills. If you’re having to work late you can tell your radiators from your phone, tablet or laptop not to turn on for another few hours.

These radiators also come with a self-learning function that allows them to learn your daily routine to program themselves around you. An Infrared sensor can tell when you enter a room and create a daily routine during its first week to keep you and your home warm at the right times. Even if you don’t stick to your routine for some reason the radiator will turn off automatically if it doesn’t sense any movement for 30 minutes. 

The Haverland Smart Wave is the leader in this sector and with prices starting £289.99 it is an affordable way to transform the way that you heat your home.


Electric Radiator Reviews

Electrorad Digi-LineYou don’t need to take our word about how good the electric radiators we offer are, below are some of the reviews that previous customers have written.

‘The radiators have a nice modern design and there were very easy to install’

‘High quality product, easily fitted and programmed, and very effective’

‘There are several electric radiators on the market, but I chose this one from Electricradiatorsdirect for a number of reasons, it looks good, complete automatic control, extremely simple installation, just to name but a few. I wasn't disappointed, its brilliant’

If you’re interested in any of the products mentioned in this blog, or just want a bit more information about any other electric radiators, give one of our trusted advisors a call today. They’ll give you all the information you need and can even offer you a free, expert quote. Alternatively scroll through our range of electric radiators on our website. 


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