Electric Radiators Direct Supports DIY SOS Big Build in Scunthorpe

DIY SOSFor the second year in a row, Electric Radiators Direct have teamed up with DIY SOS to contribute to another well deserving cause. This time Nick Knowles and his team wanted to transform the home of a family who have been struck by tragedy, to help make their lives a little easier. As always, the DIY SOS crew called for support from hundreds of different tradespeople and volunteers and we were more than happy to lend a hand. You can see the end result of this build on Thursday 19th November on BBC1 at 8pm but for now, we thought we’d share some of the details of this heart-warming project.

The story

This episode of DIY SOS saw the team helping a family from Scunthorpe who have unfortunately suffered a double loss over the years. The first tragedy hit Caroline and Paul back in 2007 when their seven-year-old daughter Natasha rode a mini-moto into the garage and hit her head on a cupboard. This led to her being taken to hospital and later taken off life-support. Nine years later in 2016, Paul – who had never recovered from this tragedy – suffered a fatal cardiac arrest in the conservatory and also had to be taken off life support. As you can imagine, the passing of Natasha and Paul hit the family hard, with the garage and conservatory now only serving as constant and painful reminders of the losses of their loved ones. That was why Nick Knowles and the crew decided to step in.

The project

Haverland SmartWaveCurrently on its 20th series, DIY SOS has been running for years now and has already changed the lives of so many people up and down the country. One of the reasons this show is so successful is because it relies on the kindness of others, reaching out to volunteers and tradespeople from all over to supply what they can – whether that’s a service, a product or just simply their time.

After hearing about this traumatic story, the team knew they had to help Carol and her two children. The goal was to transform this family home in Scunthorpe into a place no longer haunted by the memories of their losses – and they had only five days to complete.

A hefty goal, but one that could certainly be achieved as long as the kindness of others prevailed and prevail it did. Hundreds of people answered the call to help this family, Electric Radiators Direct included. We couldn’t wait to offer as much assistance as we could to make things that little bit easier. So, when we heard that they needed a new heating solution we donated two of our top of the line Haverland SmartWaves to ensure the family could enjoy comfortable warmth for years to come. Of course, we have to give a big thank you to our partners over at Haverland for supplying such sophisticated, reliable and effective radiators to this excellent cause. We’d also like to thank DIY SOS for letting us be a part of this wonderful project and for the many ways in which they have continued to help those in need.

Once again, you can find out more about this Big Build on Thursday 19th November by tuning into BBC1 at 8pm.

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