Electric Heating: Is it Energy Efficient?

The electric heating industry certainly didn’t die with storage heaters – quite the contrary, it massively grew in popularity as the technology advanced. Companies like Haverland spent decades gaining experience in electric heating manufacture by creating cutting edge electric heaters that defy some of the most established heating solutions. So what makes electric heating a modern heating solution eligible to rival conventional central heating systems?


Energy Saving Electric Heaters


Electric heating is exceptionally energy efficient as it doesn’t need a connected system to work. Electric radiators, electric heaters, heated towel rails and storage heaters: all of them will work independently to reach the same goal. This is one of the advantages electric heating always had over gas: no heat is lost through the pipes, because there is no ‘joined’ system. You don’t have to engage your whole central heating in order to heat one room which will definitely make a positive impact on your heating bills. And that’s just the first advantage out of many!Electric radiators, such as the RC wave, produce a mix of radiated and convected heat which creates a perfect balance for efficiency and home comfort. Using either specially formulated thermal fluids or lightweight dry thermalelements, these radiators heat up much quicker than conventional radiators, and push heat into all corners of the room.


Infrared heaters are another form of electric heating that’s very efficient. They heat purely by radiation, which is especially useful in outdoor locations as well as hard to heat spaces, such as conservatories. This is because these heaters heat objects and people directly, without losing heat through draughts – just like the sun heats the earth. For people on a budget, we offer traditional glowing patio heaters which use near infrared to produce an intense heat. Near infrared heaters are more intense than far infrared heaters, which produce a less intense heat which is more easily absorbed by the body. If sitting by a near infrared heater is a bit like sitting near to an open fire, far infrared is like sitting under the warmth of the sun Far infrared on the other hand produces gentle heat and is used in most of our panel heaters and no glare outdoor heaters. It has the optimal wavelength for human comfort heating as well as the most efficient, as it is fully absorbed by our bodies, even at low intensity.


Elsewhere our electric fires are exceptionally energy efficient with a realistic LED flame effect – an inexpensive yet stunning centrepiece in your living room. Even our storage heaters have moved on with the advances in technology: nowadays they feature modern innovations such as automatic charge regulators which help you to conserve power even whilst using the most basic electric heating solutions.


Electric central heating is also very controllable and takes full advantage of advancing technology. Highly accurate digital thermostats are available with most types of electric heaters. They maintain your desired temperature by switching the electric heater on and off, thus making you significant savings as your heaters are on only for a fraction of time. Similarly, timers featured in many of our electric radiators, towel rails and heaters allow you to set up a precise heating schedule that will switch your heaters on and off at chosen times and days, completely adapting to your lifestyle.


Lastly, with an electric heater you’re saving money the moment it arrives: unlike gas central heating, electric heating requires none of the expensive digging and plumbing work. Installing your electric heater or radiator is a simple task anyone with basic DIY understanding is able to carry out.


We can’t make the decision to switch to electric heating for you, we can, however, tell you that such a decision will be beneficial both for your budget and for your comfort. Make the switch today and browse our range of energy efficient radiators, heaters and panels!


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