Economical Electric Heaters: What To Consider

Years ago, when I had moved away from home for the first time, I made the foolish mistake of confusing the low cost of a cheap fan heater with ‘being economical’. Yes, I had saved money buying a tiny blow heater for £15 instead of purchasing something more substantial, but when my heating bill came through, I was looking at a figure in excess of £270. Looking back on the actions of my past self, it’s unthinkable now that I could have equated a cheap appliance with energy efficiency. After much wailing and self-recrimination, I learnt the hard way that being economical requires a more thoughtful consideration rather than looking at the base cost of a product. For the economically-minded, the tips below are all things you should take into consideration when choosing a heating appliance.


Long-term reward is paramount when deciding on an economical heating system. From my own personal experience, purchasing a blow heater to heat the living room of my flat was not the best decision – they are not designed for continual use and I found this out to my cost after the cheap plastic backing melted. Good quality electric heaters are made to function as primary heating sources and will last for years and years with no maintenance or additional servicing required. Products such as the RC Wave come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime warranty on the radiator body so you can be confident that your electric heater will last well into the future.

Initial Product Cost

Piggy BankWhile small portable heaters have their place, if you’re looking for a long term economical heating solution, it’s always advisable to spend a little more and get a good quality product. Increasing your budget can open up a much wider range of possibilities for your home and can allow you access to more advanced energy-saving features such as programmers and highly accurate precision thermostats. Electric radiators are superb replacements for storage heaters and come with a whole host of additional benefits. Not only are they cheaper than storage heaters; they are much more energy efficient and provide greater control over your heating. The products we have on offer at Electric Radiators Direct offer excellent value for money and we’re offering them at a price significantly reduced from the recommended retail price.

Heating Elements

Depending on what heating elements are contained within the heater body, this can affect the overall running cost of the appliance. Thermal fluid technology is perhaps the most energy efficient of them all as it has fantastic heat retention, meaning your radiator uses less energy keeping itself at a constant temperature. Our Cointra Apolo range is a superb example of effective thermal liquid technology that will really help keep bills low and are ideal if you are looking to update your heating system on a budget. The thermal fluids used in current generations of electric heaters are specially developed to have superior heating properties and spreads evenly throughout the radiator housing, providing steady heat distribution throughout the room. If you require a more rapid source of heat, radiators with dry thermal elements make brilliant alternatives to thermal liquid models and are still wonderfully energy efficient. The dry thermal elements housed within the RC Wave heat room spaces quickly and effectively, and though they have quicker cool down times compared to thermal liquid, this may be preferential if you want greater control over your heat levels.  


Cost of installation is a factor some may forget to consider when purchasing a new appliance. In most instances, electric heaters cost nothing to install and are suitable for DIY wall mounting. The only time you will need to pay for installation is if you decide to have your electric heater hard-wired into the mains for a more discreet finish. When you consider how much it would be to replace or extend existing gas central heating systems, the absence of installation costs associated with electric radiators means your initial outlay will be much lower and you will still have a reliable, energy-efficient source of heat.

Effective Zoning

Being able to effectively zone your heating can really make a difference to your energy bills and highlight how you use your heating. ‘Zoning’ refers to heating select areas of the house which see the most use and only at times when it is needed. It can sometimes be impractical to heat your entire home with central heating when, in reality, only a few key areas require warmth. If you need to economise, choosing an electric heater that can help you heat key rooms at certain times and temperatures can keep energy usage to a minimum. Electric radiators such as the RC Wave have advanced programming options and let you manage your heating routine down to the hour for every single day of the week. Choosing a product with programming features prevents instances of forgetting to turn your appliance off and you won’t need to blast the heat continually as with less powerful budget models.

Running Costs

Calculate Heating CostThere’s no definitive answer on running costs as there are numerous factors that come into play. The size of the room, quality of the insulation, location of the property and lifestyle of the occupants all play a large part in accurately calculating running costs for any heating system. And, of course, it also depends on what electricity tariff you are currently on! While gas prices are cheaper than electric, both types of radiator can’t be compared on a like-for-like basis as gas central heating warms the entire house, whereas electric radiators heat specific areas individually. If you prefer to zone your heating, electric radiators can work out cheaper as they are incredibly efficient and provide more accurate control over heating levels than traditional methods.

For economical heating, you always need to be thinking about the long-term investment and potential gains. While the initial cost may be higher, the efficiency and lifespan of a higher quality product will usually pay for itself as you save money on future bills. And – if it needs to be said – a better quality product will last longer, meaning you won’t have to replace it with anywhere near the frequency of its cheaper counterparts. For excellent quality products that are the embodiment of economical heating, take a look at our bestselling Haverland RC Wave and Cointra Apolo models. As well as being energy-efficient, they’re reliable and offer programming features to help you manage your heating and your bills.


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