Electric radiators: choosing the right energy supplier

If you're one of the many homeowners in the UK who are now considering electric radiators as a way of cutting down on your energy usage and moving to a greener way of living, you're probably wondering about tariffs and energy companies. Electric radiators, when used in the right way, are almost guaranteed to reduce your energy usage, but the cost is a different matter. The price you pay for your energy will vary depending on which energy supplier you use and which tariff you're on.

UK Energy Suppliers

With all the talk of energy efficiency surrounding electric radiators, many people think that it's a 'quick win' in terms of reducing their energy costs. The truth is that, while electric radiators can certainly help you manage your home heating in a more efficient way and therefore use less energy, you still have your electricity supplier to deal with - and that's where the cost will ultimately be determined. 

The 'big six' energy suppliers in the UK have been upping their prices regularly for the last few years, to the point where their is now an impartial investigation underway into their operations and whether they've got too much of a monopoly on the energy market as a whole. The concern is that customers might not have enough choice when it comes to selecting energy suppliers. If you're reading this, there's a very good chance that your energy is supplied by British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power, EDF, Npower or E.on. That's because they currently dominate over 90% of the UK market. 

The advice we give our customers who are looking to switch to electric radiators as an energy efficient way of heating their home, is to shop around thoroughly and find an independent - even local - supplier who will give you a great deal on your electricity all year round. They do exist, but they're struggling to get customers because of the domination of the big six. Public perception is that switching energy suppliers is an extremely difficult and long process.

While it can be long at times, it's far from difficult. Something else we advise our customers to do is to switch energy companies as regularly as they like. Some fixed term tariffs are good value for money, but for the most part you should be re-evaluating your supplier at least once every 6 months. If they put their prices up or you spot a deal elsewhere that's significantly better, then switch.

In this way, smaller suppliers with better prices will start to gain more customers and more publicity, and the market will begin to 'right itself' with energy prices becoming more stable. 

So when you're considering enregy efficient electric radiators, make sure you do your homework around energy suppliers too. We can talk you through the energy saving features of our radiator models - the accuracy of the thermostats, the in-depth programming features, the cutting edge distribution of heat - but we can't answer the question 'how much will it cost to run?' with any great certainty, because it largely depends on your supplier and the way use the radiator.

In fact, any radiator company out there who quote you running costs directly are almost certainly leading you astray, most likely to secure a sale. The team at Electric Radiators Direct are honest, up front and transparent when it comes to talk about our products - our goal is to make your home greener, and if that makes your bank account a little greener too then all the better!


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