Can you install an electric radiator in your bathroom?

Electric heating can be used in a range of spaces, from your living room to your kitchen and even your bedroom – but can you install an electric radiator in your bathroom? The short answer is yes, but there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to this question. Factors such as radiator type, bathroom zones and IP ratings all come into play, which is why we’re delving deeper into this topic, to help you better understand the rules for bathroom heating.

Things to consider before installing an electric radiator in your bathroom

There are a number of regulations that come with putting electricals in the bathroom, so it stands to reason that some people may be cautious. It’s a fairly well-known fact that combining water and electricity is a recipe for disaster so, what exactly should you consider when installing an electric radiator in your bathroom?

IP ratings

An IP rating indicates the level of protection an appliance has against liquid and solid ingress. For example, if a radiator has an IP24 rating, the first number signifies its safeguard against solid objects over 12mm whereas the second number offers protection against splashes of water. These numbers can range from 0 – 8 with varying levels of protection. For a radiator to be suitable for bathroom installation, it must have at least an IPX4 rating. This a key measurement for determining whether a radiator is waterproof or not, so make sure you check a product’s IP rating before choosing an electric heating solution for your bathroom.

Bathroom zonesZones

Every bathroom can be divided into zones, which help to determine where certain electricals can be safely installed. These include:

  • Zone 0: areas in your bathroom occupied by the sink, bath or shower.
  • Zone 1: this is the space directly above your shower or bath, measured vertically at a height of 2.25m.
  • Zone 2: this stretches 0.6m from the edge of Zone 1. It’s the area outside your bath or shower.
  • Zone 3: any space in your bathroom that sits outside the above zones.

Most of our bathroom heaters are suitable for installation in Zones 2 and 3, as long as they have at least an IPX4 protection rating. The higher the IP rating, the more protection and in some cases, the closer an appliance can be fitted to your bath or shower. You can find more information on bathroom zones here.

Benefits of choosing an electric radiator

Keeping your bathroom warm with electric heating is an ideal solution for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing electric: 

  • Independent heating: electric radiators work as standalone appliances, which means they can be controlled on an individual level. So, instead of heating your bathroom at the same time and temperature as the rest of your property when it might not be needed, you can manage this separately to suit your needs. This not only tailors your bathroom heating to your schedule, but it also helps to minimise running costs and save energy.
  • 100% efficiency: electric radiators convert every watt of energy taken from the wall into usable heat, making them completely efficient at point of use. There’s zero waste and when paired with green tariffs, they become an entirely carbon neutral heating solution.
  • Effective warmth: they produce heat through a combination of convection and radiation, for fast and responsive warmth that lasts. Radiant warmth is particularly beneficial as it heats on a deeper level, warming people and surfaces directly. It sinks deep into the walls, keeping them dry and preventing moisture from settling, making electric radiators a great choice for damp-prone spaces such as bathrooms.
  • Easy installation: a bathroom electric radiator must be hardwired by a professional electrician. However there’s no messy plumbing or lengthy callouts – instead installing electric radiators is a quick and simple task that’s cost-effective too!

The Ecostrad Adesso iQ: stylish bathroom heating Ecostrad Adesso iQ

  • IPX4 protection rating
  • Suitable for Zones 2 & 3

For designer electric heating in your bathroom or washroom, look no further than the Ecostrad Adesso iQ. Providing lasting and efficient heating, this oil-filled electric radiator supplies an equal distribution of warmth even after it has stopped drawing power from the wall. With an ultra-slim depth of just 30mm, as well as horizontal and vertical options available, it’s the perfect space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms. Featuring the intuitive Ecostrad iQ WiFi Heating Element, the Adesso iQ provides full WiFi control, allowing for convenient heat management through the innovate Ecosystem app. This allows you to set up a unique heating schedule, adjust temperatures and access a range of advanced features from anywhere in the world. So, if you’re out shopping and realise you might have left the heating on, you can use the app to switch it off. With an IPX4 rating, the Adesso iQ can be fitted in Zones 2 and 3 by a qualified electrician, offering sophisticated and safe heating in your bathroom. 

Choosing and electric radiator for your bathroom

We have an entire collection of bathroom electric radiators with varying styles to suit any interior design scheme. If the Adesso iQ doesn’t quite catch your eye, why not browse through our range to find the best solution for your space? Alternatively, we have a number of electric towel rails that might just do the trick. Whatever strikes your fancy, we have a heating system for you.

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