Black Friday Sales Event with Electric Radiators Direct

Black Friday Black Friday is back with a bang this year at Electric Radiators Direct! We have a range of discounts for you this November with up to 15% off some of our bestselling products. With deals on electric radiators, infrared panels and towel rails, you won’t want to miss out, so read on to find out more about what we have on offer.

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric Radiator

New for this year, the iQ Ceramic has quickly become one of our most popular electric radiators and for good reason too. It has everything you could wish for including intelligent control, efficient heating technology, a contemporary design and now it even has 15% off.  

iQ Ceramic WiFi Controlled Electric RadiatorFeatures included:

- Touchscreen display panel
- In-built WiFi control
- Voice control through Amazon Alexa & Google Home
- Motion sensor mode
- 24/7 programming
- Precision thermostat accurate to ±0.5 °C

The sophistication doesn’t stop there as this radiator also provides efficient and effective warmth that you can rely on. Fitted with heat retentive stone bricks, the iQ Ceramic holds heat for longer, warming up fast and cooling down slow. Even after it has stopped drawing power from the wall this radiator will continue to emit warmth, meaning you can spend less on running costs whilst also saving on energy. Its built in WiFi capabilities allow you to adjust your heating from anywhere in the world for convenient heat management on the go. With voice control and a motion sensor mode, this radiator really is a step above the rest which is what makes it the perfect heating solution for any home. So why not grab yourself a deal with the iQ Ceramic this November?

Price range: £229.99 - £489.99

Discount code: blackfriday15

Ecostrad Adesso Designer Electric Radiator

The Ecostrad Adesso is our brand-new designer electric radiator. Available in black and white finishes with horizontal and vertical designs, this versatile heater blends in easily with all aesthetics. It comes with Bluetooth programming, efficient warmth and 10% off this Black Friday season.

Ecostrad Adesso WhiteFeatures included:

- Innovative Bluetooth control
- In-depth 24/7 programming
- Convenient timer function
- Slim modern design

This intuitive electric radiator is filled with thermodynamic oil that spreads warmth evenly across the body of the radiator and has excellent heat retentive properties. You can feel the warmth produced by this heater even after it has stopped drawing power from the wall, for maximum efficiency and comfort. This means you’ll still experience effective and comfortable warmth whilst reducing running costs. With Bluetooth capabilities, the Adesso allows you to control your heating through the Terma BlueLine app on any compatible smart device, so you can manage your heating from the comfort of your chair. At just 30mm deep with a minimalist design, the Adesso is a slimline electric radiator that offers discreet warmth for every room in the house. Purchase one this Black Friday for a great deal on the Ecostrad Adesso.

Price range: £249.99 - £469.99

Discount code: blackfriday10

Haverland RC Wave Electric Radiator

Our flagship product the RC Wave is one of our bestsellers and it’s easy to see why. With 24/7 programming, a modern aesthetic and energy efficient heating technology, this electric radiator is the perfect all-rounder. Plus, it comes at an affordable price too and with an extra 10% off this November, you’re in for a real bargain.

RC WaveFeatures included:

- Digital thermostat accurate to ±0.2 ºC
- 24/7 programming
- Open window detection
- Easy DIY installation
- Optional feet for portability

With an all-aluminium body, the RC Wave is incredibly lightweight and easy to install. It has quick heating and cooling times making it more responsive, so you can experience luxurious warmth precisely when you need it. Its highly precise thermostat will always ensure the right temperature is reached without drifting away from your desired comfort level, so the room will never overheat. Fully programmable, the RC wave allows you to switch between comfort mode, economy mode and anti-frost mode whenever the need suits, for efficient and reliable warmth at your fingertips. With a slim depth of only 75mm and a curved, stylish design, the RC Wave blends in well even in the narrowest of spaces. So, why not heat your home in style this Black Friday with the RC Wave?

Price range: £199.99 - £419.99

Discount code: blackfriday10

Ecostrad Accent iQ WiFi Controlled Infrared Panel

For something a little different, why not try one of our bestselling infrared panels, the Ecostrad Accent. With built in WiFi programming, voice control compatibility and an ultra-slim design this radiant panel has it all – including 10% off this Black Friday season!

Ecostrad AccentFeatures included:

- In-built WiFi control
- Voice control through Amazon Alexa & Google Home
- Digital thermostat accurate to 0.5 °C
- 24/7 programming
- Easy DIY installation

If you’re looking for a discreet and effective heating solution, look no further than the Ecostrad Accent. Like all radiant panels, the Accent provides warmth through infrared radiation which means it warms surrounding objects and people directly, for a deeper level of heat that lasts longer. Convenient and innovative, the Accent comes with a range of smart features including WiFi control and voice control compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, so you can manage your heating without lifting a finger. With weekly programming you can set up a heating schedule to fit around your routine and select the perfect temperature using the Accent’s precision digital thermostat. This efficient and sleek infrared panel is ideal for any property and for a limited time only, also comes with 10% off.  

Price range: £209.99 - £315.99

Discount code: blackfriday10

Further savings with Electric Radiators Direct

We have even more reductions this Black Friday season with 10% off many of our designer electric radiators including the Ecostrad Allora and Ecostrad Ascoli ranges. You can also get the same discount on our sophisticated German electric radiators like the Ecostrad Ecowärme and the Technotherm KS TDI. Or get 10% off our intuitive smart electric radiators, the Haverland RC Wave+ and the SmartWave. If you’re in need of a new bathroom heating solution, we’ve also got 5% off Ecostrad Fina-E electric towel rails, just use the code blackfriday5 at the checkout for great savings.

So, no matter your electric heating needs, we have huge savings for you this November with our extended Black Friday Sales Event. Just check out our offers page for more information on these amazing discounts! 

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