Black Friday Sales Event with Electric Radiators Direct

Last updated: November 2023

Black Friday is back with a bang this year at Electric Radiators Direct! We have a range of discounts for you this November with up to 30% off some of our bestselling products. With deals on your favourite electric radiators and panel heaters, you won’t want to miss out, so read on to find out more about what we have on offer.


iQ Ceramic

WiFi Controlled Electric Radiators

Features included:

Touchscreen display panel
In-built WiFi control
Voice control with Amazon Alexa & Google Home
Motion Sensor Mode
24/7 programming
Silent precision thermostat accurate to ±0.5 °C

Ecostrad iQ Ceramic Electric Radiators

Our flagship product, the iQ Ceramic, is an electric radiator boasting top-of-the-range energy efficiency, sophisticated CeramiQ heat lock technology and intuitive WiFi programming – and now comes with up to 20% off.

The sophistication doesn’t stop there as this radiator also provides efficient and effective warmth that you can rely on. Fitted with heat-retentive ceramic stone bricks, the iQ Ceramic holds heat for longer, warming up fast and cooling down slow.

Even after it’s stopped drawing power from the wall it will continue to emit warmth, meaning you can spend less on running costs whilst also saving on energy. Its in-built WiFi capabilities allow you to adjust your heating from anywhere in the world for convenient heat management on the go. With voice control and a Motion Sensor Mode, this radiator really is a step above the rest.

So, why not grab yourself a deal with the iQ Ceramic this November?


Klasse iQ

German Engineered Electric Radiators

Features included:

 High heat retention Magmatic® stone tablets
Digital thermostat accurate to ±0.5 °C
Integrated WiFi heating control
24/7 programming
Enhanced manual display panel
Optional freestanding feet

Ecostrad Klasse iQ Electric Radiators

A true testament of German excellence, the Ecostrad Klasse iQ offers superior thermal efficiency and cutting-edge WiFi control. With 5% off this Black Friday season, don’t miss out on grabbing this innovative smart radiator while stocks last.

The Ecostrad Klasse iQ uses Magmatic® stone tablets to deliver ultra-efficient warmth that lasts. Its unique design incorporates individually spot-welded fins, increasing the surface area by up to 6 times more than traditional flat-fronted radiators. This innovation makes it effective even in spacious or hard-to-heat areas, maintaining ideal temperatures for up to 45 minutes without power.

For ultimate control, the Klasse iQ’s SMART enhanced WiFi allows you to take heat management to the next level via your smartphone or home voice assistant.

So, take advantage of our savings this Black Friday to experience next-generation heating this November.


Allora iQ

Vertical Designer Electric Radiators

Features included:

 Unique Fast-Flo technology
Heat-retentive thermal oil
Innovative WiFi control
In-depth 24/7 programming
Convenient timer function
Elegant oval bars

Ecostrad Allora iQ Vertical Electric Radiators

The Ecostrad Allora iQ Vertical is one of our bestselling designer electric radiators. Available in white and anthracite finishes, this space-saving heater looks the part in every interior. It comes with WiFi programming, efficient warmth and 10% off this Black Friday season.

This intuitive electric radiator is filled with thermodynamic oil that spreads warmth evenly across the body of the radiator. You’ll feel the warmth produced by this heater even after it’s stopped drawing power from the wall, for maximum efficiency and comfort. This means you’ll still experience effective and comfortable warmth whilst reducing running costs.

With WiFi capabilities, the Allora iQ allows you to control your heating through the Ecostrad Ecosystem and Smart Life apps on any compatible smart device, so you can manage your heating when you’re on the go. With elegant oval bars and the choice of single or double panels, the Allora iQ Vertical is a space-saving electric radiator that offers efficient warmth for every room in the house.

Purchase one this Black Friday and give your home the contemporary uplift it deserves!


Ascoli iQ

Designer Electric Radiators

Features included:

 Optimised for electric heating
Ultra-slim finish
Energy-efficient thermal fluid
Intelligent WiFi element
Suitable for bathrooms
24/7 programming

Ecostrad Ascoli iQ Electric Radiators

The Ecostrad Ascoli iQ brings a unique touch to the modern home, thanks to its ultra slimline finish and Italian-style elegance. With an intelligent WiFi element and superior heat retention, it also comes with a whopping 30% off this Black Friday. So, don't skip this amazing deal – it'd be a shame to miss out on such a great offer!

Built from the ground up, the Ascoli iQ has been designed with electric heating at its core. Pre-filled with heat-retentive thermal fluid and fitted with a powerful heating element, it emits an even, long-lasting spread of warmth that’s ideal for main living spaces.

With innovative WiFi control, effortlessly switch between heating modes, utilise the timer function and set a bespoke weekly schedule that complements your lifestyle to a tee. Enjoy distance control through your smartphone, and never worry about the Ascoli iQ running without your say so!

Stylish, highly controllable and energy efficient, take advantage of this massive Black Friday discount to bring elegant heating to your home.



Self-Programming Electric Radiators

Features included:

 Energy-efficient dry thermal technology
 Digital thermostat accurate to ±0.5 ºC
 WiFi app control with SmartBox
 Self-programming motion sensor
 Easy DIY installation
 Optional feet for portability

Haverland SmartWave Electric Radiators

The Haverland SmartWave is one of our smartest dry thermal radiators yet: with a motion sensor mode and self-programming technology, you’ll enjoy superior efficiency without any extra effort on your part! With 10% off, you’re also in for an excellent deal this Black Friday.

This WiFi-compatible, self-programming iteration of the Wave family raises the bar in its unmatched approach to heat management. Using its motion sensors, the SmartWave learns your routine over a weekly period to autonomously set its own unique heating schedule. 

The sensor reacts to any changes in routine, adapting its programming immediately if you’re out of the house – saving you money and keeping energy usage down. If you’re looking to control it via WiFi, all you need to do is purchase the SmartBox hub. Pair that with energy monitoring via the Haverland app and it truly lives up to the ‘smart’ name!

The Haverland SmartWave brings electric heating to new levels of efficiency and control, so why not treat yourself this Black Friday?


RC Wave

Electric Radiators

Features included:

Energy-efficient dry thermal technology
Digital thermostat accurate to ±0.5 ºC
Bluetooth app control
24/7 programming
Easy DIY installation
Optional feet for portability

Haverland RC Wave Electric Radiators

It’s not hard to see why with the RC Wave is one of our most popular oil-free radiators: with 24/7 programming, a modern aesthetic and energy-efficient heating technology, this electric radiator is the perfect all-rounder. Plus, with an extra 10% off this November, you’re in for a real bargain.

With an all-aluminium body, the RC Wave is incredibly lightweight and easy to install. It has quick heating and cooling times making it more responsive, so you can experience luxurious warmth precisely when you need it.

Its highly precise thermostat will always ensure the right temperature is reached without drifting away from your desired comfort level, so the room will never overheat. Fully programmable via Bluetooth or manual control, the RC Wave allows you to switch between comfort, economy and anti-frost mode whenever the need suits, for efficient and reliable warmth at your fingertips. With a slim depth of only 75mm and a curved, stylish design, the RC Wave blends in well even in the narrowest of spaces.

So, why not heat your home in style this Black Friday with the RC Wave?


Opal & Onyx

Smart Electric Panel Heaters

Features included:

 Integrated WiFi app control
 24/7 programming
 Anti-Frost, Economy & Comfort modes
 Portable & wall-mounted DIY-installation
 Alexa & Google voice control
 4-Hour timer function

Moda Smart Electric Panel Heaters

For reliable, on-demand warmth, look no further than the Moda Opal and Moda Onyx smart electric panel heaters. Whether you’re looking to top up the temperature in those hard-to-heat spaces or simply enjoy a supplementary heat source by your feet, get your WiFi-ready heater today with a tempting 15% off.

Perfect for ad-hoc heating, Moda heaters use 100% convection for incredibly responsive and fast-acting heat-up times. Their ultra slimline and lightweight builds mean the Opal and Onyx can be DIY-installed straight out of the box – either mount to the wall or attach them to the feet provided for ultimate portability.

With WiFi app and voice control, you can make instant changes with ease: set weekly schedules, apply temperature boosts, or enable energy-saving heating modes to match your routine to a tee.

So, don’t miss out on these great savings over the Black Friday season and get a hold of one or both Moda panel heaters today.

Further savings with Electric Radiators Direct

We have even more reductions this Black Friday season, with up to 60% off our Clearance sale and bestselling patio heaters, for cosy and functional outdoor spaces this winter. So, no matter your electric heating needs, we have huge savings for you with our extended Black Friday Sales Event. Just check out our offers page for more information on these amazing discounts!