Best Electric Heaters for a Household on a Budget

Electric Heating to Save MoneyWhether you’re on a budget or simply trying to spend as little money as possible on your heating appliances, this article is for you. With our budget range, you’re not only saving on the running costs of your electric heater, but also on the upfront cost. Today we’ll sum up the most inexpensive heater for each of the three popular categories: electric radiators, panel heaters and heated towel rails.


It is fair to say that most of us prefer to spend our hard earned money on exclusive holidays, clothes and gadgets rather than heating. And there is obviously nothing wrong with this. Whilst heating is a necessity, and dozing away on your sofa in a well heated living room is unarguably one of the best feelings in the world, heaters are not exactly ‘fun’. Therefore, it’s completely understandable that your ‘heating budget’ might only be small. After all, there is no rule that ‘cheaper’ has to be any worse, as it all depends on your needs and what you’re looking for. So let’s see what are the budget choices in each of the popular categories!


If you’re looking for the cheapest heating solution for your primary source of heating – that is, an electric radiator – the Coitra Apolo is your answer. Starting at £179.99, the Cointra has everything you’d expect from an electric radiator. It features a highly accurate thermostat, a large and easy to use LCD control panel and a timer. While the thermostat maintains your desired comfort temperature, the timer allows you to set up a precise heating schedule. In the case of the Cointra, you can plan it out day-by-day and hour-by-hour, and all of the programming is easily done via the LCD control panel. Unlike gas central heating, but no different to our other electric heaters and panel heaters, the Cointra Apolo requires no disruptive plumbing, pulling up the floorboards, digging trenches and so on. Installation is a simple DIY job: the radiator hangs on the wall like a TV and plugs into the nearest socket. Or, if you’d prefer your radiator to be ‘on the move’, additional wheels can be purchased for easy re-positioning. This way, yourelectric radiator can be used whenever and wherever needed.


When it comes to your bathroom, the most inexpensive heating solution to keep your towels thoroughly warmed is our Kudox range of budget heated towel rails. These white bathroom heaters are available from £79.99 and use thermal fluid heating technology. This technology is efficient in keeping warm not only your towels, but also the whole bathroom. At just above one meter in height and 40 centimetres in width, this heated towel rail is not only a money-saving addition, but also a space-saving one. Our budget range of heated towel rails is available in three different wattages, either 150w, 210 w or 250w. You also have the choice between chrome and white towel rails, depending on their wattage.


Lastly, for a budget source of quick on-demand heating we offer our Stiebel Eltron range, starting at just £59.99. Slim, discrete and easy to install, these electric panel heaters can provide an inexpensive way of heating your spare bedroom or office. Just like any other electric heating appliance available on our website, these electric heaters can be easily controlled via a thermostat. Furthermore, at 10 centimetres in depth, they are the best choice for rooms where space is a premium! Our Stiebel Eltron panel heaters are available in a range of sizes, and they can be easily mounted on the wall without the help of an electrician.


Start saving money the moment you purchase your budget electric heater and enjoy lower bills and easily controllable heat for years to come. Visit our online store and choose the best electric radiator, heated towel rail or electric panel heater for your house and budget!


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