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  1. What size radiators do I need?

    1. To heat your room effectively you will need to use a radiator, or combination of radiators, that provides a total wattage high enough to heat your room. You can calculate the wattage required to heat your size room using our interactive radiator calculator. If you are planning to use your free standing electric radiator to supplement an additional heating system, you should first subtract the wattage of your existing heating system from the required total. If your required wattage is on the borderline between two sizes of radiator, always choose the radiator with the higher wattage; under-specifying your heating will leave your rooms chilly and force your radiators to work less efficiently.

  2. Are free standing electric radiators easy to assemble?

    1. Yes. To use your free standing electric radiators, all you have to do is clip or slot the feet onto the base of the radiator. Then the radiators simply plug into the nearest available socket.

      Most of our electric radiators will need to be purchased with optional feet if you want to use them freestanding. If you purchase your feet at the same time as purchasing radiators, the feet will be delivered at no extra cost inside the packaging of your radiators. Feet purchased separately may carry additional delivery charges.

  3. Can free standing electric radiators be wall mounted?

    1. All of our free standing electric radiators can also be wall mounted. This is a useful facility even if you’re planning to fit your radiators free-standing. If you find you are happy with your radiators and want to switch to a more permanent fitting, you can wall mount your free standing radiators at any point in their lifetime. You will be provided with all the fixtures, fittings and instructions for wall mounting when you purchase your radiators; we recommend keeping these in a safe place in case you decide to wall mount your plug in radiators at a later date. Wall mounting electric radiators is an easy DIY task: all you have to do is screw the radiators to the wall and plug them into the nearest socket.

  4. How heavy are your free standing electric radiators?

    1. If you are choosing free standing electric radiators because you want to be able to move and reposition your radiators, you should make sure you purchase radiators which are light enough to move easily.

      Our lightest plug in radiators are those which use dry thermal aluminium elements. Our best-selling Haverland RC Wave is available from only 5kg, whilst the Haverland SmartWave, which features innovative self-learning controls, is available from 4.5kg.

      Electric radiators for larger rooms often use thermal fluid or dry stone heating elements. These are typically somewhat heavier than radiators which use aluminium elements. As a guideline, our smallest Electrorad Aero Flow radiator, which uses fireclay heating plates, weighs 17kg.

      If you are purchasing a free standing radiator as a top-up heater, or a sole source of heat for a room you use less often, you may want to consider using an electric panel heater radiator. These radiators heat by convection alone, which makes them less efficient but also less heavy and cheaper to produce. The Ecostrad Eco, our highly controllable electric panel radiator, is available from just 5.4kg.

      We also stock a range of cheap portable oil-filled electric radiators that come with castor wheels. These portable electric radiators use heat retentive thermal oil for improved heat retention. Our lightest portable oil filled radiator, the 1500w Osily OSOFR15, weighs 7.3kg and can be wheeled around the home with ease.

  5. Can your portable electric radiators be used outside?

    1. Our free standing electric radiators are not designed to be used outside. They are not protected against the elements and they will not warm you effectively because the air they warm will diffuse away to cooler spaces.

  6. Can I use my free standing electric radiator in a bathroom?

    1. No. You should not use plug-in electric heaters of any kind in your bathroom. Electric appliances for bathroom use, such as towel rails, must be hardwired into the wall by a professional electrician.

      As a rule, we do not recommend electric radiators or panel heaters for bathroom installation. This is because there is the temptation to hang towels over the appliance to dry, which can obstruct ventilation on the heater and cause a hazard. In most bathrooms, an electric towel rail will offer a more practical solution.

Freestanding Electric Radiators

Most of our electric radiators can be mounted on feet or casters to provide a free-standing fitting. Freestanding electric radiators can be useful in rental properties, conservatories, caravans, and spare bedrooms. With lightweight radiators from only 5kg, plug in radiators make an excellent portable heating solution. We also stock portable oil-filled electric radiators that provide improved heat retention and distribution – an ideal choice for occasional heating. All of our free standing electric radiators, except our range of portable oil-filled electric radiators, can also be wall mounted, so you always have the option of switching to a more permanent fitting.