Electric Patio Heaters

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Electric Patio Heaters

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting out on your patio on a sunny day, but sadly, our inclement UK weather often means it can still get chilly even when the skies are clear. Electric patio heaters are just the ticket for anyone looking to enjoy their outdoor spaces through a greater portion of the year and can make your garden seating areas much more welcoming. These products use effective radiant heat to combat the cold and aren’t affected by the breeze – all of the heat goes straight from the heater, direct to you. Our range includes powerful quartz heaters, ideal for exposed outdoor locations, and discreet ceramic heaters, which are more effective for covered patios and draughty interiors. Better yet, these splashproof electric patio heaters come with robust protection ratings, for extra peace of mind. Browse our full collection of modern electric patio heaters to find the perfect heater for your outdoor space.

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Stratus Infrared Patio Heater - Silver 2kW with Remote
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Mediumwave Infrared
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  • 2 x 9 Power Settings
  • Remote Control Included
  • IP65 Rated for Outdoor Use
  • Wattages 2000w

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How do electric patio heaters work?

Electric patio heaters convert electricity into infrared radiation – a completely safe form of warmth that sits on the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s primed for the outdoors because it doesn’t get lost to air movement. Instead, infrared travels in waves to heat everything in its path. It’s a natural warmth that is easily absorbed by various surfaces, including our own bodes, resulting in a pleasant experience that’s also incredibly efficient.

The benefits of electric patio heaters

Various Designs

From honeycomb grills to sleek rounded edges, our collection of stylish electric patio heaters will look the part in any space.

Efficient Warmth

Converting every watt of energy taken into usable heat, electric patio heaters are 100% efficient at point of use.

Simple Installation

With freestanding, ceiling and wall mounted installation available, they can be installed easily with no lengthy callouts required.

Robust Heating

The efficient, robust nature of infrared provides warmth that lasts, primed to easily offset the outdoor chill.


Convenient Control

Enjoy effortless programming with simple on/off operation, countdown timers and point & click remote control.


Weatherproof IP Ratings

With an IP55 rating or above, our electric patio heaters offer safe outdoor heating no matter the season.

What type of electric patio heater do I need?

There are two main types of electric patio heaters available: quartz and ceramic. Both options deliver effective outdoor warmth, but their heating elements cater to different spaces and heating requirements. Check out the table below to see the key differences between quartz and ceramic heaters, so you can tell at a glance which is right for you.

Type of electric patio heater Type of infrared Characteristics Suitable for
Quartz Near Orange light & vigorous warmth Short-term use, exposed outdoor locations
Ceramic Far No glare & mellow warmth Long-term use, indoor & sheltered outdoor locations

Does my electric patio heater need hardwiring?

We always recommend professionally hardwiring electric patio heaters because it ensures safe operation and full protection against the elements. As many of our patio heaters can also be installed DIY-style, this type of installation is suitable if you only plan to use your heater occasionally in a sheltered location.