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Electric Radiators Direct are dedicated to bringing you the most economical electric heaters on the market at the lowest prices in the UK. Electric radiators, once seen as wasteful, expensive and difficult to control, are today some of the most efficient heating solutions on the planet. As the technology has advanced, electric central heating systems have grown in their effectiveness and popularity. Years of innovation have developed top-of-the-range heat generation technology and unparalleled levels of controllability – so that today electric radiators can truly be described as economical heaters that can help customers save energy and lower their heating bills.


As consumers grow increasingly frustrated with rising gas bills and expensive plumbing work, more and more people are switching to electric heating as a clean, cost-effective, fully customisable heating solution that can put you back in control of your heating costs. Our extensive range of economical heaters includes something for everyone, guaranteeing comfort and control on even the tightest of budgets. The most common form of household heating in the UK is still gas central heating, but with unpredictable prices and increasing costs, many are now choosing economical electric heaters as their central heating solution of choice. Unlike conventional central heating systems, electric radiators do not waste energy losing heat through pipes. They can also be controlled independently so you don’t have to turn the whole system on to operate a single radiator. 

DIY installation, minimal maintenance and mess-free operation can make you major savings on plumbers’ bills, gasman visits and repair works. Our radiators are easy to install with even the most basic DIY knowledge – everything you need to get started is provided in the box including a UK 3-pin plug so you can start using your radiator straight away. And to truly cut down your heating to the areas and times where you need it, a highly accurate thermostat, extensive programming options and the ability to zone your heating by room give you total control over your home heating. Economy radiators guarantee you full control of the temperature in all parts of your home. You can programme an electric radiator to come on at various times and tie in with your daily schedule so the heat is only there when you need it and there is no waste. Electric radiators make both a hassle-free supplement to existing heating systems and an energy-efficient money-saving replacement system for gas central heating.

To find you the world’s best economy radiators and energy-efficient electric heaters, Electric Radiators Direct have carried out extensive research and carefully selected our products from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We are proud partners with Haverland, one of the most experienced heating manufacturers in Europe, and have secured excellent deals on their range of economical electric heaters. We’re particularly proud to be sole UK suppliers of the Haverland Designer RC Wave range, our state of the art best-seller range and our most economical electric heater. The RC Wave range uses innovative dry thermal elements to provide heat that feels just like the heat from a central heating radiator. The lightweight elements heat up fast and provide heat via a combination of radiation and convection. This guards against damp and mould, leaves no cold spots in the room and gives you consistent, comfortable temperatures – accurate to within half a degree. Top quality materials combine with an advanced thermostat and versatile programming options to make one of the most cost effective and energy efficient heating solutions on the market today. It's little wonder that the RC Wave is one of our most popular electric radiators.

Our role as the economy radiator company of choice doesn’t end at our top quality products. We’re also proud to go the extra mile for our customers, offering a best price promise, a 30 day money back guarantee and free next working delivery on almost all our products. Our expert sales team are always on hand to talk more about our products and help you find the perfect product for your home – heating consultations, programming advice and free quotes are always free. We believe in excellent service and we enjoy the relationship we have with our customers.

At Electric Radiators Direct, we truly believe that energy efficient economy radiators can help you cut down your energy usage and give your more control over your home heating. For more information, have a chat with one of our friendly advisors today on 0330 300 4444.