Commercial Outdoor Heaters

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Commercial Outdoor Heaters

Unlike traditional convection heaters, infrared maintains a steady warmth despite breezes and draughty areas as its waves of radiated heat warm surfaces and objects directly. This efficient method of heating can help businesses and commercial establishments control energy consumption and reduce the cost of utility bills. Infrared heating can be particularly useful in difficult to heat open-plan or large spaces, places with an outdoor element such as sports centres and restaurants or areas susceptible to intermittent draughts. For greater control over your heating bills, our range of commercial heaters can be fitted with a compatible timer or programmer.

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Stratus Infrared Patio Heater - Silver 2kW with Remote
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Mediumwave Infrared
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1 Year Warranty
  • 2 x 9 Power Settings
  • Remote Control Included
  • IP65 Rated for Outdoor Use
  • Wattages 2000w

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Why are electric outdoor heaters suitable for commercial properties?

Electric outdoor heaters are the perfect choice for commercial applications due the way in which they provide warmth. They work through infrared - a highly durable form of heat, that warms objects and people directly rather than the air, as other methods rely on. When looking to take the chill off an outdoor space, infrared supplies direct heat that keeps users warm on a deeper level without being lost easily to the wind. At Electric Radiators Direct, we have a wide range of outdoor heaters to suit any commercial space, from cafes and restaurants to stables and beer gardens. With their simple controllability and functionality, keeping hard-to-heat commercial spaces warm and inviting all while trimming down on running costs is easily achievable.

The benefits of infrared heaters for commercial applications

  • Various Designs

    With a wide range of styles to choose from, matching one of our outdoor heaters to the look and feel of your commercial space is easy.

  • Weatherproof IP Ratings

    All of our outdoor heaters boast IP ratings of at least IP55, so they can be installed in exposed commercial areas, worry-free.

  • Easy DIY Installation

    Many of our commercial heaters are easy to install, suitable for freestanding, wall and ceiling mounted fitting.

  • Versatile Heating

    Infrared heaters are highly versatile, suiting a broad range of applications, from totally exposed terraces to open warehouses.

  • Easy Temperature Control

    With their simple controllability, making sure your outdoor heater only runs when you need it to is a straightforward job, keeping running costs in check.

  • Lengthy Warranties

    All of our outdoor heaters suitable for commercial use come with substantial warranties, offering that invaluable extra peace of mind.

What are the different types of infrared, and which is best for my property?

  • Near infrared: this is ideal for areas where users will be close to the unit, for example on a patio or terrace. Near infrared is instantaneous and powerful, enveloping users in an invigorating bubble of heat, great for short-term use.
  • Mediumwave infrared: this is a gentler form of heat, but still has the vigour of near infrared, and is particularly flexible in its range of application, suiting both exposed and semi-exposed areas like restaurant courtyards and gardens.
  • Far infrared: this is the most natural form of infrared heat, being the type our bodies naturally emit. Far infrared is ideal in enclosed commercial areas, like offices, churches and schools, heating larger areas in a steady wave over a longer period of time.