Bedroom Electric Radiators

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Bedroom Electric Radiators

Versatile, reliable and fully controllable, our electric bedroom heaters make an excellent choice for any home – with fast DIY installation to ensure a quick and easy fit. Available in a wide range of styles, there’s an electric radiator that perfectly matches your interior design tastes. The flexibility doesn’t stop there – we provide thermal fluid heaters for improved efficiency, ceramic stone radiators for high-ceilinged spaces and dry thermal heaters with fast heat up times. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that there’s a bedroom radiator to suit everyone.

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What are bedroom electric radiators?

Bedroom electric radiators & heaters are designed to ensure your spaces are always the right temperature for a good night’s sleep, offering precision control to create the perfect atmosphere. They come with full daily and weekly programming, allowing you to pre-heat your bedroom before you come to use it – a great way to make sure you’re only using energy when absolutely necessary. Some of our electric radiators are also designed with noise reduction in mind so that your bedroom heating is as quiet as possible.

The benefits of electric bedroom radiators

  • Perfect Temperatures for Comfortable Sleep

    Our electric radiators for bedrooms come with precision thermostats so your room will be the ideal temperature for restful sleep, all night long.

  • Innovative Designs for Reduced Noise

    Our Technotherm electric radiators are quieter as they have spot-welded pleats to reduce the amount of noise caused from heat expansion.

  • Sizes & Styles for Every Space

    From traditional to contemporary, horizontal to vertical, we offer bedroom electric wall heaters in a range of aesthetics and outputs to suit bedrooms of all sizes.

  • Heating that Fits Your Schedule

    The radiators in our range are fully programmable for home heating that’s always in sync with your routine.

  • Smart Control Options

    We stock bedroom electric radiators with Bluetooth and WiFi programming so you can effortlessly manage your heating from a smartphone or tablet.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    All of the electric radiators in our range are Lot 20 compliant and meet the very latest EU energy-efficiency and safety standards so you can purchase with confidence.

Why are electric radiators good for bedrooms?

Electric radiators are excellent for use in bedrooms because of their precision temperature control and integrated programming. If you need your room to be a little cooler or warmer than normal to promote a restful night’s sleep, electric radiators have thermostats accurate to within a fraction of a degree to ensure heat levels never drift too far away from your target temperature. As they’re modular units with in-built control systems, they also allow you to set a bespoke heating schedule, so your bedroom is nicely heated by the time you come to use your space – an excellent choice if you keep a fairly regular routine.

Which electric radiators are best for bedrooms?

Our Technotherm KS electric radiators are superb for bedrooms because of their uniquely designed housings. The metal fins on their exteriors are individually spot-welded into place by hand to minimise any noise caused from heat expansion, making them an excellent solution for any space where you need to maintain a relaxed atmosphere. The Technotherm KS range is available with either a TDI or DSM thermostat to provide two different levels of programming depending on your needs. The TDI thermostat provides weekly programming so your room will be just the right temperature before you go to sleep. For more detailed heat management options, the Technotherm KS DSM goes one step further by offering WiFi control using a smartphone or tablet so you can adjust your heating on the go. If you think you’ll be home later than usual, you can adjust the heating for your bedroom ahead of time so you’re never wasting energy heating an unoccupied room.

Efficient & Convenient Bedroom Heating

  • Automatic Adaptive Start

    Our electric bedroom radiators come with an adaptive start function which works out when to start pre-heating your spaces so they’re the right temperature exactly when required.

  • Open Window Detection

    Some of our bedroom electric radiators have open window sensors which tell your heating to stop if a strong draught is losing warmth from your room space.

  • Quick DIY Installation

    Look for our Plug & Go icons for bedroom electric wall heaters that can be installed DIY. Set up your heater in minutes with no professional callouts needed.