Bathroom Electric Heaters

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Bathroom Electric Heaters

Keeping your bathroom warm and cosy is not only important for your comfort but also helps prevent mould and damp from forming. At Electric Radiators Direct we have a wide range of electric bathroom heaters with splashproof protection ratings that can help combat condensation. An infrared panel is an exceptionally efficient source of heating as the waves of heat radiation travel unimpeded to people and surfaces, meaning that almost all energy is converted to warmth. Our range of infrared bathroom heaters can be discreetly wall mounted to blend in with the décor of any room, and they’re available in an array of sizes and styles. Alternatively, a mirrored infrared panel is a practical heater that can save space in your bathroom and gives you a mirror that won’t steam up after a long shower!

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Ecostrad Fina-E Electric Towel Rail - Chrome 300w (500 x 1100mm)
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Basic Control
Bathroom Heating
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  • Practical Ladder Design
  • Splashproof IP68 Rating
  • Easy Manual Control
  • Wattages 300w
  • Heats from 3.5m2

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What are bathroom electric heaters?

Most appliances don’t come with high protection ratings against water, which is why bathroom electric heaters are a must if you’re planning on installing electric heating in these spaces. Bathroom electric heaters come with splashproof IP ratings so you can install them with confidence, knowing they will be able to cope with any splashes or drips that might land their way. Electric heaters for bathroom use must always be installed by a professional electrician to ensure that they meet national safety standards.

The benefits of electric bathroom heaters

  • Practical Bathroom Essentials

    Take a look at our mirror panels for effective room heating and a reflective surface combined into one practical package. A superb choice for smaller bathrooms.

  • Space-Saving Solutions

    Our bathroom electric heaters are elegant, unobtrusive and as slim as a picture frame. An efficient heating solution that takes up minimal space.

  • Sizes & Styles for Every Interior

    Our collection offers bathroom heating solutions in a range of styles, from chic matt white infrared panels to ultra-modern glass panel towel rails.

  • Programmable Control

    The bathroom electric heaters in our range are designed to be paired with external thermostats for detailed programming that puts you in control.

  • Prevents Condensation & Damp

    Our infrared bathroom heaters produce radiant heat which is absorbed by room surfaces and deters condensation from settling. Excellent for damp prone spaces.

  • Lot 20 Compliant

    The bathroom electric heaters in our range are designed to be purchased with additional controllers for Lot 20 compliant heating that conforms to the latest efficiency standards.

Can you put electric heaters in bathrooms?

Electric heaters can be installed in bathrooms provided they are hardwired by a professional electrician and have an IP rating suitable for their intended location. Many standard electric heaters cannot be installed in bathrooms for various reasons. They may have IP ratings that are too low, offering no protection against water, or they may have ventilation that needs to be kept free of obstructions – a problem if you tend to use your bathroom heating to dry towels. All of the bathroom heaters in our range have IP ratings suitable for use in zones 2 and 3 so you can position them however best suits your space. When selecting a product always make sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines concerning bathroom use as they may have additional requirements you need to follow when installing.

What IP rating do I need for a bathroom electric heater?

An IP rating is given to an electrical appliance to show how protected it is against the ingress of solid particles and water. They’re made of two digits preceded by the letters IP – e.g. IP65 – with the first digit indicating protection against solids and the second digit indicating protection against liquids. Bathroom electric heaters will need an IP rating that ends in at least ‘4’ which indicates it has protection against splashing water. However, if your heater will be installed in a location that may be hosed down to clean, it’s advisable to look for a product that has a protection rating of ‘5’ for liquids which means it can withstand low pressure jets of water. If you’re unsure what IP rating your product needs, it’s always worth discussing your project with a professional electrician who can provide advice and guidance.

Versatile bathroom heating

  • WiFi Control Options

    Our Herschel infrared panels can be purchased with a WiFi control hub so you can adjust your bathroom heater from your phone in seconds.

  • Quick Professional Installation

    Electric bathroom heaters are designed for professional installation – a quick process that leaves a clean finish and requires no lengthy callouts.

  • Energy-Saving Features

    The wireless controllers and receivers in our range come with additional features like adaptive start and open window detection to keep energy usage to a minimum.