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Why Electric Heating?
Unsure on electric heating or need help choosing?
Calculate Your Wattage
Use our calculator to find your wattage requirements in 3 simple steps.
Why Electric Heating?
Unsure on electric heating or need help choosing?

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Electric Radiators Direct

Welcome to Electric Radiators Direct, suppliers of energy efficient electric radiators and towel rails. We champion electric heating as the heating solution of the future because it is carbon free, ideal for use with sustainable energy and perfectly adapted to take advantage of SMART electronic technology. Once upon a time, electric heating was limited to rudimentary storage heaters designed to save money by heating up overnight using cheap rate electricity and releasing heat during the day. Inefficient, bulky, and difficult to control, storage heaters are rarely popular in homes today. However, not all homeowners realise that electric heating has evolved in recent decades, and now electric radiators offer an easy-install, maintenance free heating option with running costs to rival gas central heating.

Electric radiators are a fantastic forward-looking heating solution because they run equally well whether your electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels or by harnessing sustainable resources. As fossil fuels become scarcer and renewable energy increasingly dominates the energy sector, electric radiators provide an adaptable heating option than keeps up with the changing times.

The company was founded in 2013 to meet the rising demand for energy efficient electric radiators at affordable prices. Since then we have been committed to making comfortable heating with a low carbon footprint an affordable option for all households and businesses, whatever the budget.

When you shop at Electric Radiators Direct you will find a comprehensive range of products with something for every property, design scheme and budget. Our website is packed full of useful information, and, if you’re still unsure, our friendly team of heating advisors are only a phone call away. At Electric Radiators Direct we’re proud to offer exceptional customer service with an award-winning team here to help you before, during and after your purchase. We also offer free next day delivery on most items and a 30 day money back guarantee and best price promise on all our products.

Sounds good? Then come and join the thousands of satisfied customers who have already installed electric radiators in homes and businesses across the country!

Customer Questions

Customer Questions

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  1. Are black radiators more efficient than white radiators?

    1. The difference in efficiency between black and white radiators is so imperceptibly small that it should never be considered in your decision-making process, much less become a deal breaking factor. There’s no earth-shattering savings to be had by outfitting your home solely with black radiators – the only reason you should choose one over the other is purely for aesthetic purposes.

      When a surface absorbs the energy from visible light, this energy is converted into heat and re-emitted. We are taught at school that black surfaces are best at absorbing and emitting radiation, whereas white surfaces absorb the least and reflect more away. This is why we wear white t-shirts in summer, as white fabric reflects away more of the sun’s radiation, helping us to keep cool. If black is better at emitting heat, why aren’t all radiators painted black as a general rule? The answer to this comes down to two major points: how radiators create heat and how infrared radiation works.

      Radiators heat via a mixture of convection and radiation, but what you may not know is that the majority of their heat is delivered through the former process rather than the latter. As they mainly use convection, which relies on heating the surrounding air, the amount of radiation emitted by a black or white finish will only make a tiny difference to the overall heat output of the radiator.

      Though black is best for the absorption and emission of radiation in the visible spectrum, this is not necessarily the case for all types of radiation. The heat we feel emitted from radiators is infrared, which has a different wavelength to visible light on the electromagnetic spectrum. When it comes to infrared, all colours by and large emit radiation as well as each other, with only incredibly small variations between each kind. So, there’s nothing stopping you from having a black radiator, a white radiator or any colour in-between!

      It’s the type of material used rather than the colour that has the greatest effect on infrared emission, so a radiator’s colour powder-coated finish will always perform better than a more insulating finish, such as chrome plate.

  2. Who are Ecostrad?

    1. Ecostrad is a brand synonymous with style, quality and affordability. As a company with a wealth of experience within the industry, Ecostrad understands the importance of providing efficient heating systems for home and business, which is why their products are created with the end user in mind. All of their outstanding heaters incorporate advanced controls and precision thermostats for improved heat management, and are manufactured to the highest standard.

  3. How does the Ecostrad VeeSmart work?

    1. Rather than using heated water as a medium for transferring warmth, the VeeSmart is pre-filled with an effective thermal oil to evenly spread heat across its surface. As the VeeSmart is a sealed unit and works independently of any larger system, there’s no messy installation or laborious extension of pipework required.

      Each VeeSmart comes with an intelligent electric heating element which heats the oil inside the radiator body. This Terma KTX 4 Blue element comes with a host of heat management options, and even a 24/7 programming facility, so you can adjust your home’s heating with an even greater level of precision.

  4. Is the Ecostrad VeeSmart programmable?

    1. The Ecostrad VeeSmart electric radiator is designed to be as efficient and as user-friendly as possible, which is why it comes with an intelligent heating element compatible with Bluetooth control. By downloading the BlueLine heating app, you can pair as many VeeSmart radiators as you want to your mobile device via Bluetooth and create bespoke 24/7 heating schedules for each individual radiator.

      Heating your home on a room-by-room basis isn’t just convenient – it’s by far the more economical solution compared to conventional methods. By taking into account how you like to use your rooms, you can zone your heating so that your interior spaces are only heated to comfort levels at times when you know they’ll be in use. All of the secondary areas of your home – such as offices and guest rooms – can be heated to lower levels, helping to reduce your overall energy consumption.

      The BlueLine heating app can be downloaded for free via the App Store or Google Play and is compatible with Android 4.4 and iOS 6 devices.

  5. Can I control the VeeSmart via Wi-Fi?

    1. The Ecostrad VeeSmart can be programmed via your smartphone or tablet by using the BlueLine heating app, however it does not use a Wi-Fi internet connection to communicate changes to your radiators. The heating element and the app use short-wave Bluetooth only so your mobile device will need to be within relatively close proximity in order to adjust your heating. You can amend your heating schedules via the app even if you’re outside the range of your radiators but the changes will not take effect until you return home.

  6. How do you install the VeeSmart?

    1. VeeSmart electric radiators must always be installed by a qualified electrician. They are not supplied with a fitted plug and are not designed for DIY installation. Although you won’t be installing your VeeSmart radiator yourself, this is a straightforward task for an experienced electrician and can be fitted in a short period of time without the need for expensive callouts. VeeSmart radiators use an electric element so installation is merely a case of wiring the heater to the mains. There’s none of the time-consuming effort or cost of extending pipework.

      Please be aware that the KTX 4 element comes in the same box as the radiator body but will not be attached – additional assembly will be required by your installer. Many of our VeeSmart radiators are quite heavy so we advise having two people to help lift and secure the heater in place.

      VeeSmart radiators are suitable for use in bathrooms, however they must be installed at least 1m away from any water source in order to preserve the finish of the heater.

  7. Can I dry clothes or towels on the Ecostrad VeeSmart?

    1. You can dry clothes on the Ecostrad VeeSmart, but to ensure that your radiator finish is not damaged, please take note of the following information:

      Some materials, such as polyester, are very temperature sensitive and can be damaged by high heat levels. Always ensure that the material you hang on the radiator is suitable for this type of drying. Never dry materials with bleeding dyes on your VeeSmart, such as new towels, as these can permanently stain the white finish. Do not dry any chemical-soaked materials on the radiator as these can also cause discolouring or corrosion. The 8-year warranty on the VeeSmart’s powder-coated finish does not cover damage of this kind, so always use common sense when drying any towels and clothes on the radiator.

      Though the Ecostrad VeeSmart does allow clothes drying, please be aware that this is absolutely not the case for most electric radiators. Drying damp fabric on electric heating products can cause a serious risk of fire because it can obstruct the thermostat or any necessary ventilation. The VeeSmart is different as its steel housing is fully enclosed and the thermostatic element stands clear from the base. Always defer to the manufacturer’s guidelines before drying clothes on any electric radiator.

  8. Which are more efficient: black or white radiators?

    1. This is a common question and one that divides a certain amount of opinion, but the one point everyone can agree on is that the difference is so insignificant, it’s not even worth considering. To cut a long story short, there is a miniscule difference between them but the variation in efficiency is mostly affected by the material of an object rather than the colour. Two radiators that are identical in all but colour will emit the same amount of radiant heat, although the composition of the pigment can cause some very minor variations. In comparison to a more insulating external layer, such as chrome plate, there will be a more noticeable difference in efficiency.

      Black radiators are perceived as being more efficient than white radiators because black surfaces absorb and emit radiation better than any other colour. White, on the other hand, reflects and absorbs the least amount of radiation. This same principle applies to the age-old advice of wearing white on hot days rather than black: wearing a black t-shirt will leave you baking in the hot sun, whereas a white t-shirt will help keep you a little cooler. ‘Why does this not apply to radiators?’ you may wonder; well, it’s all down to the nature of infrared radiation and how radiators heat.

      While it’s true black surfaces are great at absorbing and emitting radiation, this depends on the type of radiation in question. Infrared has longer wavelengths compared to visible light and so it has different properties. All colours perform fairly similarly when it comes to emitting and absorbing infrared, so there’s not a lot of savings to be had by opting for a black radiator over a white one.

      Roughly 2/3 of the heat produced by electric radiators is delivered as convection rather than radiation, which means that they primarily rely on heating the surrounding air. This means that even though a black radiator may emit slightly more radiant heat, it will have no discernible effect on the bulk of the heat produced by the radiator.

  9. Who are Ecostrad?

    1. Ecostrad are committed to providing customers with the very best products at affordable prices. The Ecostrad products we stock provide unparalleled control and efficiency to help customers keep their energy consumption as low as possible, whilst at the same time enhancing their overall ease-of-use. Ecostrad offer heating solutions that encompass a wide range of styles: from sophisticated designer radiators, all the way to low-cost panel heaters.

  10. How does the Ecostrad VeeSmart work?

    1. Ecostrad VeeSmart radiators are designed to work individually and do not require integration into any existing heating system for operation. Each unit comes pre-filled with a specially engineered thermal oil, which is heated by an electric thermal element in the base of the radiator. The heating element comes with an integrated thermostat and controller so you can heat your rooms independently. This zoned style of heating allows you to warm your home more efficiently and effectively than with a central heating system.

      The VeeSmart’s intelligent heating element allows you to create a weekly heating schedule for every room in your home, choosing comfort or economy temperatures for every hour of the day. This provides a much greater degree of control over energy usage and means you can be more selective in how you heat your home, rather than attempting to heat all of your rooms to the same temperature using one central thermostat.