Winter Patio Heating: Why You Don’t Have to Brave the Cold

Black Imus on Patio

The transition between autumn and winter has got to be one of the most visually rewarding times of the year. Red and gold leaves drift down from thinning trees, early morning frosts twinkle and shimmer with the rise of the sun, and migrating birds pepper the skies as they seek out warmer climes. For us, this period is often less glamorous. De-icing our cars in the early morning twilight, zipping padded winter coats up to our ears for a quick dash to the shops, and coming straight home and standing by your radiators for half an hour to coax feeling back into our legs are just a few of our autumn-winter rituals. With the weather closing in, the days of enjoying sitting outside are numbered. Or are they? At Electric Radiators Direct, we have something that lets you keep warm while enjoying the great autumnal outdoors.  

The Imus

Patio heaters have come a long way since the days of umbrella-shaped gas cylinders blazing away in cramped smoking areas. These days, you don’t need a hefty supply of Calor gas bottles to keep warm outside; neither do you need an industrial overhead heater like a train station platform. For home patio heating, there is a much more subtle and refined alternative: the innovative Imus.

The Imus is a stylish under-table infrared patio heater, manufactured and designed by Danish company Mensa Heating. Created with a sleek, lightweight body, the Imus can be brought outside and plugged in whenever the temperature drops, allowing you to enjoy the autumn-winter evenings in soothing, warm bliss. The story goes that Bloch Milfeldt, the CEO of Mensa Heating, was sat outside a café under a ‘traditional’ halogen heater with a burning head and cold body. Pondering this juxtaposition, he mused over a product that warms from the bottom up, creating a natural sensation of warmth. From this, the Imus was born. Think chic continental living, stargazing into the evening with a steamy coffee and a fairisle knitted jumper. The sun begins to fade but you still want to stretch the evening out. What do you do? Simply grab your Imus, plug it in, and stay up for as long as you like.

Black and Grey Imus

Innovative Outdoor Heating

The Imus uses near infrared, a type of vigorous infrared heat that’s perfect for fending off icy winter chills. The type of heat that conventional radiators use is called convection: a process where warmed air is circulated around a room. For the great outdoors, this method would be downright ludicrous! Infrared heat travels directly from its source and warms people and objects without using the air as a conduit. With nothing to interrupt the heat transfer, all of the warmth that’s created is absorbed directly by whatever’s in front of the Imus. In this case, all of the heat is transferred to you, resulting in a pleasant and comfortable feeling of warmth, whatever the weather.

The Imus’s position as an under-table heater doesn’t restrict it to warming just your lower body. When you’re out in the cold, the first place you begin to lose heat is from your extremities. Your arms, hands, legs, and feet begin to feel cold as your body protects its vital organs, which is great for your overall survival – but not so great for feelings of warmth and toastiness. The under-table Imus works by warming your lower body first, restoring the immediate feeling of warmth that’s been lost to the cold. This heat will then naturally spread to the rest of your body, raising your overall temperature and providing a soothing, intimate cosiness.

Now, I know what you’re thinking - you’ve been under an infrared heater before and it was very hot. How can you stand sitting beside one as it heats your legs? Won’t you get burnt? Well, perhaps the most ingenious aspect of the Imus is its Safe Touch grill which eliminates any excess heat and simply doesn’t allow you to burn. When Mensa Heating say Safe Touch, they mean it! We’ve all tried holding our hand over the Imus’s grill, it feels as cosy as closing your hands around a warm cup of tea! You can knock onto it with your leg, pets can scurry past it, and children can even press up against it. The grill refuses to let you burn, making it a super-safe option for those of us with animals or small children. 

Safe to touch Imus

Wherever you're heading - take your Imus with you

The Imus is a mere 67.2cm tall and weighs only 3kgs, making it completely unobtrusive and portable, perfectly sized for slipping under the table to keep warm, carrying to and from your patio, and even for chucking in the car and joining you on your wintery adventures. Wherever there’s a plug socket, you can use your Imus and keep the cold from ruining your evening. Whether it’s a mellow night of entertaining guests on the patio, an intimate camping trip out under the stars, or hosting a twilight party on the veranda, the Imus has you covered. For uneven terrain, the Imus has a weighted base to keep it from toppling over and the entire product is IP44 rated, which means it’s protected from splashes, spills, and anything else the British weather has to throw at you. 

A simple push-button turns the device on and off, so there’s no need to worry about complicated programming or settings. The quartz bulb within the Imus provides 7000+ hours of use, more than enough to see you through many winters to come. For stylish and fully portable outdoor heating, there isn’t much else out there that comes close to the sophistication and fun of the Imus. Available in a modern grey or timeless black, the Imus is the solution to our initial conundrum. How do we fight off the cold and still enjoy the glorious sights of autumn? You get yourself a Mensa Heating Imus, that’s how.

For more information, be sure to find the relevant product page on our website. If you hurry, you might be able to clinch yourself a massive £85.01 off while the promotion lasts! To find out more about infrared heating, visit Infrared Heaters Direct. For any other queries, don’t hesitate to give one of our helpful sales team a call.