Which Towel Heater is better for You?

Bathroom Towel RailsAt Electric Radiators Direct we stock bathroom heaters for all budgets and interior designs: with a range of sizes and colours you’re bound to find the perfect heating solution for your bathroom! The range of electric towel rails we sell is divided into five categories on our website to make your search super easy, but if you’re still unsure which bathroom heater is the best one for your home, I’m here to help. All of our electric towel radiators should be installed by a professional electrician as they are not suitable for DIY instalment.


First on this list is our range of great value electric towel radiators - a perfect heating solution for bathrooms on a budget. Cheaper than any other bathroom heaters, these electric towel rails will save you money before and after fitting. The simple but smart traditional ladder style design of our budget towel rails and a choice between white or chrome finishes ensures that your bathroom heater will blend easily in any environment. Many of our budget towel rails come with useful programming options such as a thermostat and timer, for example our own-brand Ecostrad electric heated towel rail. These towel rails are designed to consume little energy whilst the programming options will give you the ultimate control over your bathroom heating schedule.


Next we have our traditional electric towel warmers. Just like our budget range, these heated towel rails feature a traditional design which will compliment any bathroom interior, whether it's modern, traditional or vintage. Additional options available on some of these electric towel radiators include dual fuel compatibility and thermostat control. If you’re looking for a product that ticks all of the boxes, the Haverland heated electric towel rail features all of them and comes with optional remote for easy control. Whether you’re operating on a budget or looking for a stylish and space-saving addition to your bathroom, our range ensures you’ll find the best electric towel rail for your bathroom.


The third category features our designer electric towel radiators: these towel rails are a more artistic heating solution that provides both heat and a touch of style to your bathroom. Available in white and black, our electric towel warmers will make a striking piece in all interior environments, whether it's modern or traditional. They feature all of the programming options discussed above, as well as a convenient remote control and innovative plasma style heating.


Our fourth category is dedicated to chrome and steel electric towel warmers. These electric towel radiators are a great addition to any modern and contemporary bathrooms, and they are available with a range of useful features such as a thermostat and a timer.


Last but not least in our towel rails category we have bathroom infrared heaters. Most of these panels are designed to heat the bathroom overall, not just the towels, however, there are few exceptions. Our Herschel infrared heating panels come in black and white glass and two different sizes, therefore finding your perfect electric panel towel heater shouldn’t be a problem. The use of infrared as a heating solution is fairly new and advantageous: infrared resists the natural circulation of air as it heats people and objects directly, just like the sun heats the earth. Our infrared towel rails also come with an optional thermostat which are recommended for better control of your heating schedule. 




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